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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Azekah1, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Azekah1 Guest

    Ok, I know we have good dps, but there have been some instances where I've been almost equal if not beaten by a sk/coercer on dps.
    My warlock is 48, you can check the gear here: http://eq2players.station.sony.com/...erId=1428544120
    I'm on a pvp server so I'm geared out pretty well.
    I also have all spells at least adept III or mastered. I use good food, even temp potions.
    I have MS and FC in AA atm.
    I like to think I know how to play the class well. I mean...theres not a whole lot to think about when casting spells in a group situation. Start with debuffs, then cast damage spells. Use encounter/aoe's when applicable, casting in time so that you always have a spell available...and so on...
    But I still struggle to beat coercers/sks on the parse.

    I don't really plan to raid, so I'm not really concerned about that end...I'm mainly concerned about pvp really.
    The fact that a coercer, who with all that dps has a ton of utility/CC, or an sk who gets to wear plate, has HT, lifetaps can put out as good as if not better dps than me, makes me scratch my head and wonder why I rolled this class.
  2. ARCHIVED-Uumuuanu Guest

    It's not uncommon. One of the SK I regularly group with will easily outparse everyone in the group on a consistent bases, even on insanely massive pulls (think 4+ groups of mobs in Befallen). One of the coercers in our raid, she is regularly up there with me on any single pull and often beats me and depending on whats up (usuallyFC makes the diff) she can easily keep up or out parse me on groups.
    Big things are casting speed for warlocks. If all your spells aren't down, you need more casting speed.
  3. ARCHIVED-Azekah1 Guest

    Uumuuanu wrote:
    Well I need MS for pvp, FC should help with casting speed every 2 mins for 15 secs... : 0 I just got that recently so haven't been able to test much in group parse difference with it.
    I guess I could work down agi line next to increase my casting speed, any other suggestions?
  4. ARCHIVED-DistinctlyBenign Guest

    Well I don't know about PvP or an SK's DPS, but I regularly Duo with a Coercer who is a friend of mine IRL. He almost always beats me out in DPS.
    When we run things I'm normally second to him in DPS, on Named fights he pushes 2k where I'm something like 1.5k.
    This is at level 75ish, I'm sure my DPS is a bit low. I but gear as I feel I need it, I don't have my whole set of Mastercrafted 72 yet, and a bunch of my spells are stil App 1. I'm going to upgrade as I go but I don't focus too hard untill I hit 80. Where as he is in full mastercrafted and upgrades his spells to adept III's as they become availible.
  5. ARCHIVED-Vedian Guest

    Biggest problem a Warlock faces is casting times (note: reuse time is also a big help). Warlocks are one of the slowest, if not the slowest, casters out there. I'd recommend you do some research and look into aquiring items with Sorcerous Alacrity. At your level you won't find much, but it will at least give you an idea on what items to go after once you do reach the higher levels. Oddly enough, at lv 48, how do you have your Warlock spec'd out. I know you mentioned FC & MC., but mind if you point out exactly how your Sorcerer and Warlock trees set up?
  6. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    I've just retired my Warlock. To be honest, I haven't seen a single positive change to this class since I posted the thread consolidating our issues and concerns. (It's sticky!)
    The only positive change we have to look forward to at the moment, is the fixing of the AE hate-gain which hasn't even made it to live servers yet. That alone is not enough.
    So, unfortunately this class is going in the useless bin for now. If you folks want something worth your time, I suggest you roll a coercer or illusionist. Heck, roll a Summoner.
  7. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    DistinctlyBenign wrote:
    No reason not to start upgrading spells after level 71. None of those spells will get an upgrade until the level cap changes. Until you do that you are comparing apples and oranges. Your damage will be down and your resists will be up. If your friend is using all A3s then he really SHOULD be higher at this point.
  8. ARCHIVED-Azekah1 Guest

    Dezimus@Unrest wrote:
    I only have a few points after FC & MS...I filling out the agi line now...
  9. ARCHIVED-Araxes Guest

    Zahne you finally thre in the towel, eh?
    Ah, we are a dying breed ... but one day ... one day ... we will reclaim our former glory. ONE DAY! /shakes fist

  10. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    Araxes@Antonia Bayle wrote:

    Unfortunately yes. My main has now been switched to my Berserker at the raid leaders request. That's a glaring example of the current uselessness of the Warlock in a Raid setting.
    What's the point in bringing a class that can do OK damage, but provides virtually nothing else to the raid? It's easier to just bring another illusionist.

    And I'm sorry to say it, it dosn't look like anyone on the dev team really realizes our usefulness has diminished.
  11. ARCHIVED-Fendaria Guest

    Enchanters are just extremely powerful right now with everything they bring to the table compared to sorcerers. The DPS difference just isn't that much, especially considering how helpful an enchanter is in group to the sorcerer's DPS.
    Fast casters are just easier to gear up and max out than slow casters. Plus with Propigations they don't need to worry about spell haste nearly a much as a sorcerer. The only sorta equivalent item sorcs have is TC (or the truby one) which is a buff from another class.
    Maybe if sorcs had their own version of Propigations that delt with +SD or something it would help.
    I also feel the coming hate changes are going to hurt sorcerers much more than
    I don't know though, its just disheartening.
    I am hoping some kind of mage balancing is out there on the horizon but I doubt even if it happens this year it will actually address the issue in a way we would feel is sufficient.

