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  1. Dajjal New Member

    Yeah my faction was maxed with the elves and the gobbies too :/
  2. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I feel you guy's pain and I wish like crazy I knew what it was :( It's hard to watch everyone running about doing stuffs and not getting to do it too :(
  3. Dajjal New Member

    Well Ive pm'ed kander and gninja on discord and put in a petition, I just hope they dont ignore me cause they think Im asking for clues lol :p
  4. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Just a shot in the dark.. You finished the City quest but what about the City-Class quests? I only ask because you mentioned you can get in but not all the items are highlighting for you. In the caches, a few of the items are stating something to the effect "looks like fighter markings" (or the like). Just a guess.

    I'm on a new character and thus far I can click on everything reported. KA quest-line done, Epic 1 done, ER done, Elf Faction at 32k, Qeynos City quest-line done, Qeynos City Class quest-line done, Geomancer 5; working on Pygmy language now...
  5. Akoriv Member

    I have my class quests as well as as my racial quests done.

    I'm pretty sure you cannot get the city timeline cloaks without doing the class quests.
  6. Trepide@Storms Member

    Do you speak pygmee language? (that is Gymy)
  7. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Do let me know how it goes, but alas, as it's the holidays, I fear we'll have to be tough as those guys sure deserve a holiday rest! Be sure and mention you aren't the only one stuck on this exact step (first cache/fist box).
  8. Akoriv Member


    According to the EQ2u languages list, there are only 4 that I don't speak and they aren't spoken by other people who have no problems seeing the caches and interacting with the contents.
  9. Dajjal New Member

    Yeah I speak all languages on my toon as well. I also understand that they are on holiday and dont expect anything immediate but I just wanted to pm them and let them know in case there is something wrong with the actual quest line.
  10. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    It's unfortunate timing but then I could be wrong and someone notices and fixes you guys right up!
  11. Schrek New Member

    I have completed all of the prerequisites, yet cannot see the caches. Any thoughts/ideas on what I may have missed? epic weapon(both versions)done, Freeport questline is done, lvl 5 geo complete.
  12. Schrek New Member

    I guess I should add, I am an Ogre Zerker, originally from neriak, betrayed to Kelethin, and betrayed back to Freeport.
  13. Dizzturbed New Member

    i am in the same boat.. in 1st cashe. 2 items clicked... nothing else clickable. I have no solution as of yet
  14. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    If you want to check....
    this will error out until you have two user ID's to compare with so that it looks like this:

    Go to look for your character:

    then get your character ID out of the url (a number at the top of the URL after you do the search). It pulls in all the quests between you and another person. You'll need a second ID to compare with who has successfully made it through the caches.
    You can see if mebbe it's a quest thing? I tried it and didn't see anything obvious. Very small differences.
  15. Akoriv Member

    Cragfire, or anyone else with a new character, could you put an EQ2u link to your character that can click on everything in the first cache?

    Comparing my character with 2000 odd quests to other characters with thousands of quests is a bit problematic to say the least. I'm curious to see if there any particular quests on a new character you might have that I don't.
  16. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Sure here you go.. Don't laugh too hard at my gear.. heh.. I am currently on the third trial, just finished trial two before the server went down.
  17. Dinger New Member

    I heard people are getting items doing these quests... but I see no disco's on eq2u
  18. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the new Zek is a prerequisite? It would be odd if it wasn't included at some point. (I don't know, just tossing that out there).
  19. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Someone linked a pretty nice shield that boosted cit bonus caps.. or something.. I should have screenshot it but didn't.
  20. Akoriv Member

    Thanks. There are factions difference in the quests which I expected. The only thing that really seems to stick out is The Truespirit's Lament. It's one of those quests the game keep trying to shove down your throat. I have it but never finished it. When I log on to play today, I'll have to knock it out and see if it makes a difference.
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