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    I main a wizard and have for a long time. I think the biggest problem is how uncompetitve they are in heroics. Raid fights that last longer than 3 minutes are less of an issue. This I believe is due to cast speed disparity.

    One simple solution to this would be - add insta cast to fiery blast. The duration is 12 seconds so not OP; it removes the barrier to fast dps that scouts and even some have; it avoids adjusting individual spells and fiery blast has a relatively long reuse - so wizards can "burst dps" finally and not be ashamed to be running heroics.

    As far as fusion goes. Sure, a better % chance of reset from Ecis sounds nice. However, I dunno, I kinda resent playing a class thats output is determined by the performance of 1 spell? That will sound like heresy to Monks and others.
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    I am new to the wizard class but have high hopes to improve. Would like to know how you would setup your aa on a TLE serve with a cap of 100aa at level 70.


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    Yea it sucks being on the bottom of the parse in heroics.....
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    press the buttons, I do 70-90 b in heroics names with troub and defiller. and when I ran in a group - no one ever parsed
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    A little late to this thread... however I'm another returning Wizard looking for some cast order guidance. Coming back after about 2.5yrs away.

    So if anyone is willing to assist with a decent cast order. Solo/Heroic - I use to raid before I left. So a bit of guidance in the right direction could help me tremendously!

    TIA for your replies :)
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    There is no One True Cast Order. It will depend on how you are geared, adornments, your AA, the quality of your spells (Master? GM?) etc. There's a helpful wizard cast order Excel worksheet though you might check. You get geared up and buffed up as normal, then you Examine each spell to get the values to plug into the sheet.
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    Ok that's a start!

    Thanks for the spreadsheet!
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    Hi, I am new to Kaladim TLE and was wondering if any top parsing wizards could please link their profiles.
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    Thanks for the update, just tried it out and it definitely increased my DPS considerably. It's appreciated!
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    Ill just point out a couple of things I discovered with Luclin.

    Number one.
    They changed the Hailstorm scaling, so its kinda worth taking again and casting, even on single target IF the target is alive for the whole duration of 15 seconds. If you cast it and the mob dies before it Shatters after 15,8 seconds, its not worth taking. Ice shield was also buffed and its worth casting again.

    Number two.
    Blast of Devastation and Fiery Blast are two of the worst SF endlines for T1 dps. Skip both. They need to fix the scaling of both.

    The new Luclin ability is actually insane. As in, really, really insane. Even at Journeyman, it will perform better than Expert Fusion (with epic 2.0 second attack).

    In regards to "Let it burn!", I don't want to pay2win so I have not upgraded past Journeyman, and it has not been discovered yet, so you gotta do some census trickery to check out the ability. You can see the scaling here and as you can see, the base damage goes from 21139 - 39259 heat damage at journeyman to 32286 - 59959 heat damage at Grandmaster. Absolutely worth upgrading I just wish there was a way to do it without pay 2 win.

    The fourth little thing.
    Ill like to point out is that Elementalist is still amazing for us. Fiery Incineration is an amazing ability even in Luclin and even without surging it it will still do amazingly well for you. Wildfire II still does stuff too, but its not as big a deal as Fiery Incineration is. Elemental Overlord is also still a great proc to have. As for AOE, the only thing worth taking would be Dominion of fire. Frozen Heavens II gets beaten badly by Firestorm, Concussive Blast, Unda, Fusion and even Furnace of Ro does slighty better. Hailstorm also outperforms it in theory but how often have we seen a pack of mobs live for 16 seconds.

    ill point out that in my eyes, the Mental Recovery in the Sorcerer is a vital AA to get, even if you feel like you waste some AA's getting there and even with the insane server lag we had for months now. Also, all three endlines in the heroic tree are fantastic now. Get all 3.

    My priority is:

    Spellbind, Frigid Gift, Surge of Ro & Elemental Overlord & Elemental Channeling prepull.

    Keep Ice Spears up and dont clip it. And the mob does not die with 24 seconds.
    Frozen Rain at 150 stacks.
    Fiery Incineration on cooldown. And the mob does not die with 24 seconds.
    Hellfire on cooldown when 3 stacks have been established.
    Keep Incinerate up and dont clip it.
    Flames of Velious (<25%)
    Scorched Earth on Cooldown. And the mob does not die within 30 seconds.
    Immolation. And the mob does not die within 9 seconds.
    Flames of Velious (<50%)
    Ice shield
    Rays of Disintegration
    Ball of Fire
    Flames of velious (<75%)
    Hail Storm. And the mob does not die within 16 seconds.
    Wildfire II
    Let it burn (Journeyman)
    Magma Chamber
    Fusion (Fusion is much more important at 2-3 targets and becomes one of your best abilities)
    Thunderclap <15
    Ethernere Chains
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    (Can't edit so ill post another here)

    Obviously you want 3 stacks of Incineration as fast as possible so on pull you go Spears>Incinerate>Immolation>Rays>Ball>Let it burn>Protoflame>Flames of Velious if you for some odd reason didnt hit 3 stacks, just keep spamming any single target heat ability until you get 3 stacks and THEN you follow the priority above. If you hit 3 stacks before you finish the opener, return to the priority list above.

    Echi's Frozen Wrath isn't as powerful anymore on single target, but I think without the insane server lag, casting it instead of Thunderclap and Ethernere Chains and if nothing else higher up on the priority list is off cooldown, it would be a slight DPS increase to fish for Fusion resets. On two or three targets, both Frozen Wrath and Fusion becomes priority abilities though, right below Spears and Frozen Rain. Ice Comet (Expert) does 5% more single target DPS than Echi's Frozen Wrath currently, but obviously Ice comet does not have a 24% chance to reset Fusion. So its up to you really, do you want the RNG reset or the flatout damage increase on single target. If you prefer the flat out damage increase of 5% casting Ice comet after Protoflame and if nothing else is up, seems to work the best with the overall flow.
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    Ditch hailstorm, it’s garbage, not worth carting, ditch magma chamber, also not worth casting
  14. Revanu Well-Known Member

    And if ur healer isn’t an idiot, sanguine sacrifice> ethenere chains simply due to quick 1-1.5k potency
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    Is ice shield's damage attributed to the wizard or target?
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    Ice shield is yours.
  17. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    After playing some more I agree, ditch Hailstorm.

    My biggest issue with wizard right now is Protoflame. On a monkey dummy and guild hall dummy its an amazing DoT. But when you look at it on a parse from an actual luclin raid it seems extremely lackluster. Does anyone have some confirmed numbers for Protoflame at various tiers cuz I cant figure it out with Luclin buff packages.
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    Proto flame has 1 amazing use, solos. It kills names while ur running to next 1.
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    Do you have a picture of the layout I'm having trouble following this.
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    Wow. Impressive quick explanation for those of us returning! Hat Tip! Peace!