  12. ARCHIVED-Azekah1 Guest

    If they gave the other mages the same agi line as enchanters that would be pretty sweet... :D

    Hello fellow Warlocks yes we are a dying breed it’s very hard to find a group this days they would rather have a scout or a Coercer/Illusionist. The Agility line for Enchanters is ridiculous in the casting & recovery speed they acquire; it should be available to all the mage classes in one form or another to the same degree. We do have the slowest casting recovery of any mage class. Since we (Warlocks & Wizards) are strictly a dps class we should have the fastest casting recovery on our spells so we can compete and be desired in groups. Hopefully one day they will fix the issues the utility classes should not be able to do anywhere near the amount of dps we do. Fendaria I believe the agro fix once it is in place will actualy help us Warlocks as we will not generate the compounded agro we currently do on multiple groups. I do well on dps if i am running with similarly equipped people i an either first or second on the parse going back and forth but have to watch it if we really try to stay on top we pull agro and die. I always known the second im puling agro when my critical line up and I parse 1K or more than the rest the opposition is all over me and I usually die. Sk have had their abilities seriously upgraded recently and are doing insane dps the one good thing is if an SK is tanking and toping the parse i do not have to worry about agro.
  14. ARCHIVED-Captain Apple Darkberry Guest

    My Coercer outright destroys my Warlock for DPS... ...I know how to play both very well. The only time there is a difference, is if the tank pulls the whole zone, and doesn't get upset if I were to make things a little "messy" in which case my Warlock can pull ahead.
    It seems to me, and to many, that enchanters are extremely overpowered/overgifted in the current environment. I am not the one to say whether that means Sorcerers and especially summoners are underpowered or whether 'chanters truly are buffed up a bit too much. I personally understand the woes that Coercers had to suffer through for so long...but now that the chanters revieved a buff, that put them at nearly in the same catagory DPS wise as sorcerers, yet with buffs to drool over...well, maybe some Dev should really consider a "Mage" revamp to address the issues...
  15. ARCHIVED-Vedian Guest

    ROCKHEART wrote:
    Hmm. I don't think Sorcerer's problem is faster recovery on our spells. There are plenty of easily aquired gear (easily as in for everyone, not as in select few) that has arcane and/or empyrian recovery on it that, added to our AA's, makes our class' spell recovery one of the fastest out there, if not the fastest. I've noticed how quick my spells come back up to cast again. But casting those spells is like molassas pouring compared to other casters.
    Our biggest bane isn't recovery, it's actual casting speed. Even with AA's, there is little to no Sorcerous and/or Magical Alacrity that is as easily accesable as the casting recovery gear is and that makes the Sorcerer the slowest caster of the mage class. I've tested putting on just 1 piece of Sorcerous Alacrity gear on (alacrity II) and the difference was noticable. Now am aiming for more alacrity gear and test them compared to what I have now (Innoruuk providing the blasted items drop and I win em).
  16. ARCHIVED-Deathspell Guest

    Dezimus@Unrest wrote:
    For years Ive been thinking Warlocks are too slow casters. Not only within the game mechanics to achieve decent dps, but also for our enjoyment. The casting speed is simply too slow to enjoy the class.
    I took all the reduced timers I could get with AA and for some time i was actually thinking the AA-effects were broken, because compared to other classes Warlocks are STILL so slow!!
    I dont even want to think what it would be without those AA-adjustments. It's horrible.

    On top of that you get competition from a lot of other classes with insane dps outputs and as a warlock if you have one spell resisting your dps is down the drain fro sure.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kenikia Guest

    I know it may seem silly but I love my Warlock. I especially love my Warlock when I have fast cast and TC in my group :)

    OK so my 4.5k parse pales in comparison to my boyfriend's 8-9k Assassin parse or yes...the coercer kicking my butt....but overall, I like it. Faster casting would be the best thign ever. I did have a nice group that has so much reuse and cast reduction that it was almost instacast -- won't see it again for a long time as the silly conj always gets the buffs on them if they are in the group
  18. ARCHIVED-AziBam Guest

    Kilanix@Everfrost wrote:
    Having both an Illy and a Warlock myself, there are very few reasons why a conj should ever get TC over a lock. You need to lobby harder for it.
  19. ARCHIVED-Vedian Guest

    Deathspell wrote:
    That's also true. With only a nox debuff, if we get resisted it's usually game over. Time to look into debuff gear too ... hmmm hmmm /ponders.
  20. ARCHIVED-Demondred Guest

    I am a VP raid geared Warlock on Nek server and I can say that some serious changes need to be looked into for Wizard AND Warlock. We should always be top DPS. Period. I don't want to nerf other classes, I don't want to complain and moan about other classes, I do want Sony to take a good look at parses and do something about it. I can honestly say, all things given equal, I can consistantly out parse our raid SK.....barely. Coercer; only if he slacks a lot. Throw in the fact that our assassin is parsing like 15k a fight, and I am not even close.
    So Sony, if you read this, seriously take a look at Wizard and Warlock DPS -- they need some help. Fix those guys and FINALLY, you will be close to not having to tweak the DPS classes for lack of balance. You can go on and redo hate, etc, etc, etc. The Scout classes are looking great, Coercer and Illy look good as well as Necro and Conj -- just fix the Warlock and Wizard and you are there.....PLEASE. YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!!

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