Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

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  1. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    So... we're going back to the old update schedule from years ago. Weekly patch for fixes, monthly GUs for updates and non-xpac new content, annual xpac with everything that's part of it released at once instead of spread over multiple updates? (Because Withered Lands and Cobalt Scar were not free new content when they launched - they were part of the Destiny of Velious xpac).

    That system worked much better for xpacs, definitely. I agree that the quarterly GUs seemed good at first, but didn't pan out in the long run. More Fabled dungeons will be a nice bonus too. But I do honestly hope/expect the weekly patches will be predominantly fixes for known bugs in game.

    (Like the open-all-bank-bags toggle being broken for Exiles. Again. 'Cause you fixed it once, and then two weeks later it stopped working, and despite multiple bug reports and posts about it over the past months it has never been fixed again. And given the evident mechanics, I believe the easiest fix would simply be to let Exiles have shared bank access.)
  2. DreadRoberts Active Member

    Every time we ask for the Starter Islands to come back, GRRM kills another Stark, and Robert Jordan comes back from the dead to write another chapter dedicated to Nynaeve tugging her braid.
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    GODS, YES!!! >:-D

    Granted, I have one character (out of...64 now, if you count the Silver accounts) that's at 85, Uwk here, but the general consensus I get, largely from the official Powers line, but frankly, from other players as well (thankfully, few and far between as far as being nasty about it goes [way less than is probably the case in WoW]; some others are just unconsciously condescending) is that if you're not at LEAST 85th level, you're worthless scum who'd better get their butts up to where they "should" be, as quickly as possible. If you don't, you're not playing the game "right." This gets wearying after a bit. >:-/

    One thing I'd like to see done first, and emphasized first, is fixing the existing bugs. That then clears the table, so to speak, to make new, fun things...and Public Test does exist for a reason; let us test the new stuff first and help squash bugs. ;->

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  4. Ruination New Member

    I'm very glad that you are going back to old dungeons and making them Fabled but how about making an Advanced Solo version of them too like you have in the ToV dungeons?? Going back into the old places brings back a lot of fond memories.
  5. Araxes Active Member

    I like this.

    I would also like to add a request. There are many people who enjoy leveling and working on alts simply for the sake of creating a new themed character or story - these being your decorators, crafters, people who run small, themed guilds, and so on, who are not driven to race to the endgame, who might appreciate some new lower level content, a new leveling pathway through multiple zones, or, at least, a reworking of some of the old zones most notably Antonica/Commonlands, Thunderring Steppes, Feerott (but please do not remove content in the process, as many people do enjoy these zones precisely because they retain that launch-era charm.) Other zones that could do for a makeover in terms of quest content and general mob population / progression would be Pillars of Flame, Greater Faydark, Loping Plains. Finally, I personally really enjoyed the graphical revamp you did with Darklight Woods last year and would love to see the same sort of thing done to a place like Antonica.
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  6. Darkhorse Member

    I prefer to have everything all at once. Those maps released over time won't keep any player for moths just to see what it might be. People want the new maps immediately to explore over the year. People like to plan out what they intend to do over the year. With a game like this, I personally have 5 92 level characters and it takes time for me to level and suite out each character and that takes a bit of planning.

    I'm excited to see what new things they will add every week/month. The Vet upgrade was really an awesome addition and I hope to see more things like that.
  7. Zetayn New Member

    This is great!! But will the event be live events like the old days where GM's would be in the content? It was fun seeing GM's actually work on making the players enjoy the game as in joking as characters and giving out Milk and Cookies!
  8. Gosh Member

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  9. Zinj Active Member

    While the concept of Fabled versions of zones makes for something for higher level players to compete against; the backstory/story line for them is totally lacking. In other words, the fantasy part of the environment is singularly underwhelming.

    Every player knows he, she, their group, or their raid went into the original zone, conquered and laid waste to the enemies there. But monsters and evil NPCs aren't supposed to be stupid. If you're going to upgrade a zone, do it with logic and intelligence from the NPCs point of view. Build a story around it and why they made the changes they did. I remember several articles in Dragon Magazine years (decades maybe) ago pointing this out.

    For instance, Rangers arrowed all the mobs down the first time. Okay, so the goblins get smart and put screens and partitions up so they can't be aimed at or shot at, or they hide around a corner and don't engage until the goodies are at melee range.

    Group came in and single pulled all the mobs. The orcs wised up and all carried horns they blew to summon reinforcements before attacking en masse.

    Mobs learn. Some learn faster than others. With mixed dungeon populations, you would expect the stupid kobolds to not improve as much as a drolvarg would, or a lich for that matter.

    Traps. OMG! What self respecting Master of Evil is not going to trap the doors or floors where the goodies raced straight through the last time?

    Now the piece de resistance'.

    Dynamically randomized challenges. Each time you zone in, you or your group have no idea what any of the above options will be activated.
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  10. Benjamin Member

    I think this sounds great. After I do my weekly etyma run, even seeing something new or differnent that can occupy my attention for a few minutes will help break the monotony. I think some of my friends who have left the game in the past did so because once they hit the end-game, there was just too much of the same-old-same-old until the next X-pac.

    As for x-pacs: I REALLY want to see overland zones that aren't purple and aquamarine.
  11. Smite Active Member

    I'd say that's a little ambitious on the schedule.

    Even though team size may be healthy and tools more efficient I'd vote for a little more 'underpromise and overdeliver' via an output rate at half the stated (bi-weekly and bi-monthly). I read on EQ2Wire that Sentinel's Fate was opted instead of Destiny of Velious as some of the EQII team's time was diverted to supporting features in other SOE titles like Free Realms which sounded unbelievable to me.

