Heroic tree, Critical Bulwark AA---What would you like?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Tekadeo, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Lyger@Permafrost wrote:
  2. ARCHIVED-Aull Guest

    I will stand corrected on this but I do not remember my zerker having hp regen and proc in the beginning. Again I could be totally wrong here but I really don't remember that. With all the changes I am sure just have me confused.
    I agree with Tekadeo that I would like to just have adrenaline back the way it was.
  3. ARCHIVED-Bruener Guest

    Tekadeo wrote:
    Well it seems like you and your cronies here can't say anything useful at all....as usual. I really don't care about the health "regen" that was a constant complaint for Zerkers from the beginning, which btw EVERY SINGLE class in the game has.
    Both warriors were about temp buffs more than anything. Specifically temp mit type buffs. These made a big difference in the past and were supposed to be what Crusader heals were balanced against, although they were far from balanced.
    It is extremely "dumb" that as a Zerker a few of you are asking for wards and heals. There are a huge list on better mechanics that would fit a Zerker role way better...and yet you ask for heals? If you want lame heals I really hope that is what they give you. It would be just great to see you get some 1k heal proc for the group and than we can really watch you guys whine at how ineffective that is.
    Wards and heals. You have got to be kidding me. I recommend something useful and you cry babies get up in arms and flame as if Zerkers should be doing all sorts of healing now.
    And no, Adrenaline should not be made OP'd again. It was nerfed for a reason. Unfortunately OP'd Brawlers make that reason seem pretty lame right now, but that is just more proof in how much Brawlers need to be brought back into line. Unfortunately for all of us Fighters DYoD and other fluff junk is too important for development right now.
  4. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Bruener wrote:
    You must have forgotten Bruener that one of the biggest abilities for Zerker was their self-healing abilities. Like SK's and Paly's, it's what helps them survive the fights. Albiet, both SK's and Paly's abilities are more of a proactive rather than a reactive like a Zerkers. This is where I think Zerks got hit the hardest when SOE removed critical healing. So, asking for something small in return I don't think was to far out of line.
    And yeah Atan, I realized later that day after I had posted that what i suggested was more Zerk specific and wouldn't work due to that. Hard to get out of the mindset sometimes when your in it.
  5. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Bruener wrote:
    yes there is mechanics that would work to suit some tanks better but not for others, once again you continually just think of yourself.

    adrenaline was one of the decent abilities that made this class viable for a short while, every class has had it's decent and great abilities including the SK. too bad your skull is too thick to ever admit it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Bruener wrote:
    Adrenaline was not OP as you claim. Since zerks kinda much have nothing els than that one in the past. Sure it was powerfull but compare SK AB:s vs zerk. It was not OP. That fact that SK:s get the same effect with out the power drain on the myth cloak makes me laugh about your statement. And the way that this game is heading. Soe is making it clear that dont dont care about the free classes. So i bet we will see more good stuff inc for the none free classes.
    Ppl are talking about ONE ability here ONE! with the AA that is getting changed in the heroic tree. Thats why you see stuff like wardens and so on since we share that one with guardians. More heals wont do much for this class. iagree with that. But this thread is not about how to fix the class.
  7. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    Ward of Rage - 250-290 point ward. [ this procs mostly when i'm hit, meaning I have to sacrifice block chance, additionally this only would proc once on one melee attack, and it does not count flurrys and multiattacks.]
    This wards me for 164x less then my current health pool.

    Blood Rage, 33% chance when hit with a melee attack. [this is not counting flurrys/multi-attacks, meaning I could be hit with a melee attack and 3 attacks from flurry and 2 multiattacks and this would only go off once, which really doesn't say much about the class itself, its very squishy, also since I have to get hit for this to work, it makes stacking other defenses harder for my class, I literally have to sacrifice all my block chance to get this to actually heal me, and its really not worth it.] - heals for 1k.
    This heals me for 46x less then my current health pool.

    These are my primary base healing buffs, as you can see they are not really good, as you can see, because we have to get hit to even have this healing, we cannot even use a shield if we want it, and why would you not want to use a shield for something that heals so piddly.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Bruener wrote:
    So adrenaline(40% dam reduction temp with a massive power drain) is to overpowered for a zerker but its not overpowered for a shadowknight (myth cloak 40% damage reduction temp with an aoe rescue).

    No bias here at all. Its not like shadowknights are currently already better then zerkers. O wait they are that too.

    P.s. to be clear before bruener tries to spin his lies I dont think the sk myth cloak is OP nor do i think a return of damage reduction to adrenaline in some form (at least 25%) is OP as well.
  9. ARCHIVED-Bruener Guest

    Gungo@Crushbone wrote:
    Now I understand why Gungo makes mistakes like this...I mean he is just a terrible player. But others too? Let me make it real simple and point out the obvious flaws in the aboves argument.
    Duration : Adrenaline Pre-DoV - app. 32 seconds ; SK Mythical in PoW - 8 seconds
    Reuse : Adrenaline Pre-DoV - app 1 min ; SK Mythical in PoW - 3 minutes unmodifiable
    Damage Reduction : Adrenaline Pre-DoV - 50% ; SK Mythical in PoW - 40%
    I mean really guys, talk about one huge, giant stretch. 1/4 the duration, 1/3 of the recast capability, and 10% less damage reduction. And people say that that cloak is too much and you still wonder why they changed Adrenaline? Again I don't agree with what they did to Adrenaline, but something needed to be done and it should have been done back in SF beta when it was pointed out how often the ability could be up. Recommendation back than was to shorten the duration and extend the reuse.
    All I did is recommend not some crappy heal for Zerkers on Critical Bulwark and instead something better like Damage Reduction which would be not only more beneficial but also more in-line for Zerkers. You get a couple Zerkers that obviously just luv having heals that do jack in the game for them, one zerker that hasn't played his zerker in like 2 years, and of course the token Bruiser who will join any argument to deflect away from him playing one of the most OP'd tank classes the game has ever seen for the last 2 years going strong.
    But by all means maybe SOE will give you guys exactly what you ask for with some 1k heal proc....seriously.
  10. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest

    Every heal in the game that does not heal atleast 10% of your health/health over time or ward atleast 5% should be revamped or changed to something else.

