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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Vexrm Member

    Not sure if I should put this in items feedback or here, so putting it in both:

    I picked up Chalice of Harmful Lineage The effect says it can be used while casting other spells...
    HOWEVER, as an illusionist many of my spells finish casting before the chalice finishes casting. If I hit the recovery period before chalice is done it stops casting.

    Is there any way to fix that?
  2. Cleaner Active Member

    If they would FIX the double cast over flurry for mages i think that would do what your asking for the flurry temp buff. then all you would need is the double cast reactive. I think dirges are fine, i myself wearing junk gear can parse pretty well on my coercer.
  3. arturos Active Member

    I honestly don't get what folks are talking about with coercers being the bottom of the parse. Is this in groups? or raids? I am able to keep ahead of everyone in my raid but the 2 sorcs and the one assassin in my raid.. The rest are behind me. Temp mimic is awesome. In groups i can normally land where i expect to land ahead of the bards behind the actual dps in the group, let that dps miss a button or two and i will pass them. Frankly you give me more dps i will absolutely wreck a parse in my guilds raids... Frankly if you ask me temp mimic should be toned down and the auto attack multiplier should be brought on par with the other mages...

    Now my numbers are not amazing but since we are basically three grouping pools and the first two mobs in highhold my numbers are solid imo.
  4. arturos Active Member

    gads... me and this guy named frank.. ugh i should really proof read before i post. sorry about that
  5. Pantz Active Member

    One more thing on Summoners... actually all classes with pets. By level 100 we should have some cooler looking pets.

    The max level pets in EQ2 look about as cool as the level 15-20 pets in EQOA.
    In EQOA the pets were awesome, even the mid level pets were giant elementals. The max level pets looked like mini-avatars - Efreeti Lord, Ghilan Noble, Badi Elder, and Djinni Vizier. Djinni looked like Raiden from Mortal Kombat!! Necromancers got swarming deathclouds, enchanters got grand animations, even shamans got bigger wolfs.

    here they are in all their glory
    [IMG] the lower left you can see the enchanter, necro and mage pets. ok not so glorious, it was the only pic i could find.

    an easy fix to the scout pet for conjuorors would be to change its skin to raiden and that would solve everything!
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  6. Cleaner Active Member

    Item procs is a Very Lazy way to make up lack of class knowledge for dps increases it is HORRIBLE and ruining the game. I will say i like the debuffs but i think the proc' should be removed and effects added that enhance performance. Proc's take away a persons "playstyle" especially when these proc's outperform abilities. its sad that i have to reforge and spec twards items instead of the other way around. then i just have to go drool mode button pushing for performance. now before procs when ability casting orders made all the difference in the world there where far less character balance issues to worry with.
  7. Cleaner Active Member

    The only issue i have with my necro is lifeburn, other than that i am smoking every other class on the parse by Large Margins.
  8. Cleaner Active Member

    I agree with alot but with the warlock but i think alot of the abilities need to be Compiled, i am serious i have 10 full hotbars with macro's and some spells are not even on my hotbar at all (dark Pyre, Disolve, other usless spells)

    building increments is the WORST you can forget TimeWarp Rotations, Slow cast and SLOW dps Spells half of which don't build increments and the other half efficiency is horrid.
    My Necro can outparse the equally geared warlock up to 4-5 mil on single target and 2-3 encounters remind you this is with the same gear on. furthermore 9-out of 10 outparses 1-2mil on Massive pulls.
    what works for me acid storm-acid-plaugebringer-etherchains-appocalypse- other dumbfires...the rest are TRASH fillers to keep myself from getting bored.
    but as i said before they are VERY inefficient. Ability Mod / potency / Crit bonus/ double cast seem to have little effect when you alternate between them i have even spec'ed and geared for weapon dmg and Melee just to see if spell casting had become obsolete.
    I have even gone hybrrid to casting / Melee geared and again not much difference there.
    seems like to me the spells need to be modified for % based dmg instead of actual numbers just to keep up with the Castime vs dmg of other classes. focused casting OP? lmao it was 2 xpac's ago now it just breaks even in some cases. The only other alternative i can think of is the Noxious resists of mobs in AOM is double that of other class's. My warlock was BEAST in last xpac now its BLAH.
  9. Mythien Member

    Looking at a Swindler parse...1st Coercer in my raid is 14th on parse at 5.1 million. That is slightly less than half of the Illy's parse and behind every bard and 2 priests.

