Chains of Eternity Launch Day!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Artemiz Active Member

    That is unfortunate. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Plazpa New Member

    Got an email for one of my accounts but not for the other yet.......
  3. Dexella Associate Producer

    The servers are unlocked! Go forth and enjoy, Norrathians!
  4. Peachie New Member

    Hi all. I got my e mail confirmations.

    I have a really dumb question. Since I pre-ordered, is it automatic? I don't have to do a nything when I get home? other than log in? I already did the upload game assets. Just waiting for the servers to unlock. So, do I just do nothing but play??
  5. Peachie New Member

    ooh thank you! Thanks you yer cupcakes.
  6. Arcturys Member

    Don't know about the others, but Freeport isn't.
  7. Lane New Member

    Trying to log into Freeport and only shows 4 of my toons - ones shown are 'unavailable'. What does that mean?
  8. Acoicia New Member

    Hello do you still sell Velouus yet cause I was planning on updating this account for EQ2 I play mostly EQ1 still but was thinking of trying out EQ2
  9. Peachie New Member

    Ya, I cannot log into Freeport either.
  10. Rheem Octuris New Member

    Freeport appears to be dead, please break out the defibulators.
  11. Peachie New Member

    *taps her foot. boss will be back from lunch soooon.
  12. ITPalg Member

    I got an email at 12:20 Pacific telling me:

    I just checked (no reason to anyway since it hasn't changed; using SC, bought All Access ~1-2 months ago, etc), and the information on my CC is the same.
  13. Thalador Active Member

    AB crashed a couple minutes ago as well
  14. Loeinia New Member

    yep AB down and half my toons vanished from char select
  15. minitobol New Member

    yeah ab still crashed says servers are down on my character page.:(
  16. Mourneuk New Member

    freeport crashed again it seems. My toons vanished mid swap
  17. Moldylocks Member

    Congrats on the new xpac launch!

    For myself, I haven't bought it yet. Why? I'm not 90+ so right now I'll wait until I get my char there.

    In the meantime.. I logged in and all my AA's have been reset. I understand that there have been some adjustments, but why wipe my entire AA layout automatically? As far as my character's are concerned (without buying the xpac) nothing has changed. Yet, as I log my chars in, I'm forced to go through an annoyingly long process for each of them to re-institute a layout that hasn't changed.

    How about this: As per the AA mirror, how about each char get a token that will allow them to opt to reset to where they were, pre-launch. Or, even better (as was previously done), simply enable that <reset "" > on each window so that its optional if you want to do it.

    Right now, without buying the xpac, I am forced with each of my characters to endure lengthy reconfigures. Its annoying. Its annoying enough that I stopped my gameplay to log in here and say something about it.

    Please change how you've implemented this. I've shown two non-impacting alternatives that are viable.
  18. ITPalg Member

    The Drinal's Scythe: Replica text is wrong (and it is the same text on the CE Tapestry, which both do not depict what it says).

    "This magnificent painting depicts the artist's interpretation of the legendary history of Velious: the Avatar of Growth, Firiona Vie, strides through the battle-torn landscape of snowy Velious."
  19. gaeca Member

    The servers come up far too quickly nowadays we all recall back in the days it would be hour and hours before we could play;)
  20. Billham New Member

    Well I will not be buying the xpac unless the the SC option is returned. It's just not worth $40 to me. I'll be changing the subs for both accounts from all access to Vanguard only. Oh yea, I've been playing since beta.

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