Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

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  1. Pohondo Member

    We actually made a post concerning this some time ago, and yes! This would be great to see!
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  2. Mystralwinds New Member

    While I agree it sounds great, I am concerned the Dev's will be so busy that bugs will be a norm. I wish you all the best in this endeavor for all our sakes.

    There was one thing I was hoping to say without being jeered off the site. I would really like to see the regular content increase be free to everyone, especially gold members. My understanding was the only allowances we gold members receive will end this week. I believe there needs to be more of a reason for people to remain gold than the 500 SC per month, but I don't feel restricting small content releases and events to paying members is an alternative. Hopefully the Dev's in their infinite wisdom will be able to find a good compromise.

  3. Montag Well-Known Member

    I don't see how this is going to work. Within 3-6 months there will likely be delays on the monthly "big" pushes, or they will just become super underwhelming. It will probably also lead to much buggier content.

    I hope I'm wrong.

    Fabled versions of old zones could help make it doable. That's really a good way to leverage your vast existing content and most people seem to love it. A chance to revisit old stomping grounds, etc. Pace some chase items so people of median playtime can get them for a few chars before the next push.
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  4. Temerenon New Member

    Could one of those new weekly goodies possibly be a triangle tile or divider??? That would be wonderful indeed.
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  5. Ragna Well-Known Member

  6. Ziiri New Member

    I'm all for updates and new content, but please address some of the major issues with game content FIRST. First and foremost fix the major LAG issue. Second try fixing the existing broken content before releasing new encounters.
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  7. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I kinda liked the quartlerly updates.

    To be honest this latest one came too soon for me and it's sucked people away from ToV grouping.

    I'm all for expansions being big, I'm just not sure if monthly sizable changes are the best route forward. Of course if they're just festivals and the like, you do that already.
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  8. Faulken Starblade New Member

    I played eq and eq2 for many many years. and i quit for a long while because yes i love instances but i do feel that contested and more open world content is the way to go. it keeps more people involved as a whole and as a team verse each other and others. i always loved the huge expansions with tons of content that was new for me and my friends to explore. and less is always more. one of the things that made everquest great for myself and friends was the difficulty of the content not necessarily the speed at which it came out. i would say slow down and dont worry about month to month content and just make awesome expansions and people will be here to play them.
    ps i always loved fighting a mob and seeing it have a weapon or item that i wanted and it using it against me when fighting it and getting to loot it when we defeated the mob.
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  9. Ceran New Member

    I would like to see a chance for a better end reward in the advanced solo dungeons like in the previous content. I log on for a few hours at a time whenever I can and mostly do solo content and as things stand I can never get arcane or potent armor because I don't have the luxury of grouping. I would like to see the chance to get an upgraded loot box from the hundreds of solo dungeons I have done so far. I have gotten a few adornments but I have no chance at getting anything better than the basic cryptic armor and that makes me feel like I should just stop playing for a bit until you add something new for me to do. I have 5 level 95 characters and 9 level 95 tradeskill characters that haven't got anything new to do because I can't commit the time to getting and staying in a group.
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  10. Pacibo New Member

    i would love to see some massive expansions. and eq2 some throw back to the first *cough* planes of power *cough*
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  11. Racki New Member

    I've not really been a fan of the new Fabled dungeons and hope thats not the direction they are taking. To explain, I love re-running these old dungeons, the scripts could be a little more interesting though ... most are plain tank'n'spank. The gear *upgrades* are horrible though.

    Yes I know they are an upgrade, a couple %. I just find that irritating. I spent alot of time (I have alot of 95's) running ToV instances to get shiney gear and they add 3 dungeons with a couple % better gear that I'm now grinding out. Why? The gear level was fine, shuffling some stats around (to give more options) adding cosmetic stuff or house stuff ... hell off-setting the reduced loot in there (everyone gets a chest in ToV dungeons) by giving two etyma quests ... each of these would have been a better reason for me to run these new zones.

    As it is I'm feeling very hampster-wheeled atm. Will the next Fabled dungeons add a couple % more? Whats the point in running these then. You gotta find better (or I should say different) reasons to run these dungeons than that.

    And pls pls pls ... I've seen a grand total of 4? (maby 5) masters drop in all the ToV dungeons runs I've done. Thats ALOT of runs. I hate hate hate running Vastly dungeons over and over solo for masters. Can we look at the master drop rate? (like I say alot of 95's and buying them all is prohibitive)
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  12. Therania New Member

    In my opinion most of EQ2 players don't read the official forums anymore. Some people on my server don't even know that it exists. I think we need an additional official way for the communication between SOE and the Everquest 2 community. One example we experience with EQ Next: The Round Table! Maybe SOE should think about starting something similar for Everquest 2.
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  13. Erinos New Member

    Sounds very nice on the content side.

    One thing I would love to see is a group/dungeon finder that works and is promoted. Possibly a cross-server dungeon finder. This would allow more players in the system, thus making it easier (especially at lower levels) to get into that instance you have been wanting to group in for a while.

    Mercs do make it nice for tackling that lower level dungeon content...but it just is not the same as a good dungeon crawl with a group.

