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    Maybe if all things are equal. But, we are talking theory here. We had a similar discussion in my guild yesterday. The reason I picked a Half Elf female for my Berserker, is because I think it's funny as hell when you are in a pickup group, and out tanking someone who picked a "proper race" and the "best class", and they get all huffy cause a little girl is doing a better job then they can. Just being a Barbarian/Ogre Guardian doesn't mean you are going to be the best tank. Gear, and skill play a major role. Good gear of course means a lot. But, so does skill. Having more defense than god means nothing, if you aren't being hit. A MT needs to be able to hold aggro. It's easy to hold aggro agains one mob, but what if you are fighting 10? Who's going to do a better job then? I'd say,the one that procs an AoE taunt, has rampage, and several AoE attacks.

    In my guild, Berserkers are the main raid tanks. Seems to work just fine. There is very little we can't take. And, if we can't, it is usually not the tanks fault. It's lack of intelligance. After a few trys, we will figue the key out.
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    "Tankability ===> Guardian, Paladin, ShadowKnight, Berserker, Monk, Bruiser <=== Damage Potential"
    Yeah, that is way wrong. I dunno who made this up but that is just not right at all. I remember Moorguard or someboday from SOE actually did post a chart similar to this before the expansion was released to indicate what their intentions were of how things were supposed to be amongs all the tanking classes post expansion but I believe it was more like this:
    Tankability ===> Guardian/Berserker, Paladin/Shadowknight, Monk/Bruiser <=== Damage Potential
    The slashmark between the two subclasses indicating *equality* between the two. I wish I could find that post again. However, keep in mind, it's not to say that a Guardian is supposed to be able to tank better than a Bruiser in every case since the extra damage that a Bruiser puts out does help to compensate for the fact that he can't take as much damage.
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    The only problem with this is Bruisers are tanking just as good as a Guard and doing twice as much DPS as them, thats not balanced.

    Like i said in another post, group wise, damage dealt from mobs seems fine to me, i can tank no problem what so ever.

    Epic raid boss mobs is a whole different kettle of fish. Moorgard has already said that if you come across epic encounters that seem way overpowered for the intended amount of people that are attempting it to /bug report it so they can do further tests on it.
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    Devish says:

    Are they equal Main Tanks? No, but they are different classes. You can still MT, you will probably waste more healers mana, but your mobs will surely go down faster.
    Thats not always a good thing especially in epic fights cause of the riposte dmg.

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