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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Dilon, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Dilon Member

    Warlocks did get some spells nerfed but they are still quite strong overall. I have switched to find out just how much stronger.
  2. Dilon Member

    This is where I land too, and I agree, the easiest way to boost wizards is to increase the refresh of fusion aa from 25% to 40%.
  3. Dilon Member

    There are obviously a lot of variables that go into parse rankings. Yes sometimes I beat our resident warlock or assassin. But the trend lines consistently show better dps potential for warlocks, ceteris paribus, and the 25% is more or less consistent with my own experience.
  4. Dilon Member

    I mean, if you take away ascension AND three of the best abilities from any class, what are you left with?

    What is a warlock without apocalypse, rift, and cataclysm?

    What is an assassin without assassinate, dagger storm, and fatal followup?

    Take away 35-40% of any class dps and you will be left with crap dps.
  5. Redlight Well-Known Member

    Lol better roll a monk instead of wizard if you want to do elemental damage.
  6. Vogie Active Member

    The reason Locks are better are because they rely less on RNG, Apoc, Cata, Rift, Absolution etc are just there on a reliable and continuous cycle. Wizards rely on Fusion resets and Ball of fire/Rays reset to pump up damage and as a result when rng hits you with negative favor you parse low, when it grants you high favor you parse like a mofo.

    This is why Locks are favored, consistent output with a good rotation and not relying on the RNG gods.
  7. Sykle Active Member

    I'm not saying take these things away. I'm saying that compared to other abilities, the damage that the best abilities do are inherently less than other classes. And I hate using ascension as an argument for class balance. Ascension almost always is the exact same among all classes. It is separate from class balance.
    If wizard topprofessionability_X does 10%less damage than warlock topprofessionability_X, and nothing else about the class makes up for this difference, then warlocks do more damage than wizards. It is common sense, and anyone can figure it out.
    For example: We can say Incineration, Hellfire, and Fusion do a combined 10 total damage, and the rest of their abilities do a combined 5 damage. If Apoc/Cata/Rift do 15 total damage, and the rest of their abilities do a combined 5 damage, Which class is going to perform better?
    (What i said earlier was Magmag speaking through me, he is taking a vacation from forums at the moment, courtesy of Roxxly)
  8. Sykle Active Member

    The only game mechanic that allows ability doublecast to effect one class more than another is in the case of RNG resets. Will wizards technically benefit more from ADC? Yes, but its not enough of a difference to make them good. Other than that, you offer literally no relevance or meaningful counterargument to what i have posted. I also mentioned nothing about ability doublecast.
  9. Gandolph Member

    there are still a few wizards still around on Majdul that can hold their own..not a completely broken class
  10. Shaoli Member

    Yesterday I said tomorrow. (10:15) training dummy: 52,11B
    No Erosion of Will, No Detritus Mulcher, No torment. Celestial BoF, GM Rays.
    Also, I did not do any tricky pre-buffing - you can see it on the over time graph

    My Full-Ancient warlock can never match something like this, and I am not a bad warlock.
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  11. Magmag Active Member

    If you have a lot of experience with both classes and have tested them both this expansion I'll have to take your word for it. Maybe I was over-estimating the Warlock ST damage, but the rest of what I said is true. Wizards just bring nothing to the table that makes them great in any scenario right now. You want ST damage? Bring an assassin or a conj. Hell, conjurors also give 11ish fervor to all the dps in the group and assassins have max health debuffs. AoE? Warlock is definitely better than wizard in that situation. They are in as bad as a spot now as I have ever seen and I've played one for many many years. The class description when you go to create one shows what the original design was supposed to be, that they were the glass cannon single target kings. They haven't been that for a long time now. I know people always loved to complain like they were broken because they couldn't play the class properly, but now they're so basic to play and they just don't have the capability to top parses unless your other dps classes are bad or under-geared. All that matters in raids anymore is the number next to "Resolve" in your character window, so it's not like you're really hindering your raid force, but the class definitely needs some love.
  12. Vogie Active Member

    I don't think anyone's saying Wizards are OP they are not even close to Assassins this expac but they are competing with pretty much all other classes. As a Wizard i don't win as many parses as I do when I'm a Warlock but i'm usually only 1mil or less behind the classes above me: Conj, Necro, Monk, Lock. My stats are within 1k pot of the others too so it's not like they out resolve or potency me by any stretch, so Wizards although they aren't #1 dps they surely aren't trash. If daybreak devs spent even a little bit of time on them I'm sure they would be top as they compete already.
  13. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Fire Seed takes up one concentration per person, so that's your limitation there.
  14. Magmag Active Member

    I'm a man of extremes. If I'm playing a class that's supposed to be the single target king and you have to squeeze out every last point of damage just to barely trail the other people in your raid force then I personally would call that class trash. When I'm maining a T1 I expect to have the ability to top parses or I'm going to main change. Good on you people that can suffer through it, but seeing a wizard sit at 3-5 on parses on pure single target is not sufficient for me. It was a little better at least when the class was fun to play, but since the emergence of left-side prestige it's not even entertaining and challenging anymore. Idk, I guess I'm just sad to see the class I've always loved the most be so terribly mediocre. I've always been able to out-parse people because I worked harder and played better, but that isn't even really possible at this point. I guess RIP wizards for me. It was a good run. But "only trailing by 1b dps" with no real utility should not be acceptable to any wizards out there.
    I know. You can give it 3-4 people in the group, which is far better than any utility wizards would bring. Plus conj has the bubble option on heavy heal progression fights. Wizards have Ro's Blade, but that's pretty much it. Frigid Gift is not that good now. Again, there's just no reason to choose a wizard right now over anything else. They parse slightly less and have less utility than everybody else.

    If you guys want them to stay the same then keep preaching about how "balanced" they are.
  15. Swansong New Member

    DOH! Note to self, read forums backwards.
  16. fletchman New Member

    Dilon- Are you still flowing this thread? I am returning and if I could ask a couple of bits I would be quite thankful?
  17. Dilon Member

    Hi, sorry for delay. Go ahead with questions and the community will be happy to help.
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