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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Goregutts, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Goregutts Active Member

    Ok im on the serch for the Guardian/Fighter epic 2.0 quest giver. I will post any info gained on this thread. I advise everyone do the same. Thanx everyone.
  2. Schro New Member

    Nick (Schreaux) - 12:39 omg omg omg if Innoruuk is dead he would have gone to the ethernere like cazic or rallos when drinal got corrupted and he is pissed the **** off and wants to kill Lanys soooooooooooooo maybe Innoruuk is inolved in the epic 2.0 quest and is the starter so have you guys scoured obol plains looking for traces of Inny? talked to Firiona Vie?

    Kander - 12:48 Nick is a smart guy. For sure.

  3. Schro New Member

    Kander - 11:55 Ok, I will give you a hint. Look for the toilet made of solid gold at the end of he rainbow.

    Kander - 12:17 My true name is Lord Kanos X'aphon of the Thexians.

    Kander - 12:18 My Sister was Kirstiana X'aphon, HIgh Priestess of Treachery.

    Kander - 12:19 Challenge, How many X'aphon can you find in EQ2. (said 3)

    Kander - 12:26 Hamster, 1 is dead. Dead, dead. (i said 4)

    Kander - 12:29 oh crap. I forgot about my son, Zadkiel... oops

    Kander - 12:30 gold doubloons people, giving you gold doubloons.

    Kander - 12:36 Let's do the time warp again!!!!

    Kander - 12:51 hint, somewhere in all the stuff I said tonight, there was an actual clue. Peace all. Good night.
  4. Sounson Active Member

    There are new collections named by class that haven't been disco'd yet, but census is reported them under the KA collections:

    KA Collections:


    Could be the starter or just part of the quest line?
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  5. Wurm Well-Known Member

    UGH hopefully neither
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  6. Alakazou Member

    That would fit with the quote that you could be on the quest without knowing...
  7. Genghes Active Member

    I could see getting one piece of the collection for every set of epic 2.0 quests you do. Once you do them all the reward is the new epic
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  8. Goregutts Active Member

    LOL man oh man,i have been all over Norrath and beyound !!! Still no luck i keep coming up empty on all the known leads. However i do think the golden toilit may be a golden throne of some kind. I've been to Rivervale to the fools gold and pot of gold and found nothing also ive been to obol plains and EJ and nothing there either. I have look all over in Antonica and thundering stepps also in stonbrunt highlands. So i supose we are all still in the same boat. but this is just an update. So keep trying everyone ,we will find the quest giver in time. thanx
  9. Pheidra Active Member

  10. Alakazou Member

    In Queen's Colony, there is now a Kander NPC. Someone said to me it was the starter for fighters but doing nothing to me.
  11. Edrickx Member

    There is no way to get to queens colony, once u leave at 9 u can't go back.
  12. Shadowscale Active Member

    can get back by useing a bell now. the kander NPC is just there to be funny
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  13. Alakazou Member

    You can get back, just need to take the bell from Antonica, not from your guild hall.
  14. Ultimmaa New Member

  15. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    not true. you can now go back whenever you want. it's on the city bells.
  16. Zeuriel New Member

    Just a thought, but one of the languages that the Essential Kunark Guide teaches is Froak and I have yet to come across anything in KA that required Froak. Perhaps something to do with the Frogloks?
  17. Awesomeo Member

    I thought this too, done both Adventure and Tradeskill signature quests and seen no sign of Frogloks, unless of course I completely ignored them on purpose :p

    Frogloks were quite prominent in original Kunark so who knows..
  18. Genmarion New Member

  19. Dolgrin Active Member

    I could see the helmet in qeynos with a lvl 4 Asc Monk.
  20. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Some of the odd places I've tried, thus far:

    Well, given that there was the riddle for River and for E, which could be for Eidelon and Ethernere, which does have a river, I wandered out to check the "Throne" of Fear. Tried the Ascension Adv Solo, nope.
    • Interesting note, on this server I'd not completed all the CoE timeline. So, I was at the step where you check the Fear Gate, found it interesting that you hear Cazic Thule. It was related to an old quest, but gonna check some more places, then maybe explore further in Eidelon.

    Oh, in addition, a Tourbillion is a time device. He'd also mentioned Timewarp. Hmm.

    also went to one of my old faves, Kunzar, as the River E is in Scotland, and has a hydro station, so checked the Waterwheel area.

    Heading to Qeynos--again

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