    The only classes lower were some priests, fighters and 2 other coercers.

    Jessip parse had similar results although the top Coercer made it to 13th place with 3.1m dps.

    They seem to be much less powerful than the Illusionist in most cases
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  10. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Illusionists are better than coercers. Very true. I wonder if a coercer as claimed outparses everyone but sorcerers are other clases in their raid guild any good at all. I am behind every dps class (mages and scouts) who knows how to play their classes. And that's how it should be. I want to get coercers dps on par with illusionists. That's what should be reviewed by devs and not to make us t1 dps class.
  11. Leetch Member

    I have a small gripe over the distance meter and spell distance as listed in the spell description.
    Say the spell says it has a range of 18m. I move 18m from the mob and hit it and sometimes it hits and sometimes it says out of range. If I move to 17m then it always hits. I get that its to do with rounding.. the distance meter is rounding down and the spell is probably going off the actual distance like 18.6 or rounding up even. Can we just make them consistent so that when a distance is listed on an item/effect/spell etc it is rounded consistently with whatever the distance meter is doing? If this is too hard can you add a decimal point value to the distance meter?

    This is especially important for spells like Unda which deal the most damage at max distance but if the rounding messes up the distance it may not hit at all. This leads me to another issue with that spell.. it should not go into cool-down if it doesn't hit. It would be nice if spells greyed out as soon as you moved out of max range too.
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  12. arturos Active Member

    In the past history of dps rankings its always been that coercers were the bottom of the utility barrel. In my experience the ranking has been troub and illy then dirge (unless heavy rezzing) then the lowly coercer. Its been that way because we can group feed and do that across an entire raid.
  13. zugbog New Member

    One minor annoying bug on conjurors: the Blazing Avatar icon remains shaded to indicate that the pet is out of range for that buff, even when the pet travels back into range. The spell is still castable, so it's entirely a cosmetic bug. Taking a step will force an update, making it repaint as enabled.

    This is easy to reproduce: put the pet on Stay, walk out of range until Blazing Avatar goes disabled, then cast Call Servant.

    P.S. Obligatory plea for full proc sharing.
  14. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Note that my necro dps is not that bad, but the gameplay is quite poor, i don't really have a sequence.
    I used to have LB sequence, but this LB is so mediocre i don't bother doing it (on top we have pulse damage).

    I never picked a necro to be a no-skill class.

    The only thing that actually require some focus is to cast pet immune right when soulburn hit
    and to ressurect people and to run back before hitting our new open AOE ...

    Sorcerers that know how to play still outparse us (i think).

    We need better dps, but it should come at the cost of a more complex gameplay.

    And please change the log syntax so that we get credited for our pets damage (this should apply to all classes with temp pets ...)
  15. Anunnaki Active Member

    This is also true for pet heal, pet death save, and pet stoneskin. I think it may be true for Soulburn and EB, but I have those on macros, so the icons work differently, and I cant recall.
  16. Anunnaki Active Member

    wut? Just change the name of your pet so its the same as your name. Dumbfires count as your damage as well.
  17. Enigma Active Member

    It really depends who your playing with..if your playing with someone who is not at your skill level or is not in the same gear level then its a mote point to say your smoking every other class because from my perspective i am playing with top end raid players and we are all fairly well geared/skilled(we have been getting first WW kills this xpac) necros are behind b/c of certain key abilities are not balanced well enough and that means its just not lifeburn that has issues even though that is the most glaring one right now.
  18. Kazz Member

    I totally agree with this. Some time around when lvl cap was 90, pet appearances became horrible. I remember before that time it used to be like this: pets grew in size when the spell was upgraded by a higher level one. When you upgraded a pet spell to Master, it was usually a very impressive size and appearance upgrade as well. I want that back! I want my end game pets to look like monstrous and intimidating creatures. If that is not possible, give Summoners the ability to choose their own pet appearances by copying elemental (if conjuror) or undead (if necro) creatures in the game, like Beastlords can for animals. I dont want pet appearance wands, I don't want my fire pet to look like a rose wisp or whatever silly skins those wands give.