    Possibly make the group be able to enter the dungeon when 4 characters (tank, healer, 2 DPS) have joined, but then scale the dungeon difficulty if you are able to get a full group?
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  14. Lucus Well-Known Member

    If they want to reach all players they should add a news selection to the EQ2 button menu.

    Then whenever there are new patch notes or posts of interest made by rednames it should open the ingame browser ether when you click news or if you haven't opted out of patch notes or important announcements it auto opens the browser and webpage of the announcement when you login next after the post is made.
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  15. Goldheart Member

    Personally, I'm very grateful for the thought and effort SOE still puts into EQ and EQ2, esp. with Next incubating in the oven as we speak. Upgrading/revamping existing content/dungeons and well-refined additions are the best way to go in this scenario. I don't see where whining about PvP (which isn't a core aspect of any of the EQ series, that's why Nagafen is a ghost-town portal to BG) or incremental improvements as being helpful. C'mon, guys n gals, we have a great dev team doing more for us than a lot of game publishers ever would.
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  16. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Great to see there are still big plans in the work for Norrath and the content layout as currently presented looks great! Also thanks for asking the community and listening!

    My thoughts:
    1. - Make them big expansions with large zones. I heard that it's now technically less time-consuming to create new zones so go for it and you'll get my money!
    2. - More world events: I loved the portal events with special loot such as mounts or house items and specific instances either for solo/duo or larger groups. The lore around these events is important too.
    3. - Isle of Refuge: please use this lovely place for either a higher level zone or anything else. I miss the starter islands dearly (I even changed the music to have the one from starter island in the guild hall ;) Yeah call me nostalgic!) .
    4. - Test the content thoroughly before releasing it. Deploying more content Weekly or Monthly is great but we don't need the bugs that might go along with it :cool:
    5. - I agree with Pohondo's comment on Elite mercs. It's mostly frustrating the way it is working now. We shouldn't have to buy elite merc locations for plat.
    6. - Allow for true duo content with mercs as well, in addition to group/raid. Many folks play with their other half (as we only have so many time a Week to play due to family constrains) and it's so much fun to be able to breeze through high-level dungeons or anything else as a pair.
    7. - Glass tiles! Did I mention glass tiles? This is the decorator speaking so yes please we've been asking for those for such a long time. And anything related to housing is great!
    8. - Revamp the crafting system. I'm gonna get flamed but I loved the old-school system where you could actually die crafting if you didn't pay attention, where you also had to create the sub-components and put some thought in it. Vanguard does it best. Currently it's just button mashing and boring to death (I watch movies on my second screen while crafting...).
    9. - Bring life to the cities again. With the release of guild halls the cities became ghost towns. This is not how it's meant to be.
    10. - Last but not least: Bring a new purpose to the oldest zones like Commonlands, Antonica, Nek and Thundering Steppes. They look so graphically outdated and nobody sets foot there anymore as the starter questine sends you straight to the new zones and then Butcherblock so there's no point in doing them anymore which is a pity.
  17. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Idk who felt like the system was "meh". I very much liked not having to wait a full year for content updates. Things like the adding of major gameplay areas and meaningful (both raid and quest) progression targets such as Skyshrine and Cobalt Scar were great.

    Being 10 years old, the game gets stale real fast these days, so having to wait a full year for something exciting or game-changing additions is not fun.

    If the only thing we have to look forward to outside of an expansion is more "Fabled" zones, that frankly isn't good. The Fabled zones aren't done very well. They're ALL - without exception - extremely easy and while they do provide additional gear, they do not provide any longevity in terms of content. If all you're going to give us is Fabled zones, at least put a little more effort into them and give the named some scripts and the trash some teeth. If i wanted to go to an old zone and faceroll it, i could do it in the old greyed out version of it. Also, for the love of the gods, can you call "Fabled Dungeons" something other than "Fabled"??? The fact that half the Legendary gear in the game is now called "Fabled XXXX" is downright misleading. Call them "revisited" or "unearthed" or "redux", the term "Fabled" is taken!
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  18. Kilar Active Member

    I like the ideas you have expressed for content updates, except like many others who have posted here I am a little worried over the timetable, mainly the weekly stuff. I would suggest that you scrap the weekly timetable and devote this time to fixing present bugs and quests (Of all levels but especially the Quests in some of the lower zones that have never been completed).

    More 'World Events' would be nice. I loved the Griffon Tower building and similar events.

    I would also like to see more animations, for example being able to sit in a chair. Not sure how realistic this might be given the age of the original software but this sort of thing would make the game more 'immersive'. Maybe a few more dance animations and social events?

    Just a few thoughts.
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  19. cally New Member

    I would like to see a guild events like the world events we had for building the portals. Everyone, including the crafters in the guild could participate. The reward could be a useful statue for the guild that gives maybe a buff. Guild world events are an area that hasn't been really looked at yet but could easily implemented.
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  20. Pooka New Member

    Great, please fix old content and itemization while you're at it. There are 40 or so overland zones, and most of them provide nothing beyond a way to get to instances. Old fabled and legendary gear is awful in comparison to hand-crafted stuff. Killing a named at level and getting useless fabled gear sucks.

    What is SOE's vision of zone progression at this point?