Dps of warlock vs coercer/sk

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Azekah1, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rotchi Guest

    If you can't belive it Nerid.. just check out my gear on eq2players.
    And no, I am not in an "uber avatar killing guild", we raid on the weekends only, have not killed any avatars at all.
    Further, I would like to point out that avatar killing warlocks who managed to get some sweet gear from them, does around 17-19k zonewide on palace trash, and most of them have spiked over 20k on single mobs. So, you see, I am far behind thoose guys in my dps.. Dakkota, enlighten me about the numbers if I am wrong, I know you have a good warlock in your guild.
    And to answer Primalooze... no, our assassin dont do 5k more dps then me on 95% of the pulls.. if he sucks or not I can't answer, nither do I care. I use the spells and tools given to me as a warlock and focus on them, I dont care what other classes parses.
  2. ARCHIVED-bellemort Guest

    As a pure DPS class, warlock is gimped, without "the right group" or "the right gear". Assassin, as a true competitor, any DECENT one non-raid will put out around 10K DPS reasonably geared. and with a mythical, I've seen good ones put out 15k+ without trying, and hitting 13K spikes on auto attack alone. So, yes, I have to agree, that as a pure DPS class, we are ****.
    Another argument for this, I consistently watch, any DECENT chanter consistently out parse warlocks, decent or even good, by 1-5K. Same with SKs, and Paladins.
    Sure, theres a few who have the gear and friends to get the group makeups to get the good parses, but for the majority, 4-5K is gonna be the average, with quality gear, and reasonable AA, simply because the vast majority don't or can't raid for one reason or another, and then, can't even get the groups to get the good instances for the good instance gear. Or...my number one problem
    ~tank "I need you to stop nuking, or your just gonna keep dying"
    ~me"I waited till the mob was at 50%"
    ~tank"so wait longer"

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