Dear Devs - A love letter and 2 wishes

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by SmakkUUp, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. SmakkUUp Member

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to come in and hopefully start some dialogue with the devs in charge of Fallen Gate. I want to start by saying thank you for everything that you guys do. I know that you are a small crew and that we the players have an endless list of things we are asking of you. I want to talk about a couple of issues that I feel have fairly large impact on us TLE people.

    Wards - I know that the issue with wards not critting has been brought up a few times in the EQ2 discord but I am still not certain on the official stance from DBG. Wards as they stand on Fallen Gate, when they crit, do not ward for any more than a non crit ward. It seems as if the ward crit multiplier is set at 1.0. This was not the case when live was where we are expansion wise. My understanding is that wards are supposed to have a lower crit than damage and straight heals but obviously not none. Getting in a fix for this will also help lessen the gap between Channeler and Shamans. Again if there is something going on with live making this impossible I understand I would just appreciate some diologue.

    Crit Bonus – Okay, So I am aware that it has been said the CB stat will not make it to the TLE servers at any point in time. Ignoring the issues this may cause way in the future, it also has a few issues with KoS and will have a large impact come EoF and TSO. There are a few AA's (and focus effects) now (and a lot come EoF and TSO as mentioned earlier) that are negatively impacted by the death of crit bonus. I do have a suggested solution for this problem. In the early AA trees KOS/EoF/TSO/SF and Focus Effects change any CB to potency. WHOA WHOA CRIMHAWK YOU'RE INSANE! Now wait a minute. I understand that changing AA's also effects live but live is hard blocked at 4400CB and at this point anyone at max level is sitting on the over side of that. So taking away the small amount of CB that is given in the AAs and focus effects will have a negligible effect on live but the potency will make the AA's worth taking on FG. If you didn’t want to take away the CB you could also just add the same amount of potency which would have even less effect but in a positive direction for live while still having the same positive effect for the TLE server.

    - Love, Crimhawk Dev'Lover
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  2. geterdone Member

    The no crit wards thing does suck. I had 10aa in crit in the shaman tree until I realized it did nothing for wards. Oh well, guess cures and spell reuse are more important anyways
  3. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    We will get Crit Bonus, not sure who or where you read we will never get CB.

    Chains of Eternity included CB if im not mistaken, 7/23/2019 is the expected release for the expansion.

    The ward issue has to be fixed but im 99.99% it wont be looked at.
  4. SmakkUUp Member

    Originally? CB was definitely in the game by TSO at a minimum. IDK if the earlier AAs were changed after the fact but CB was definitely around for TSO.
  5. Jakath New Member

    This is correct. R.I.P dexterous sonata. Also very good points with the OP :)

    While we're on the topic of things that need fixing on TLE. Have devs been aware of the issues with Plane Shift not proc'ing the appropriate damage for each of the pets? Thunderous Attack should have a 15% chance to be doing ~8k non crit on avg for the master version of the spell. Unfortunately it's only hitting for ~1.3k when it does crit. This is likely an indication that the 15% is currently set to 0%. :(

  6. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    that changed with PoP coming out.
  7. Fyreflyte Developer

    We have stated in the past that crit bonus would not be enabled on TLE servers. Long-term, this makes older expansions easier to balance, since once players hit 100% crit chance, the multiplicative nature of potency and crit bonus makes damage scale incredibly steeply. If Fallen Gate ever reaches a point where balance becomes difficult due to a lack of crit bonus, we'll certainly re-evaluate this.

    As far as AAs are concerned, Caith has already altered quite a few of them to either grant potency in place of cb, or he has added additional effects to them to add some value on TLE servers. I've altered equipment and set bonuses similarly for many of the upcoming expansions. If you do run into AAs or skills that offer only crit bonus (and thus zero benefit) on FG, please /bug them, and we'll take a look.

    Unfortunately I don't have any additional information on wards for you. My understanding is that the lack of crits is either intended, or, as you suggested, might be due to some odd interaction with their functionality on non-tle servers. If I manage to dig up more information on this, I'll try to get it posted here.
  8. SmakkUUp Member

    Thanks for the response Fyre. I will start looking through for specific AAs that offer only CB and /bug them. Also, I would love if you kept us updated on any information you get on wards.
    Thanks again, Crimhawk.
  9. Adoninilol Active Member

    Crit bonus not being enabled for scouts has severly diminished the balance between the archetypes and it has been brought up multiple times, so why is no attempt to balance even being considered?