    Are you sure they can handle that and make an expansion?

    Though Tears of Veeshan may be on the small side by volume as far as expansions go I think it has had a very good impact in concentrating player density because of the design and interesting zones/itemization/progress structure.

    More is ok if you all make sure density (player pool for average zones) or at least affinity (player pool for VD-like zones) stays in place.

    I can't put my finger on it but even though I liked Chains of Eternity's signature story more (I'm not a dragon person) I find that TOV zones aren't yet making me feel cornered like the COE ones did. I think in part it is because there aren't too many zones people (i.e. primary Tanks) won't do in TOV unlike COE. Nexus and Stasis may get bad raps but compared to Wurmbone's Crag, Sleeper's Tomb, or Chelsith they are easy to run and see in groups by most players.

    The accessibility of TOV (endgame) to new players or characters of almost any class is second to none for any expansion pack that EQII has ever released.

    Maybe that's more about mechanics and gear than anything else I'm not sure but in heroic content forming PUGs have never been easier or more fluid at any time previously in the game. Not ROK, not TSO, certainly not SF, and I'd rate accessibility in TOV higher than DOV and COE.

    More isn't always better and you all might want to prioritize means to manage the active zone pool on a rotation (perhaps your monthly update?) via quests or loot cycles. Fabled KOS zones are nice but now some of the TOV zones are thinner in the formation pool. Don't make it so 16 people per primary LFG login window are looking for 8 different zones to PUG.

    Keep in mind not every server has the login density like Antonia Bayle or Freeport when you bring in the monthly updates that dilute the existing expansion or previous updates.
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  12. Trista New Member

    I must admit, this sounds pretty good, over all. With 27 alts to feed, clothe and nurture (level up), I have to plan my game time carefully to keep the Norrath side of my life in balance. The current method of introducing new content was making my game time more of a "let's play catch up" and several of my alts never left the guild hall for weeks on end.

    Seriously, I have to admit, leveling some of my younger alts was very boring, doing the same thing for the umpteenth time to level. Granted some quests must be done with every alt in order for them to be effective in doing quests at higher levels: eg trade skills, factions and such.

    Basically I do solo play 90% of the time, but I do group and raid on occasion, so the new fabled old dungeons sounds like a real treat. YET I would love to also see advanced solo versions of those dungeons too. With 10 out of 27alts at level 92 and up itching to do dungeons which they have never ever seen the insides of...advanced solo is what is needed for them, as well as for my moving on up alts.

    The rest of the changes mentioned sound great, and it is nice to know that you are paying attention to what we players need and want.

    Happy Ground Hog Day!

    Trista of AB
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  13. suka Well-Known Member

    yes but can we please have those quests available to anyone who wants to do them and not just given out by a gm if you happen to see them for a few hours?
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  14. Insidyous Toy New Member

    Kudos to the Dev Team for wanting to improve player experience! I'd love to start a new alt and have a new experience to level up with slowly. That being said, it is a very ambitious schedule. I just wonder if there is sufficient staff to to make it work, given that there aren't enough devs to handle issues already in the queue. The SOE response to requests for bug fixes and changes to broken class mechanics has been "we are working on it but we don't have time to do it right now, we will get to it when we get to it." How can you reliably roll out new bug-free content every week if other issues can't be addressed in a timely fashion? It would be awesome if we could get both things accomplished ...
  15. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Sounds good to me! The little weekly and monthly surprises will be fun, I bet.
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  16. suka Well-Known Member

    on that note, can we please have the ability to change the walls, floors and trim like in freeport and qeynos housing but with better textures? and yeah more styles would be nice. I like the tier 2 hall because the tier 3 is so massive i get lost just touring it. but having some variety to choose from and even being able to change it easily throughout the year would be nice. I would even go for buying a hall from the marketplace like in eq1, but please don't kick us from the hall if we take a bit of time off and no one gets in for a month. I hate the features in eq1 where you got us to buying villages, halls and houses with real money and then evict us for not logging in. if i pay for it with real money, it should be there when i am ready to use it. if i leave off plying eq1 for awhile while i am leveling my guild on eq2, the eq1 stuff should be there when i get back- but they are gone and everything is in eviction crates- not fair to people who play several of your games and now with all of my gold accounts having full access this may become even more of a problem for me.
  17. 8ladez Member

    New is good, but how about fixing? Scout Pet for the Necro for example. Will the focus on the new take away from fixing current issuses.
  18. Cylently New Member

    Sounds great, but how about having the new updated zones scale from lvl 80 to 95 so that the people that level lock for Progression guilds can enjoy them too, just would be nice to not feel left out of the game updates
  19. Balbasur Active Member

    you are doing a good job now soe must better than in the past, good to see your going the multiple zones each with one rare drop that is really good route
  20. gennifr New Member

    Sounds great. I must also add the vote to more spent on holiday events, other live events, etc. I really miss how we did super fun things to herald in an expac (like the quests in Sinking Sands for the Moors of Ykesha expac), being given special tokens to spend at a vendor. Lots of fun appearance gear and house items! I understand that some people don't like "fluff" but seriously, I don't know another game out there with the same great quality of house items, houses, decorating, holiday events, appearance gear, etc. This game is sooooo much more fun with that stuff. I can go quest in any old game. But in this game we get to do so much more. So, summed up, I'd like to see lots more with live events, housing, appearance gear, holiday events, etc. Would also like to see some more "fluff" pets to bring along with us on our adventures in Norrath. I love collecting them up :D