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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    Either way, the moral of this story is that both classes suck, and I should just roll a Warlock.
  2. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Both summoners should be reviewed, issues have adressed before so i'm not going to restate them. Ad sure many issues are common to both classes (since many aas are shared).

    I do think that Conjurer are a bit better because their offensive prestige works (as far as i know) and because the counterpart of Lifeburn works better. But i don't play one and may be mistaken.

    Here a few of necro only issues : Vampirism (super slow to cast) very low damage, Our biggest hord of pet is bad (considering the super long recast), Our soulstone system need to be reviewed too.
  3. slica Active Member

    It's not the class, it's the players playing the class. Which goes for every other class in this have maybe 5 people of each class in the world that are actually good...the issue you balance classes based off of those few or the rest of the community?! Who to please devs, who to please
  4. Jodiph Active Member


    Power regen / power management seems fine. Someone mentioned power pools nearing 1mil but afaik most of the population falls into the 130-160k range, zonewide for me shows outgoing power regen of ~1k HPS just with our prestige ability/epic and I've never seen anyone below 99% power unless the fight is scripted to have drains.

    Time Compression - For too many classes this is a detriment due to the Dragon endline AA that increases # of dot ticks as long as you don't have Upbeat Tembo/TC applied. I've just started to throw it on knights/pets as everyone else hates it. Either remove the penalty on the dragon AA or give it 2-3%flurry so it's worth throwing on scouts.

    Synergism - Please make this a groupwide buff for 3-4 concentration slots OR make it persist through death. It adds ~40-45k dps to each person and is our only static buff that's still worth anything but reapplying it to everyone midfight after a rez isn't worth the personal dps lost.

    Doppleganger - Let this give the target 2-3 stoneskins (depending on spell rank) and it's suddenly worth casting on the tank. The recast is long enough and it only affects 1 person anyway, give us a reason to put it on hotbar.

    Personae Reflection - Doubtful this will happen but would love a way to disable the pet from casting their roots on mobs, would even be willing to spend 1 AA to accomplish this if that would be the only way for it to be properly implemented.

    Those suggestions/complaints aside, I love where the Illy currently is in AoM and it's actually a fun class to play.
  5. Vorvon Member

    LOL, Slica. Hope the spitting contest between conjys and necros has not elementally blasted the devs' interest in these issues and this thread (lifeburning the devs' interest would be of no import as the spell isn't in the rotation because it is generally not worth casting anymore.). As a necro who also plays around with a conj, there's advantages and disadvantages both ways, although I will admit I get jealous that elemental blast can be doublecast and is affected by timewarp, whereas lifeburn is not effected by either. Similarly, for some reason it appears that my conjy's EB is reset much more often than LB is reset by lifetap. The issue with siphoning of souls is utterly painful - the spell has a long cast time, and the fact that it does not fill the spell that is "empty" of charges is just plain silly. One fix could be to change it to a buff that a necro casts upon him/herself that constantly sucks the souls from the dead, and refills the charges without requiring the necro to cast it on every single fight in the hopes of getting pestilent soul and not getting it recharged until all the trash in the zone is dead. LOL. Not hypothetical, that happens regularly.

    And the reason that the AttritionX necro is outparsing the conjy has nothing to do with any inadequacies with conjys, his gear is simply much better. Upgrade your gear, silly conjy (geez, you gotta spell it out for those dolts! LOL. jk
  6. Jodiph Active Member

  7. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Conjurors vs nercos arguments made this thread looks like bickering.
    I am afraid all other classes issues will be overlooked or even ignored b/c posts are buried under arguments.

    To add. We chanters were given a very nice spell temp mimicry. One issue i have is that my other damge spells cannot support huge spikes in dps when TM goes off. On names in zones I start over 9mil dps that gradually decreasing to 5 on a good day or below with necros, warlocks, wizards and such steadily keeping dps over 10-12 mils and higher.. Other damage classes do not have such spikes like enchanters b/c all our old school damage spells pretty much outdated. We need damage increase to other spells and/or reduce recast time on TM to 1 min to sustain more leveled dps.
  8. Penta Member

    I'd like to see sorcerer increments last until they are used. It is very distressing to see my increments as a wizard dissolve before my eyes as a raid, or heroic strat is being explained, and know that as this happens I am losing my biggest dps advantage to a summoner...especially in raid, especially in single target fights.
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  9. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Indeed I would like Necros to get increments, or to get a more interesting gameplay.

