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    DPS is damage per second.
    The first tick of incineration is large, hence the quick cast of incinerate will result in a large amount of damage at the cost of a short cast. I haven't played wizard since April but at that time incinerate was very high on my cast priority. I believe I have previously posted my entire cast priority charts from 1 - 8 targets so I wont bother repeating it.

    If your only basing your cast priority on tooltip values, your doing it wrong.
    I didn't change from wiz to warlock because I was having trouble parsing...
    The damage output potential of warlock is just so much higher than wizard, it was too much to pass up.
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    :rolleyes: Yes, I KNOW what you are trying to do is to get as many initial hits from incineration as possible. but focusing on that by casting incinerate as many times as possible (that is what you were saying by prioritising it high in your list)...well the consequence of that is youre going to increasingly detract from the more effective spells. It really is simple maths but whatever!
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    you were never really that good as a wizard you dont try to be cute on that front!
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, though I have no clue as to how you may have formed one about me.

    And you are right it is just simple math. Go look at Glasscannon's embedded spreadsheet on his effective dps tab.
    Incinerate is 3d or 4th most efficient non ascension spell based on his numbers. There in fact aren't many spells that are more effective. So which spells do you think are being neglected by prioritizing incinerate?

    So, I was really just trying to point out a couple things that I know a lot of people miss.
    Incinerate is good to cast and you should be casting it at a high priority.
    And, Ice spears is very efficient. ( Though I don't think GC is taking into account the exponential growth of the DoT so I cant point to his math as proof).
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    Why you hate hellfire?
  6. Dilon Active Member

    I tested it and the 8 points in health equate to about 220k hp which is nothing at all. So on this point you are correct. I believe the other abilities are justified, and one must spend 30 points to take undeath. But I will revise and put those points in health elsewhere.

    Incineration is awesome but that is primarily based upon the high upfront damage which is 3.5x the amount of the DoT ticks and which applies every time an eligible spell is cast. But I mentioned that I will spec into Arcane Fury and test it and if it returns significantly better DPS I make an adjustment.

    I know you didn't have time to read my guide but I explained why I don't invest the points. The descriptions of added damage are very misleading. It's just a potency buff to that particular spell, ie instead of Ball of Fire casting at 105000 potency it will cast at 105010 potency. Here is a screenshot of my normal spec, pay attention to damage listed:


    Then I went into the Wizard and Shadows line and took every single AA that lists as a damage boost to a particular spell. And here are the new damages (notice that all offensive modifiers are the same, and the Epic 1.0 buff is also on in both scenarios):


    So spells hit for 1,000-5,000 more damage. That is nothing at all. I think this is pretty conclusive but as always feel free to post your own evidence.

    The endline abilities in the Heroic tree are all worth taking. In order to get there one must spend 48 points up-tree. Where do you suggest putting them if not in Blast of Devastation? Or do you suggest not taking any of those endlines, including Ethernere Chains?

    Here is today's fight of Nightlure.

  7. Dilon Active Member

    And here is today's fight of Wretch.

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    I....why is this being done again....please stop.
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    [deleted a large post about optimizing dps of a wizard by betraying to warlock]
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    Excellent work mate. Keep it up.
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    Aren't you a DEV for DBG? At least, that is what you claim, so why would you discourage players from attempting to educate others? That makes literally zero sense.

    I agree, nice work.
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    I love this thread. Only true baller wizards can be like this.

    Ahahhahaaahhaaaa omg this is gold.
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    With the new expansion live today and significant changes being made to the class - most notably the changing of potency buffs to fervor buffs, and the changing of fiery blast mechanics - this guide is now outdated.

    I will endeavor to write an updated one after I've had some time in-game.
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    I don't know exactly how high up he's claiming it should be, but it's a high-end priority filler for sure. I wish I had my old PC with the spreadsheets I made before I betrayed. I want to say it was #9 on the single target priority list in terms of damage efficiency, which means there are plenty of times where it's worth casting. People DID sleep on it at the beginning of the Incineration-era of wizard gameplay because Incinerate has always been useless, so Xellium is not wrong, and he's not a terrible wizard like you claim.
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    I just saw the dates on this thread. RIP, didn't realize that stuff was a couple months old. However, this is a great guide OP and there's a lot of good info in it. Very nicely done! People will always bicker back and forth over the smallest of things in the wizard community, but most of the stuff looks accurate and nicely presented.
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    Its ok, wizards are still terrible so yous can all stay as warlocks. gg
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    I normally run a necro, but i have a wizard as well which i am working on. I notice you put a lot of points into recast/reuse/casting speed. But on my necro that does not stack with your already abundant stats for these 3. Wouldn't the points be better used somewhere else, or am i missing something here?
  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Recast and reuse cap at 100, so it's a complete waste to have more than 100 in those stats.

    Casting Speed goes to Doublecast over cap, OTOH, and Doublecast is one of the stats that is often debuffed by Named mobs. If you hover over the mob's buffs before a fight, you will see exactly what it's debuffing:


    Okay, okay, the mob has "Doublecast Avoidance", but for all intents and purpose it's debuffing your Doublecast by that amount. So if you want to be Doublecasting 100% of the time, add 100 to the amount of the mob's Doublecast Avoidance, and that's how much Doublecast you then need. Casting Speed soft-caps at 100, any over that goes towards Doublecast on a diminishing returns curve.
  19. Dilon Active Member


    Reuse Speed is capped at 100 and there is plenty of it to be found on gear.

    Recovery Speed is also capped at 100 and as far as I can tell this cannot be obtained from gear.

    Casting Speed is soft-capped at 100 but hard-capped at 1100. Amounts which are over 100 but under 1100 give a boost to spell doublecast, but at significant diminishing returns. Having said that, max spell doublecast is essential for DPS, so any boost can be useful in most situations.

    If you were to allocate these points differently I would not object very strenuously. They are not build-breakers. But the reason that I take these points is because 1) recovery speed can only be obtained by AA or reforging, and by taking these AAs I don't have to allocate as many reforging resources to max recovery speed, 2) casting speed will still boost doublecast and ensuring max doublecast will increase your DPS by a far greater amount than anything you'd want to put these unallocated points in, and 3) reuse speed, while abundant, also gives me slightly more reforging flexibility.
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    Thanks, makes sense.
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