    For a class that has to stare at their pets for years, there has to be a visual appeal factor to keep up with the game's "eye candy" reputation that drew me to it in the first place.
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  19. Kazz Member

    Conjuror DPS and Utility loss due to underpowered/outdated spells:

    1. Conjuror's Pact needs some love: currently at lvl 100 debuffs elemental mitigation by only 1728 (2000 or so if you waste 5 AAs on it). Give it some love either directly or via AA like the necro version. I suggest making the mitigation debuff amount in line with end game player and NPC health and resists. If you spend 5 AAs to enhance it, make it do something useful like interrupt or stifle.
    2. Geotic Rune needs lots of love: very underpowered even at level 100 with all possible AA (5 AAs in conjuror tree) and Focus enhancements it only buffs for 936. This a drop in the ocean when players have over 1 million HP and NPCs have a ton more.
    3. Offensive stance Antagonize and Offensive Onslaught AA both need love: since all conjurors are now only using the fire pet exclusively due to other pets being severely broken and since the fire pet almost never melees (it can maybe land 1 melee hit in the entire fight if even that) take away the attack speed buff and just give it more Potency. 7% potency is nothing, and wasting 5 AAs on it does almost nothing for our dps.
    4. Defensive Haven: Ward and mitigation portions are underpowered at end game. Currently < 2k mitigation and ward.
    5. Elemental Aspect is underpowered along with almost all similar class group buffs. 700 or so mana and < 2k resists are not doing anything at end game even when mastered out and 5 AAs spent/wasted.
    6. Vehement skin: for the high power cost, give it a 1 or 2 hit magic damage stoneskin or ward as well. Again, we are using fire pets exclusively so out pets should not be within melee range anyways.
    7. Stoneskin and Group Stoneskins should be adjusted to only absorb damage if greater than 20% of max health. This is very necessary in PVP as anyone who knows what they're doing will simply waste our stoneskin with small hits then insta-kill.
    8. Elemental Blast has been nerfed to oblivion. It's true that it was OP when first introduced but now it's not on par with our necro counterparts abilities. Necro dps > conjuror dps in PVP and PVE.
    9. Elemental Toxicity needs to do more damage. 1200-1800 is too small.
    10. Fire seed damage is too small and it needs to crit.
    11. Flame shield damage is too small and it needs to crit.
    12. Elemental Unity damage is too small.
    13. Pet HP is too small even when sharing STA with it still dies very quickly and we lose 50% of our DPS.
    14. Communion duration should be 10sec (from 8).
    15. Ancient Calling AA is useless when casting/reuse speeds are capped from gear.
    16. Power Shards are marginally useful. A little more mana would not hurt anyone.
    17. Dragon AA tree left most side 2nd row right under Impatience (i forgot the name and not near my game pc right now) that has a chance to stun in PVE and reduce lethality in PVP needs it's PVP version changed since lethality/toughness are retired.
    18. Planeshift needs to be redone since we are, again, using only fire pets and exclusively and capped on reuse and casting speed, most of what this spell offers is now useless. Make it give pet a serious HP boost and be clear on how much that boost is, take away the casting skill boost and substitute for something useful like potency, CB, huge mitigation boost, etc. Something more in line with that this once very cool spell used to do back when there was no casting/reuse blue stats.
    Not asking for anything OP, just make conjurors more on par with necro like they should be. Conjurors have not had any dps love since SF days i think. As you can see there are over 50% of our abilities that are currently either totally useless, marginally useful or just meh.
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  20. Enigma Active Member

    hehe all i have to say is conj>necro not necro>conj
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