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  1. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Not happy about the offhand at all.

    Would have liked a piece of armor or charm or a nice ranged weapon instead.
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  2. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    a special adornment green or purple would of been nice too..
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  3. Dajjal New Member

    Yeah, that priest charm makes me way jelly lol.
  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to think the 'way of the warrior' book we're sent to find for the next step isn't even in the game. we've gone to every single logical place to go considering the clue we were given, and found nothing. Either that, or they need to work on thier clues a lot better.
  5. Meilay Active Member

    There is a list of "checked zones" for the second part of the fighter epic. It seems we are looking for a gladiator ring, or such.
    I know Scourge Keep Heroic has an arena, i'll check later when I get some guildie " volunteers" to speed up the move through it. Trash was easy enough to kill solo, just way too time consuming.

    If anyone has already checked the keep or other arenas, please post
  6. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Right when you enter Chardok there's a ring? I don't know just thinking outloud.. :-/
  7. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Seems the other classes have a few Faction grinds each; has anyone figured out the Fighters Factions that need to be maxed as of yet?
  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    nope. no one has even found the first step of the 2nd quest yet.
  9. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Places I have been today looking for the starter of number 2 (Level 6 ascension)

    First I thought due to what the captain says to you it would be a good idea to mentor down and go look.

    Mentored down to 20 and looked everywhere in Stormhold, starting with the library.

    Mentored down to 80 and looked everywhere in Library of Erudin.

    Clicking on some many pixel took forever but I plan on continuing the search tomorrow.
  10. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Speaking of time... cut from the old archived lore forums (and OMG could we sure use them back)

  11. Meilay Active Member

    I checked Sourge Keep Heroic, nothing of note, we even did the arena ring event stopping after 125 kills. Though we got a nifty achievement, nothing encountered for Fighter Epic 2.0, Part 2.

    I also checked the Heroics in the commonlands, near Tomb of the Mad Crusader, as GYNOK MOLTOR was influential there, again, I found nothing. I ran the x4 ToMC, also nothing.
  12. Aivet Well-Known Member

    Isn't there a gladiator ring up in Kael Drakkel contested? ISTR getting royally stomped by an epic up there a while back. Or possibly that zone in Jarsath which has Cut-Me-Own-Tail Sstibbler, where you do the emotes to rev up the crowd before fighting a named...I think it's Emperor's Athanaeum?
  13. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I also thought this was a good idea... did the whole thing making sure to mouse over all the books and scroll on the way to the end bosses and found nothing.

    I'm now searching everything again on the way out now that all the bosses are dead.

    *edit* Nothing found.
  14. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Just cleared Vault of Eternal Sleep now jumping in all of the pits to see if they have anything in them.

    *edit* Also nothing found.
  15. Rivenly Well-Known Member

    Did anyone check the monks in KJ?
  16. Tupperbeast Active Member

    We search for a Book of the Warriors:
    Kander say today in Discord :
    Where do Gladiators fight? (Arena - Coloseum) many peoples Check Qeynos freeport mad`jul Kael Drakkel.
    Hey say we miss one important now Arena or Coloseum or what ever...

    other peoples was check Scourge Keep too, dont know if the guys check full Zone or the bookcase in the Zone.

    we looking for Arenas or Coloseums...
  17. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Arena of the Gods?
  18. Ragetanked New Member

    Where was idol of ralos zek fought, it's the only arena that stands out to me as truly fighter-ish
  19. Amberion New Member

    Checked Champions Respite (ie Battleground) nothing there
  20. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Heads up, it's possible that going into and out of the Battleground can gronk your merc gear (quote from Bunji in another thread):
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