Chains of Eternity Launch Day!

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  1. Lucus Well-Known Member

    Sc sub and xpac purchases are not coming back. people were ripping off SOE by large margins, soe is the retailer and producer they set the price, if you dont like the price dont buy.
  2. Bivin the Halfling Ranger Member

    Well, not being able to buy the expansion pack with station cash is a game-changer in many senses of the word.
    When, after paying for two accounts for more than two years, SOE decided to go to FTP, nerf most of my gear, and start selling for station cash all sorts of skills and abilities that in the past people had to earn and work together for, yet still charge me $30-$40 per year for each expansion pack, only two things kept me from cancelling my accounts outright —- they changed the subscription accounts to include 500 free station cash per month, and expansion packs could be bought with station cash. Okay, I thought, so if I save 8 out of each 12 month’s 500 SC allowance (instead of blowing it on useless appearance fluff ), then I can actually afford the expansion packs. After all, with two accounts, they’re getting $30 per month from me, $360 per year, what’s a $40/year discount, right?
    Now they want to nickel and dime me for that too?
    No, I don’t have to buy it. I’m seriously beginning to question whether or not I even want to keep my accounts as subscription. What’s the point? I don’t use the SC for fluff, it’s not worth it.
    My sons and wife have lost interest in the game, so maybe it’s time to trim this part of the budget. Times are hard, and if SOE wants to nickel and dime me, I’ll go play LOTR for free. My sons are excited about The Hobbit movie, and would love to play in Middle Earth.
    Great timing, SOE. Did you think there were no other games in town?
    Times are hard. Times are harder if you’re stupid.
  3. Bivin the Halfling Ranger Member

    And before anyone calls me a know-nothing newb, I've been playing since 2008.
    I definitely *will NOT* buy this expansion pack.
    Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but SOE is driving me away as a customer.
  4. Lucus Well-Known Member

    Let me get this straight. you were paying a $15 sub saving up 4000 free SC to obtain expnasion packs for free at no extra cost to you and you expect soe to contiune letting you and others game the system?
  5. Juraviel Active Member

    I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone involved with CoE! This has been one of the best expansions that I have seen in a few years now as far as art, content and accessablity of the content and loot. The solo signature quest-line is great and fun to do. The instances actually look "realistic" and feel like a dungeon when doing them and the sailing ship instance.. just amazing! For once solo/duo'ers are able to go out and earn some halfway decent gear on thier own via the advanced solo instances while those of us in better gear are able to run the heroic and more difficult content. I could go on and on...

    While crafting did not get any actual quest content we did get some new recipes, nice prestiege abilities and the seperation of the AA trees for crafting and adventuring was nice to have finally.

    I am a very happy gamer this expansion, thank you :)

    Overall, great job to the EQ2 Team!

  6. Bivin the Halfling Ranger Member

    Lucus, the SC is not "free" to me, I paid for it. When after EQ2 went FTP, and SOE chose not to even lower the monthtly subscription price, SOE wisely threw in 500 SC per month as a reasonable compromise to keep valued, long-time customers. The SC is not "free", the subscribers are paying for it as part of the bargain for their subscription. Indirectly, it was like discounting the subscriber's monthly fee by $5 per month without reducing SOE's cash flow -- win-win. However, when SOE decided to restrict how people can use their SC when the precedent was already set that one could purchase expansion packs with SC, that is literally changing the terms of the agreement, in practice if not in written form.
    Perhaps if you had read both of my posts before rushing to judgement, and remember that my family runs two accounts, you would not be so quick to spin me as some sort of cheapskate trying to "game" the system.
    SOE makes $40 a year from their FTP players through expansion pack....I don't begrudge them that.
    However, they are already making hundreds of dollars per year from my family via our two accounts....why do they insist on squeezing another $40 to $80 out of us? You spin me as the greedy person trying to save my family $80?
    I have to question why you disparage delaying gratification (choosing not to buy potions, research rushes, etc, which are bought indirectly with real money,since FTP players have to buy SC with real money) in order to save and buy that which might have value to me (an expansion pack ). How is saving currency ( game money or real money ) to buy that which has value to me, somehow wrong to you? Is saving to buy something bigger than shortcuts and appearance items somehow wrong to you?
    Do you skip deductions legally available to you on your income taxes, because that would be "gaming" the system?
    I didn't think so.
  7. Lucus Well-Known Member

    regardless you are paying $15/month to play the game wether you see the 500/month SC as paid for or not has no bearing on the fact that soe is giving you 500 sc a month with the impression that it is a gesture of goodwill not to be spent on expansions or subscriptions.

    They are in no way required to give you that sc they choose to.

    your idea is like saying if you sub for a year @ $15/month you should get $60 off the next expansion because you agreed to pay them for a sub.

    when they see people buying expansions with a mix of paid for sc and the (subjectively free) sc they view it as a loss on their rightful pricing of the expansion. you spend $15 on a sub for a month, 500 sc is not a rebate, it's an optional perk if you are a recurring subsciber, they can if they so wish to discontinue it and there would be nothing you could do about it.

    SOE created the sc system and only they accept it as currency. SOE decides the value and what goods may or may not be bought with it.
  8. Departed New Member

    They should take a page out of LotRO's book. There, if you area 'VIP' member, as in you are paying a sub, you get 500 turbine points a month. Which you can then spend on expacs. The 6k you accumulate through the year equates to an expac, and a bit of fluff stuff.

    It's a way for the Turbine team to acknowledge that members have paid say £120 a year, and not making them pay for expacs,as a pose to free to play people, who have possibly not made a similar contribution, and have to buy it.
  9. Lucus Well-Known Member

    You do realize that you have basically jsut outlined exactly how SC used to work right? SOE put an end to the practice of being able to buy expacs and subs for sc because people were using the bonus sc and the double/triple/rebate days to pay next to nothing for expansions or subs.
  10. Sephy666 Member

    So? Sony was discounting SC and knew people were buying expansions with it and it is somehow our fault?? I don't think so. Sony knew what people were doing, its tough luck. what did they think would happen if people could get an expansion for $5 rather than $40 and a years sub for $10. seriously I feel like I am being trolled
  11. Lucus Well-Known Member

    Having an option and using said option are two different things entirely. If soe knew well in advance that people would buy sc on double/triple days and save it for half price and rebate sales they never would have allowed players to buy subs and expacs with SC.

    SOE saw that they were loosing a load of profits they are fully entitled to and removed the ability for players to get subs/expacs at less then the intended rate.

    what's done is done. they not going to put expacs and subs back on the marketplace period.
  12. Departed New Member

    Lucus, I am well aware that is how the pricing plans worked out before. However it is not my fault that SE dropped the ball and devalued their product so badly by allowing subs to be bought with SC and expacs to be bought with SC that had been bought in ridiculous quantities on the cheap via double and triple promotions + bonus cards.

    Now they have seen the light at least with Kronos for sub, but myself, along with many others are just not prepared to now throw cash at them yet again for this CoE expac. If they ever implement content Kronos, I might come back, but right now we're all playing other games.
  13. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    According to John Smedley, President of SOE, they knew exactly what they were doing when running the promotions.

    Which means one of two things happened. Either John did not tell us the truth, or you're wrong?
    I will put my money down that you're wrong. John was quite open and frank with his commentary in the period where SC options were removed.

    This makes the passive-aggressive stance you're taking against players, who used a system that SOE created and promoted, amusing at best. I hope at the very least, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?
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