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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Kazz Member

    I respectfully disagree. There are a lot of necros in BGs and on Nagafen but you hardly see conjurors anymore except for me and that other guy ;) - that should tell you something about where we stand. I have no problem with necro DPS, it is where it should be and necro's have some issues needing attention as well. I have a problem with Conjuror DPS being overlooked because almost all conjurors gave up on the class altogether so no one is bothering to voice concerns about it anymore.

    Conjuror dps and utility love in 2015!
  2. Enigma Active Member

    Well for pvp i don't know much about balance b/c i don't pvp but in PVE i am in WW top guild and i can tell you conj's are doing fine and there is only a few things that need fixing for them but as a necro the dps is a bit behind b/c of scaling issues with LB and huge recast timers on certain abilities.
  3. Akina_Storms Active Member

    I'm in RAID now, and that's not true. necro >> conju.
    i rank in the second half, they rank in the first tier.
  4. Anunnaki Active Member

    I wouldn't say this. It very subjective since conditions will never be equal, but Necros seem to be in a better place right now (as they were in ToV, too.) To make it worse, they have a max health debuff, which is more powerful in a raid setting than *anything* a Conjy has. I'm not saying Necro's dont need love, but Conjys have been on the **** end of the stick for some time now.
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  5. Enigma Active Member

    No conjies have not been on the **** end of the stick for some time now...your just seeing it from the perspective of Attrition's X necro being maybe on the top of the parse but and from mine perspective conjies are doing much better this xpac and have been better in ToV b/c 99% of their abilities actually scale with your stats and now the gap only got bigger b/c of the new crit system and the even more increased stat inflation in AoM. They can remove the max HP debuff for all i care since a dps class should not be balanced around it anyway.
  6. Anunnaki Active Member

    Yea, because my 1 month in this guild while the gear is completely out of balance and parses don't mean much yet has shaped my opinion on the state of the class. Regardless on how you feel about the max health debuff, it doesn't change that they are in the game and how effective they are.
  7. Enigma Active Member

    I'm not talking about how long you been in a guild or if gear is out of balance or if you top the parses or not i am pointing out a fact that conj's scale much better than necros do and that alone is the the reason why conjis are better than necros in that regard..anything that scales well will become the better counterpart be it wizards/warlocks or assassins/rangers/beastlords.
  8. Anunnaki Active Member

    Outside of Lifeburn, what doesn't scale? The state of one spell doesn't define the place of the entire class. Especially when our Necro can top the parse and doesn't even cast Lifeburn.
  9. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Recently i got that i can't change the charmed pet name. After AoM went live.
  10. Enigma Active Member

    You either lack the skill to play your class right or your undergeared which is why you are not up there topping the parses so how can you say conjies have been on crap end of the stick if your not in the same ground as your guilds necro to make an accurate comparison? There is more than just Lifeburn needing to scale better such as a few siphoning of soul abilities(i can give a list of them if needed) that just not worth using because they either do very little damage or don't spell double attack which i can say the same for vampirism which does not spell double attack.
  11. Ellerz New Member

    You heard correctly, it was in a video talking about the channeler and it's pet customization(I don't recall which video it was). BL's were also suppose to get an option to pick the skin of their pets, and it never happened.
  12. Enigma Active Member

    i can say that flame shield needs to be allowed to scale with all stats as well but that's really the only conjy ability that does not scale with all your stats.
  13. Enigma Active Member

    There is also the issue of undead horde having too long of a recast timer which is just plain annoying not having it up during a burn phase but it is what it is.
  14. Anunnaki Active Member

    Are you reading my posts? Parses are completely subjective, and conditions will *never* be equal. I've topped the parse in plenty of guilds over Wizards and Warlocks. Does that mean Conjy's are in a better place than a Sorc? No, not at all. There are a ton of issues that both classes have (many are shared.) I've already laid out the issues that *I* think the Conjy has earlier in the thread. Feel free to contribute which issues you think the Necro has specifically, that is exactly what this thread is for.

    Also, saying that the only Conjy ability that doesn't scale is Flame Shield means you haven't played a Conjy in any capacity.

    Either way, this thread is not intended to be a pissing match between which class is getting shafted more. I still think Necro's are in a better spot, but both could use some love.
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  15. Enigma Active Member

    Lol i'll let you think what you want but your completely wrong about necros being in a better place.
  16. Enigma Active Member

    Sacrifice is the other spell that does not scale with a conjies stats which should it as well and i would say antagonize stance needs a proc placed on it.
  17. Anunnaki Active Member

    I had an entire post on things that need to be fixed, most of which are scaling issues. Feel free to read it and familiarize yourself with the class. Based on your post of what is wrong with the Necro, Conjys are in a much worse spot than I originally thought.
  18. Enigma Active Member

    Maybe you should look at the very first page because i have done exactly that lol. Your the one claiming necros being in a better place which is the whole rambling of absolutely nothing in this thread.
  19. Enigma Active Member

    lol i like how my quote shows what you really said before you edited your post :D
  20. Anunnaki Active Member

    Yeah, I looked after I posted and fixed the post accordingly. Half of the points you made in your post are true of both summoners, and the other half had nothing to do with scaling (outside of Lifeburn.) Soooo, I hold by my stance.
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