Future Content: A Letter from Director of Development Dave Georgeson

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  1. Katz Well-Known Member

    I think this sounds great as long as you don't burn your folks out. I would love to see the old content get love as I play old content as much as new end game content.

    Also, I loved the old events where you spent time building up to something and then winding it down. Like when guild halls were introduced and when the TSO expansion came in.

    I"m NOT a fan of "poof" look it is all completely different all of a sudden!

    I like a build up to changes. With things that we the players can contribute to.
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  2. gennifr New Member

    My husband would love for me to add - bring relevant gear to holiday events like you did with Frostfell. He loved that!
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  3. luminosa Active Member


    Older zones need the loving too. Pretty badly actually. Including the guild halls and their lack of customization and also not being able to fly over mountains in older zones. But new stuff is good. Take your time. ;)

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  4. Falogar New Member

    IMO the problem with the multiple new content every year was not that it reduced the size of the expac. What I found annoying is that it became irrelevant to the game within 3-6 months. Cobalt Scar (aka annoying zone) is a good example. What reason would anyone have to do that questline now? (And it was even supposedly made more desirable with the sig quest addition. Now that charm is useless. You could have updated it to current stats, for example.) Compare this with Sundered Frontier/Stonebrunt or Great Divide timelines which I do on almost every toon I level. These are still relevant years later.
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  5. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    New Content - Good.
    Reuse Content - Alright, but change scripts, make it challenging, not tank + spank + Faceroll [See Fabled zones - Excluding DMP/3P/MO] - Make sure its in ADDITION to new content, not instead of.
    Schedule - Weekly Updates, basically what the Tuesday fix is anyway. Monthly Updates - Very Vague. Make sure these events keep people busy for a month, without tedious time wasting.
    Expacs - Nice to know they are still planned and forecast.

    When it comes to older content, personally I am against it. The amount of people who would actually go back and use it, in comparison to end game content is very little. There is a lot of low level content out there, adding more isn't going to make it suddenly a vast land of hundreds of low levels, it'll still just be a baron wasteland of those who want to do low level stuff. The game is far too developed and aged now, to be remaking new previous tier content. If you were going to do Anything at all with it, make a new zone aimed at level 85's and Heroic Characters. Make it dynamic and exciting, teach them about the game in this zone, rather than chucking them in Great divide.
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  6. Carthalis New Member

    I was just thinking yesterday while playing an alt how cool it would be to see Enchanted Lands and Zek revamped like Lavastorm and Everfrost. I just about do the opening quests on Enchanted and Zek before moving on, and I very rarely go into Rivervale except for doing the HQ. Both these islands need some dev love.
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    "Just one other thing..." --Columbo

    One thing I'd like to see new in an old zone is to increase the level of Advanced Volumes for crafters from The Bookworm on Test Server. I understand why they capped it at 69 when the max. level for anything was like 80, but c'mon, we're up to 95 now, and surely not all the books until the 90s are available simply through quests and praying for good drops. The main reason for the 'Worm in the first place is that the in-game economy on the Broker there is all but non-existent. :-/

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  8. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    What I would like to see is more expansions like Kunark with lots of zones and lots of quests which take me at least a month to get through. The last few expansions I was through the bulk of the content in a few days. And more dungeons like Unrest. Most fun zone in this whole game.

    While I like the principle this message is conveying, I really doubt the possibility of it's execution without hiring more developers. And we all know that's not going to happen.
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  9. Crashwiz New Member

    Increase the level cap. I have 9 toons, all at 95 Adv and 95 Tradeskill, and nearly all at 340 AAs. Yet I'm bored.

    Why send everyone to Vespyr when there is no good use for that gear for a solo player?
  10. Taemisa Active Member

    This all sounds good but I believe you should rethink your determination to have this schedule set in concrete until you have actually done this for a few months. Delivering content weekly and monthly is not going to impress the players if the deadlines mean that content gets rushed out and arrives half broken. Allow yourself a little leeway.