    Also, currently I wish ward of rage was changed to critical bonus (5% for the group while berserk with full aa.), and Blood Rage was changed to damage reduction and a max health buff.

    Berserkers should not get healing abilities.

    Then again, I also wish juggernaut was not useless, but we don't always get what we want.
  11. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Bruener wrote:
    You forgot to add in about the whiney SK that loves going to all the other fighter threads trying to get their abilities nerfed so that SK's can return to their former glory in TSO.
    Beko@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Then go play a guardian. Zerks have had this healing abilitiy since launch and if you don't like it, then why play the class? I mean really, you'd probably be better off playing a scout than a tank.
  12. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    how about we all head on over to the SK section and crap all over their ideas and call their past abilities overpowered and that they should get nothing.

    i really wish they would add an /ignore add feature here since there is 0 moderation any longer(not that i like over moderation but this watering down of idea threads is getting a bit out of hand). keep your sh^t posting to the general fighter forum, not the class specific sections. we're no better off than you are.

    ironically SOEmod0x will wander in here and moderate my posts and leave the rest intact.

    if you want my opinion on it, i think a 2.5% HP increase is fine. this class needs more tweaks in class specific areas, not subclass specific.
  13. ARCHIVED-Soul_Dreamer Guest

    I know Zerks need help but if you look at some of the things other classes get at this level of the AA tree (Auto attack modifier, double application of CA's etc) then I think a minor amount of HP is pretty crappy.

    Emboldened and Experienced Insight are realistically the only AA's that will be taken from this level of the tree now. You get more for your points with CB/Pot instead of 2.5% HP. Previously it was at least useful while progressing.

    My personal opinion is it should be something Defensive for the group, Guardians are ok and don't need much help at the moment but Zerks do. If it's for the group then both gain benefit but it's not something else to add to the Guardians personal defensive arsenal.

    How about:
    "Robust Ballwark" The Warrior will have a chance to protect their group against possible effects.

    On any Combat or spell hit this spell may cast "Robust Ballwark" on group (If not fighter). Triggers 2.4 times per min, duration of 10 seconds.
    point 2. Fear + Daze Immune.
    point 4. + Stifle + Stun Immune.
    point 6. + Snare + Root Immune.
    point 8. + Interupt + Mezz Immune.
    point 10. + 1 hit Stoneskin.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Whatever it gets changed to it needs to be something in-line with guards since its in the Heroic tree. As it is a defensive ability the change should reflect that as well. I would suggest a percentage chance to avoid AoE's unless direct type of effect that is groupwide. The ability already affects the group and since it is a temp buff with a reasonably short recast the percentage could be small, say 15% or so. Nothing OP or incredibly game changing, but on a pull or if someone pulls aggro and the mob is suddenly facing the group, something that may save someone.
    On a related note, the poo flinging should really stop. We know classes aren't balanced, they never have been. I agree with Lyger that the game shouldn't be balance around the end game, but that's how SoE has been doing it for years. I've got a 90 SK and a 90 zerker and even though aggro is a bit better on the SK I've always felt more comfortable tanking on my zerker. Zerkers have had health regen abilities since vanilla EQ2 so people crying about self heals and wards don't really have a leg to stand on.
    If you can't really take the time to think about mechanics and class skills without sh**ting all over another class or being mad that they have an ability that you "think" is "yours" you're not really helping the community. That is why our ideas and suggestions are constantly ignored. I don't care what brawlers are doing or what crusaders are up to. My only concerns are about how the class I choose to play is performing and how we stack up to our counterpart.
  15. ARCHIVED-lostsandman Guest

    Given the current game mechanics where fighter heals and wards don't crit, isn't damage reduction better for raids?
  16. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    How about somthing that would give us a real DW spec maybe allow us to ""block"" with our off hand weapon. I know I have 20% block that does nothing for me since I DW most of the time.
  17. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    I like the way you are thinking. Since DWing is so importent for the warrior class to be able to keep up with dps. Imo zerks shouldent be able to use shields at all and just be all about damage reduction and reactiv heals to get the job done and only being able to use 2handers or dwing. Thats the way a zerk should work imo... It would take alot of damage reduction tho to come up to the same lvl of taking damage.... Alot of the berserker Abilitys are based at taking damage so i would say if done right it could be a amazing way of doing it.
  18. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Drona@Splitpaw wrote:
    No one is saying it isent. However we share this one with guardians and this one will not fix the berserker problem in any way as said a number of times this thread.
  19. ARCHIVED-Daecollo2 Guest


    I guess this will be my heroic AA tree.
    Enhance: Experienced Insight -worthless. (Lol, adds MORE accuracy to an almost 100% accuracy buff?)
    Enhance: Cry of the Warrior - worthless. (Lol, adds threat to a "Force Target?")
    Enhance: Rebust Bulwark - worthless. (Lol, temp health gain while some classes get permament stats and cool buffs.)
    Enhance: Emboldened - not worthless, but also not very good. (less they redo it and make the final rank of it make the duration: until canceled or change it so the reuse starts right after you use the spell.)
  20. ARCHIVED-Netty Guest

    Beko@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    EI is good to have for the immune vs controlleffects that you get at the end rank. Not amazing but still good and alot better than 10% pot.
    Emboldened is very good as it is. Since the duration is long and recast not to bad.

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