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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Goregutts, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I've been so far:

    Gone to talk to the Queens in Qeynos and Greater Fey

    Been to all the Ethermere

    All the "cities" in ROK

    Teren's Grasp

    The temple in Qeynos, Elddar Grove in Qeynos

    The Priest of Hate out near the entrance to Steamfont

    I still think this all has to do with the missing son of the elven consular. So I've been looking for him as well.

    New Tunaria is where I'm headed right now, its a long shot but its the only place that has weird looking elves other than OF.
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  2. Zeuriel New Member

    What about the Akheva on Grim Shales? 4 arms. Speak a language we don't understand. Iksar betrayed the Ssraeshza in the past so that fits the betrayal theme.
  3. Meirril Well-Known Member

    The Iksar didn't do anything to the Shissar in the past, other than be their slaves and survive the Greenmist. Unless you consider the Iksar's prayers to be a betrayal?
  4. Zeuriel New Member

    Good point. Maybe the Ssraeshza felt it was a betrayal? Either way, haven't found anything on Grim Shales after searching for a few hours.
  5. Billzbub Active Member

    Also, maybe the betrayal theme isn't really a thing.
  6. Lojaak Well-Known Member

  7. Zeuriel New Member

    Well, if we break down the hidden cache:
    1. A chest: This chest bares the mark of a 4 armed creature, you do not recognize it.
    - What 4 armed creatures are there? All I know are the Akheeva. Anyone know any others?
    2. Flour: Appears to be fresh and unladen with bugs.
    - Fresh flour seems to suggest an area with established agriculture. Antonica maybe?
    3. Scroll: This scroll has appears to have a fighter symbol on it. The spell is scribed in an unknown language.
    - So far the only in game language that we can't learn is fleshless tongue. Are there others? (Assuming DBG didn't introduce another...)
    4. Vase of scrolls: This vase is filled with scrolls, there appears to be notes scrawled on the outside of the scrolls.which do not make sense to you. The only thing you can make out is "Visions of the slumbering one."
    - Kerafyrm (sleepers tomb) seems the obvious answer. Who else is slumbering?
  8. Edrickx Member

    1. I am guessing the Akheva are the ones from Altar of Malice. The other 4 armed creature I was thinking of was Baelon, but I damn sure recognize him, although this could elude to the not having eyes thing. But then he would not recognize me not vica versa. The Djinn Master also has 4 arms, as does Cazic Thule (sometimes).
    4. I checked Sleepers Tomb contested and found nothing, Yelnick is no longer in Thurgadin, and Erolissi Marr (I believe that is who is in the tube at the end of shard of love) was a no go.
  9. Diveris Well-Known Member

    I'm not doing this quest on my tanks, but could the fresh flour hint that someone was recently there? Maybe you have to be in the instance at a certain time? A few quests this expansion are like that.

    Oh and Gorynn has four arms. As in Gorynn''s fist, bruiser epic.
  10. Lemilla Active Member

    Xygoz. And he's even in Kunark.
  11. Meirril Well-Known Member

    1. The Shadowmen also are 4 armed.
    2. Places with significant farmland: Antonica, Commonlands, Thundering Stepps, Rivervale, Enchanted Lands and Mara (but its rice, not wheat).
    3. Fighter symbol is interesting. Possibly something to do with the New Steel Warriors in Windstalker Village?
    4. Kerafyrm and Theer are both trapped in eternal struggle/sleep. Could also refer to Xygoz (who should be dead), or Moral Thule (god of dreams), or an extremely vague way to refer to Zebuxoruk (as a "sleeping" god).
  12. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    the Shadowed Men only have 2 arms, not 4.
    I've checked Riverwalve, Antonica and Mara nad found nothing.
    the new steel warrriors have nothing to say either.
    talked to Zeb in mara, nothing there. there's no place to talk to Morrel at in game, Xygoz is in lore the last surivior of the Ring, but I don't see anyway to contact him, and there's also no known way it seems to contact Theer either.
  13. Edrickx Member

    Just wondering, but there is an item that has been introduced in the x-pack that apparently only fighters have found, it is called the steel warrior's symbol or something. It has been posted elsewhere, probably eq2wire forums. Just wondering if you had this item while you talked to the steel warriors?
  14. Tupperbeast Active Member

    The Steel Warriors have been nice longer in the game not only since Ascending)))
  15. Edrickx Member

    Have read this over 5x and I don't see how it pertains to the question I asked. There is in fact a new item called 'A Steel Warriors insignia" its description reads "Some representation of rank in the Steel Warriors most likely. Useless to a corpse." Apparently only fighters can see or receive this item, perhaps you have to obtain it then talk to a Steel Warrior (regardless how long they have been "nice" or in the game) and they give you the quest or flag you for it.
  16. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    it's possible, and no I didn't have it, nor do I know where or how it can be found
  17. Zeuriel New Member

    Went and looked at the helmet in Qeynos. Decided to poke around in The Down Below and came across some scrolls labelled Prayers to Ullkorruuk at -92.65, 0.36, -118.46. Can anyone tell me if this is new or old content?
  18. Zeuriel New Member

    Also, the helmet in Qeynos is the same style as the one worn by Demetrius Crane in the Shard of Hate. Not sure if that is anything.
  19. Zeuriel New Member

    Unclickable box in Fens (Ruins of Cabilis area) at 366.86, 19.24, -1505.70. New? Nevermind. Found the quest it was a part of.
  20. Meirril Well-Known Member

    Hmmm....can any class access this hidden cache? Or just fighters? If it is any class, then this could be clues to the start of 4 different quests. Assuming the Steel Warriors Insignia needs to be taken to Windstalker Village (or Freeport, since the Steel Warriors were based in Freeport before Lucan kicked them out?) to find the actual quest starter, that leaves 3 other clues.

    1) Could point to Baelon. Unfortunately that shouldn't help us since its through a portal in the Ethernere to an alternate Norrath. Still worth checking, if you pick up a mysterious drop having to do with Fear. I'm going to guess this is the scout quest clue.

    2) If this is a clue that matches to an item, the item should help narrow down which zone to go to. I'm going to hazard a guess and say Shakey's Farm in Rivervale. No particular reason other than it being memorable. Actually commonlands is probably a better bet since a lot of historic things have happened there. I'm going to guess this is the priest quest clue.

    3) Fighter's symbol, I think its the Steel Warrior Insignia that has been discovered. More details on where it drops would be helpful. I'm betting its random trash from a certain zone, like some of the epic 1.0 pre-quest starters. Obviously the fighter quest clue.

    4) so hopefully the drop by its nature will narrow down where it is to be taken. If it is a dragon scale or similar item I'd check VP, Sleeper's Tomb (all heroic and contested instances). It might actually open a new instance if you have the starter? I'm thinking this is a clue to the mage quest.

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