    I am looking forward, however, to a return to major expansions that introduced huge zones a la Greater Faydark which brought back Kelethin etc. Although I am enjoying the Vesspyr Isles, it just didn't seem to be enough to really consider it a true expansion. A new continent, on the other hand, would be a worthy expansion.
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  11. Taffeta Member

    Sounds great! One thing you can do is bring the Summer Fireworks Festival back this year. Last year I was really hoping they would beef it up a bit and add new content, and instead they canceled it, which was exactly the opposite of what I wanted. Also, like others have already stated, I would LOVE some new content in old zones, like Sinking Sands/Pillars Of Flame, Sundered Frontier/Stonebrunt, Enchanted Lands/Rivervale, Greater/Lesser Faydark to name a few. Those are all great zones and they deserve some love. And we definitely could use some new content in the city festivals and other world events. It gets really boring doing the same old thing over and over again. Something new to spice it up would be SO nice. And we REALLY need another ring event or something similar. I believe the last one we had was in GD and that was a LONG time ago.
  12. noggindent New Member

    This should be good, keep the diverse nature so All levels & All from (beginners)-- to veterans have new & interesting play! Thanks a bunch it has been fun for X(yrs.)
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  13. Ssinss New Member

    Be nice to dwell on things for the non Raiders as well. But, we keep saying that.
  14. Seabreeze New Member

    I have been with EQ2 since it went live. I enjoy taking my time exploring the world, running solo, and playing special events, and I have no intention of power gaming my way through any of it. My chief complaint about the content, both existing and new, is that the devs fail consistently to work out the bugs prior to release. Personally, I'd be happy with annual or semi-annual releases of content that actually worked when it went live verses something that gets pushed out to placate a small group of players that's buggy as hell. I also feel that putting the whips to the developers, rather they enjoy it or not, to produce new content weekly and monthly will create even more crap that needs fixing and/or replacing. What's wrong with cleaning up and fixing existing content for a change? Isn't this world you guys claim to love so much worth taking the time to make sure it has quality content that is second to none? How about fixing all the voice overs that desperately need it? Fix some of the 'falling through the floor' problems of NPCs giving quests. I'm sure you're aware of the Irontoe dwarf in Kelethin who shoots out to the stable master upon finishing his quests. Here's something that would be nice... NPCs in the towns starting to show respect to characters as they increase in level. I understand everyone in Freeport hates everyone in Freeport, but the last thing I see a lowly town folk doing is insulting a seasoned adventurer when they pass by. There is a lot Sony can do to improve the game and make it more enjoyable without adding totally new content. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to take a year off of putting new stuff out and spend that year doing a little house keeping. Come on people, let's "do it right" for a change, not "do it right now".
  15. Fixit Active Member

    This idea sounds good to me. I hope it reaches the expectations of us all.

    One thing that is greatly needed is to raise the level cap to at least 100. SO many of us are maxed and have been for years. The newly addition of 20 aa gave us about a week of getting xp on our lvl 95 toons. We worked hard to get them to lvl 95 and 340 but now what? Although content is the main part of the game, not getting xp for doing anything does take a great deal of the excitement out of our game. I hope we see a level increase soon! :D
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  16. Pink Poodle Maid of the Evening Storm

    Sounds cool and all but don't over-exert yourselves. :V
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  17. Flaxen New Member

    There is so much wisdom in this reply.

    That aside, all I want to know is when I will be able to stroll through Qeynos again without a giant dragon shadow disrupting my sunlight. It would also be nice to gaze at the sky without a force-field filtering my view.
  18. Hammdaddy Active Member

    Sounds like guild-wars 1ish kinda, but if you have rewards that are supposed to be good for doing these things atleast make them accessible through a token system or something of that nature because if an amazing item is one week and i don't have the time to log in and get i'll be pissed.
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  19. Naudi Active Member

    I would love to see new versions of the T2 guild halls from the 'smaller' cities. Something in the same flavor as the cities themselves for Kelethin, Neriak, etc.
  20. Pohondo Member

    I miss the "old feeling" from when I started EQ2. The adventure was just epic. As I progressed in the game, it became more of a grind than anything for gear. New quest lines and story lines in some of the older content would be FANSTASTIC! But if this is done, they also need to give drops that can actually help you progress to end-game content.
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