    Are we gonna get a list/patch notes of these changes to AA's? Or are we just gonna play the guessing game as to what is fixed/what is changed on this server.

    Caithe claims "wards didn't crit before TSO" so therefore they aren't going to be fixed on TLE. Despite multiple sources of proof they indeed did.
  10. SmakkUUp Member

    Now that mages have wands.would CB even have an effect on the split between mages and scouts?

    Yeah, caith seems to be misinformed on wards critting but I'm hoping they can dig a bit deeper, ideally fix it, worst case at least confirm 100% that they don't want them critting for now and tell us when they will.
  11. Adoninilol Active Member

    Yes, however scout auto attack is higher than mages for the most part due to MA being itemized more for scout gear in future expansions//mythicals being main hand.
  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    For the answers to all your questions, I'll refer you to everything that led to the death of Stormhold.
  13. Voor New Member

    The problem, with wards not critting, is Caith's incorrect belief that they shouldn't.

    Caith made the following statement in discord on 12/08/2017:
    "The issue Stormhold had was when a ward crit it multiplied the ward by your crit bonus, which was 0, so it warded for 0. Wards to not recieve any inherent crit multiplier.
    And wards have never recieved any inherent crit multiplier."

    The first part of that statement is absolutely true. The multiply by zero bug was a big issue and it got corrected (thanks again).

    But the second part of that statement is simply untrue. Once the multiply by zero bug was fixed on SH, it was recognized that the base multiplier was not being applied and that too was fixed separately.

    From the Jan 26, 2016 patch notes:

    Time-Locked Expansion Servers
    Corrected a bug where wards would not receive the inherent 1.3% crit multiplier."
  14. SmakkUUp Member

    So it is a lot but here is all the AA's with CB. Some are way more detrimental than others (the Bard TSO endline).
    But it was WAY too much to /bug and i couldnt even paste it into the reply box. So here is a Google Doc link with every AA that has CB.
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  15. Atan Well-Known Member

    What you are missing is these are in fact basically the same issue. Because wards have a default crit bonus value of 1.0 when everything else is 1.2 or 1.4, when everything else crits, it hits for more, but when wards crit they do nothing.

    Since Caith has already done magic for TLE AA to address for lack of crit bonus, the solution seems really, really simple to me. Make something on the shaman AA tree for TLE only provide bonus crit bonus to wards. .04 per point up to 10 points, problem solved.

    Its incredibly infuriating to some of us that the team doesn't understand the root cause and why the chosen 'systems' are working against us largely from a lack of understanding more than anything else.
  16. Voor New Member

    Wards currently have an incorrect inherent 1.0 % crit base multiplier.

    All applicable abilities have a crit base multiplier. For example, taunt is 1.5, mage spell is 1.5 and heal is 1.3. This is not Crit Bonus. This is what you get when Crit Bonus is zero.

    We don't need anything re-written. We just need wards to receive the inherent 1.3% crit multiplier - as they did on original live and as they did on TLE SH once the above referenced Jan 26, 2016 patch was applied.

    This problem was recognized and fixed already on SH, once before.
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  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    They've stated they wont do this due to how it would impact how heals are balanced on live.

    That is why I proposed a TLE only AA effect to give wards increased base crit bonus, since in this very thread they've said they did TLE specific tweaks to AA to compensate from the removal of crit bonus modifier on this server.

    I understand why they don't want to look at rebalancing healers to fix an issue that is only a problem on the TLE server. I can accept that. What I can't accept is throwing their arms up and giving up on any other solution if there is one that can be applied that only affects TLE.
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  18. SmakkUUp Member

    That cant be right because Wards crit on live... Also i dont think they can add AAs to just this server. I think a better option to do single class balances only on FG would be to sell buffs at the class trainer. They can make those not available on the live servers.
  19. Atan Well-Known Member

    Find a way to remove 100% of all your crit bonus on live and retest

    They crit on live, cause you have copious CB that is modifying that 1.0 to something greater than 1.0.

    They've already stated they changed how some AA's work just for this server.
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  20. Virgil New Member

    Power creep is way out of control on live. I'd love to see them evaluate CB (and other stats) there. It actually makes the game a lot less fun.
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