Chains of Eternity Launch Day!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hey Everyone,

    Just because the servers are down doesn't mean there's not plenty going on! Catch up with your fellow Norrathians and join in the launch day fun!

    Read Diary of an Off-Duty Server Hamster (what do those hamsters do when the servers are down?)
    Visit Firiona Vie Memorial Page (she's gone to Ethernere...stop by and pay your respects)
    Chat at EQ2i Wikia and/or EQ2 ZAM!
    Tweet your launch day plans to our official Twitter!
    Check out what's happening on Facebook.

    And, of course, continue to join in the discussions here on the forums!
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  2. Skahuu New Member

    Been waiting a long time to explore some bran new zones, and im stoked about the additons and changes to tradeskilling. Thanks SOE for bringing us all the best MMO of all time, now just get us up and running lol!!!!!
  3. Warriousalexis New Member

    For those of us that were not able to pre-order, when will the expansion be available to us?
  4. Dexella Associate Producer

    We're updating our purchase flow right now. As soon as it's live again, we'll let you know! :)
  5. Warriousalexis New Member

  6. Foxblade New Member

    what about thos ewho did pre order it but as of yet still havn't heard anything about it. i havn't gotten an email notifying me today if my payment has or has not gone through
  7. Solaria Member

    Mine just came thru, so keep checking :)
  8. Cutye_Pye1123 New Member

    i got my email about 45 minutes ago and checked my bank everything is now pending :)
  9. Elhai Member

    My bank shows charges for some of my pre-orders but not all. Logging in to account info shows that one is still not charged, and still shows as a pre-order, so hoping it's going through in batches.
  10. Ssrilith Member

    I got my email about 45 minutes ago as well.
  11. Foxblade New Member

    maybe they just have alot and they are still trying to proccess them all then i guess
  12. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hi everyone! We're running just a little bit behind. Please stay tuned for updates -- we will post here when the servers are unlocked!
  13. Artemiz Active Member

    Will the new expansion be available on the marketplace today? If so, what is the SC cost of it? Thanks.
  14. Dexella Associate Producer

    The expansion will be available to purchase through Expansions are no longer available for Station Cash.
  15. Knockanore New Member

    Thank You for constant update status....Better late then never:)
  16. 4Foxfire New Member

    My receipt just came through
  17. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    I ordered 3 copies, those two ordered with CC where not send a conformation oO
  18. Lamori Member

    Hope the servers are up soon. Late as usual for expac.
  19. Devastatore New Member

    Berserkers were due for a nerf, not an upgrade. But I guess they'll be nearly as good as shadowknights now, so that's balance for you. Any new ETA on up time btw?
  20. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    got mine, but only read half of the email, other half seem cut-off unreadable, i tried resizing to open that inner window box.

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