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  1. Meilay Active Member

    Several players are responsible for the information I'll post below, and I do not want to take credit for their accomplishment of the discoveries. The information I'll post is as complete as I know, if something is missing feel free to add.

    Complete original EPIC questline
    Complete your City Timeline and class timeline
    Complete ascension level 5, any ascension class is fine

    *** Once pre reqs are done, you can see the FIGHTER CACHES, basically a "Hide and go Seek" of these special instances. Once you zone in, there will be 4 or so clickable items that give you clues to the subsequent fighter cache.
    The zones appear as a small square trap door on the ground.

    FIRST ZONE: Butcherblock near the Estate of Unrest.

    SECOND ZONE: The Great Divide in the Minotaur Caves, far western portion of the cave map.

    THIRD ZONE: Phantom Sea near the Gorkuul town near the water, west side.

    FOURTH ZONE: Work in Progress.

    There are several threads on this topic, this thread being a "meat and potatos" short version of what the Fighters need to do.

    Special Thanks to Genghes, of Sovin NaiZ, on Halls of Fate for critical information and discoveries I've shared here.
  2. Xerikton Active Member

    how do you know this is the starter or something later down the questline as you have yet to get anything in your quest journal?
  3. Lojaak Well-Known Member

    Because someone got the quest in their journal? There's a screenie on the EQ2Wire forums.
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  4. Wurm Well-Known Member

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  5. Meilay Active Member

    FOURTH ZONE: Withered Lands - Location /way -1972, -575, -1163
    ***credit to Raenius, for the above info posted on EQ2Wire Forums.

    Upon zoning i to this FOURTH instance, you speak to an NPC that gives you a book, which you read and subsequently given the quest called " The warriors Call: volume I "
  6. Dajjal New Member

    Would you have any idea why I can see the first cache near Unrest but I cannot see the one in Great Divide or the one in Phantom Sea. I havent checked Withered Lands but I will try that one next.
  7. Trepide@Storms Member

    I guess you need to talk Pygmee language (Is it Gymy?), as the booking in the 2nd cache is written is this language.
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  8. Trepide@Storms Member

    For Triumph 1: KP: The Tepid Depths, a chest in water at the bottom of the instance, near the final boss. Multiple locations for the chest: search in the water, near walls.

    Riddle #2:
    Crossing over, trepassing in the past.
    Sanctuary for some, for other aghast.
    ratios outweights you, fear is in the rumble
    Though time has had its shot, power stays
    the crumble
  9. Switsgar New Member

    Scouts need help. Can we confirm or deny whether Bloody Tooth faction is a requirement as mentioned in earlier forums?
  10. Xavion Well-Known Member

    its referencing the scaleborn sanctum in teberous tangle or whatever that dungeon is so go check out one of those dungeons it should have whatever your looking for
  11. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    I know of three people who can only see the first item in the first cache but nothing else. And can't see any other cache's either. After clicking on the chest, there was nothing else clickable. Unknown if this is a bug or some sort of missing flag.
  12. Ronjah Active Member

    Compare completed quests and faction values of those three with someone who does not meet the requirements.
  13. Ronjah Active Member

    kael drakkel?
  14. Xerikton Active Member

    thank you lojaak that was the answer for the last 5 days I have been looking for.
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  15. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    I can confirm.. I need the Pygmee language to continue; the third cache will not appear.. and I am missing the Pygmee entry when examining the bookcase. Running the Signature line to gain the language now.
  16. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Sounds like ruins of cabilis, so probably either the new ruins heroic or kaesora heroic.
  17. Akoriv Member

    I'm having this exact issue.
    I can get into the first cache.
    The first time I entered the chest was clickable, but nothing else was.
    Now, nothing is clickable.
  18. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    With the understanding that I'm grasping at straws ;) What is your faction with the elves in OF?
  19. Akoriv Member

    Max Nye'Caelona. Max Bloody Tooth.
  20. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm. OK, thanks ;) His is not maxed so I thought maybe that was it. Ah well. It's sooo hard with new quests to know if it's a bug or something that needs to be done!

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