    When lifeburn was worth casting we had some sort of fun, buffing our hp, poping pet that would heal us, LB and self healing.
    But sadly this is gone.

    Wish we had real sequence, debuffing the mob and then using big attacks ;-)
    Wish we had temp and abilities with long recast doing lot of damage ;-)

    Note that the increments we have in our right prestige lead to a detonation that is so weak that using that
    specialization means a loss of dps, due to the loss of the double conversion.


    Yes i can switch them on/off, yes i can self heal, but it's just annoying.
  10. morath Member

    I want instant cast spells to actually instant cast.
    I want spells to actually go off when I click them.
    I want our hardware upgraded to Russian server hardware.
    I want the lag fixes that were promised to happen.
    I want recovery removed from the game until at least until you can fix the lag.
    I want an in game casting bot so I don't get carpal tunnel from the excessive amount of clicking that needs to be done before a spell will actually go off.
    I want time compression to be group wide.
    I want enchanted vigor to be group wide.
    I want upbeat tempo to be group wide.
    I want AA commitments to be made instantly.
    I want buffs and maintained spells to be persistent for all classes. Even better if persistent between AA commitments.
    I want zones that are based on single target and zones based on AE so I can optimize my setup for a zone and not by encounter --i.e. single target quickly followed by AE followed by single.. etc...
    I want worthless AA's made worthwhile.
    I want recovery on jewelry replaced with something actually worth having.

    I want you to print out Daray's post and hang it on your wall. Most of it is the same stuff he told SoE the last 2-3 times they asked this question and every beta board in between only updated to include more things that were added inefficiently.

    I want you to print out the same posts of the other high end players of their respective class posts and do the same. Hell put together a focus group with 1-2 of each class represented from this group and make some real changes that have meaning.

  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Enchanted Vigor should be group wide.
    Great Illusionist class though :)
    Please make Dismay debuff mental damage as well.
    We could use more Mental damage debuffs all around.
  12. arturos Active Member

    EV being group wide would get rid of some of the loot that people run zones for. but it would be fun to have.
  13. Tanker1979 Member

    They can still use that when they solo or are grouped w/o a chanter... so soe could still make EV a group buff and leave that loot in game w/o it becoming a big deal.
  14. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Another fast thing

    Warlock: Volatility
    The effect of this spell is so limited that it should not be able to be resisted and its duration increased.
  15. Dooh Member


    I agree with the others that EV should be group wide.

    Maybe do something about Illusory Arm. Add flurry or spell weapon damage. Its a useless buff atm.

    Maybe add another 5 SDA to Time Compression, Or do something different about the other buffs to make it useful. If going to make it group wide, then do something about that and the mage Heroic AA being able to stack or something.

    Would like to maybe see you add like 20 Potency and Crit Bonus to Flash of Brilliance.

    Switch Time Warp back to like it was when anyone in the group could clear the reuse timer from Peace of Mind.

    Dismay could use something to make it useful.

    Even Epiphany/Clarity is basically useless and would be nice to see some Potency or even Ability Mod or something else added to that. Maybe triple the power regen. idk.

    Pets having AE immune would still be nice.

    Could make Illusionary Instigation a permanent buff.

    Thanks. That's all I got for now.
  16. Yukinoh Active Member

    Mortality Mark is a wisdom and stamina drain for a Necromancer, taking it from our opponents, adding it to themselves. Now that wisdom has done exactly nothing for Necromancers for what, five expansions or so, exactly why is Mortality Mark giving them wisdom?

    (Same goes for Curse of Void for Warlocks with the tap AA (it specifically gives us strength why?), etc, etc. All of the mage classes that drain a stat other than INT or STA, be nice if that drain did something or was at least cleaned up to remove confusion.)
  17. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    I posted this elsewhere, but I'd like to toss it in here as well.

    Since Dispels are now a thing, and since most mage classes have some sort of AA intended to improve Dispels, I'd like to see those reworked @ some point, perhaps part of the quality of life changes.

    Three classes have AA for dispels already.

    For those 3, I'd like to see the following changes made, to make the AA actually useful and strategic.

    Warlock: In addition to the "also dispels beneficial noxious" I would have it allow the dispel to cast instantly.

    Necro: In addition to the "also dispels beneficial noxious" I would have it allow the dispel to cast instantly AND drain 3x as much power AND also drain health.

    Coercers: 2 options here

    A) In addition to the "also dispels beneficial physical" I would have it convert the dispel into a blue that radiates from target AOE dispel (Called Field of Nullification) w/ a max of 6 targets, while also cutting base cast time in half.
    B) In addition to the "also dispels beneficial physical" I would have it cause the dispel to always double attack, cast instantly, drain 2x as much power, and halve the base reuse.

    The other 3 classes should have useless AA replaced with an Absorb Magic AA

    Wizards: Enhance Absorb Magic should replace Enhance Concussive (a useless AA choice currently)

    2 points spent, also dispels beneficial elemental effects and casts instantly.

    Conjurer: Replace Enhance Petrify (not a good AA choice) with Enhance Absorb Magic

    2 points spent, also dispels beneficial elemental effects and casts instantly. In addition, drains 5x as much mana.

    Lastly, Illusionists. Enhance Absorb Magic would replace Enhance Illusory Allies (worthless AA choice)

    2 points spent, also dispels beneficial physical effects and halves base cast. In addition converts absorb magic to a green spell (called Engulfing Nullification) with 5x the magic regeneration (applied to the group)
  18. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    In addition...

    Conjurers: Ancient Calling
    5 points max, each point cutting 20% off the base cast and 10% base reuse of Call of the Hero, with the 5th point allowing it to be used during combat.

    Enhance Shard of Essence
    4 points max, each point adding a buff to the shard that gives 7.5/15/22.5/30 potency temp buff to the person using the shard.

    Give this a significant upgrade, including +1% base crit bonus and +1% base potency to the Conj while it is up.
    Make this pet essentially heal better than a merc but worse than a player.


    Enhance: Dark Heart
    4 points max, each point adding a buff to the heart that gives 7.5/15/22.5/30 crit bonus temp buff to the person using the shard.

    Noxious Barrier - Now applies to the group as well, but only 2 triggers.

    Ooze Crawler
    Give this a significant upgrade, including +1% base crit bonus and +1% base potency to the Necro while it is up.
    In addition to the current effects, add something like +1.5% incoming damage from all damage types.
  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    The pets would still be worthless. The ooze crawlers primary aspect is debuffing. With it beig a primary pet there would still be significant dps loss compared to the mage pet. The only way to make either viable in any manor would be to make them a secondary pet (not casting a secondary soulburn/elemental blast) and remain sctive. The hydromancer is a mystic which are behind compared to their shaman counterpart. For it to be in any way viable it would have to be better than a mystic. Wards having been acting strangely lately according to act and doing way under normal at random points during almost every fight. This pet would still be a waste as a primary.

    The Call of the Hero should have been changed that way a while back. It should just have instant reause but a cast time. I do not like the idea of being cast in combat because then anyone can just zerg rush bosses when dead. At that point it would pointless because of resurrections in combat. Other than that it would be used for trash pulls? I do not see any reason to change aas because of trash especially if a person dies and can be resurrected. Even then, it cannot be cast on a person out of zone. The spell should be changed and the aa dropped and replaced with something useful.

    The temp buffs I guess are fine from hearts/shards. That it just more recovery time wasted for people to click items before temps are used. If everyone is using them when they come up, like they should, then everyone will need more at the same time. The raidwide is not castable in combat and the single target cast has a cooldown. Also, the one in the aa tree only affects the single target spell, not the raid cast version. That is a lot of scripting to fix 2 items and 4 spells, each having seperate upgrades and many teirs of upgrades. I could see better use of script time elsewhere.
  20. Mogrim Well-Known Member


    Change to "Essence of the Hydromancer"
    Grants additional effects to the Conj's primary pet, including +1% base crit bonus and +1% base potency to the Conj while this effect is active.
    The additional effects would make this pet essentially apply an infinite passive hots/wards/damage reduction to the group that would be on par with merc-quality heals.

    Ooze Crawler
    Change to "Essence of the Ooze Crawler"Grants additional effects to the Necro's primary pet, including +1% base crit bonus and +1% base potency to the Necro
    while this effect is active.
    The current effects would trigger like procs for the pet, and add something like a proc'd +1.5% incoming damage from all damage types.
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