Capru's "Dream Weaving" ... when is "later"? 24 hours? Or?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Caethre, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    (( After completing the line of quests from Capru in Goahmari village, one gets the quest "Dream Weaving". After doing as he asks, you are told "Come back later, I have nothing for you yet".
    When is "later"?
    Initially I assumed it was a daily-quest-style setup. For most daily quests, such as for example the Thurgadin Forgemasters faction daily quest, the day is defined as starting at midnight PST, which for me, is 8am GMT. So, for most daily quests, if I have done it on a given day, it will not be available again until 8am GMT the next day. If I happened to complete it at 7.50am, then I would be able to do it again ten minutes later, of course. The limitation imposed is that it can be done only once in any given 8am GMT -> next day 8am GMT time period.
    However, Capru does not seem to define "later" in this way. I completed his quest at sometime around 11.30pm GTM last night (I didn't write it down, that's a guesstimate). It is now 5.30 pm GMT the next day, and he still tells me to come back later.
    Is it a precise 24 hours after the previous step was handed in? Or is it defined in some other way?
    ADDENDUM (Added for later readers):
    Domino has now confirmed (later in this thread) that the wait period from when Capru says "come back later" until he then updates the quest and gives you your pet griffon, is 23 hours precisely. ))
  2. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    IIRC from Beta all the mount-related delays were an 18 hour cooldown rather than a fixed reset time.
  3. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    (( Umm ... 18 hours you say? Now, if that is true, Capru should give me the quest imminently, as it was about 18 hours ago now. I shall see. ))
  4. ARCHIVED-Garrnok Guest

    I'm having the same weirdness. I gave him the dreamcatcher to start the timer shortly before midnight last night (my time). It has now been nearly 19.5 hours and he still won't talk to me. Were the servers down for a long time at some point in between maybe? That's the only reason I can think of for this unless it is actually a 24 hour timer.
  5. ARCHIVED-Eber Guest

    Capru's "Dream Weaving" delay is indeed 24.0 hours. Once he gives you the gryphon pet, its updates are 18 hour cooldowns, like the adventurer versions.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    I was having the same frustration. When I did it on Beta, I thought that it was 24 hours - but every website that I checked on shows the wait as 18 hours.
    The disappointing fact is that the adventurer one is definitely 18 hours as I have seen people with griffon pets all day from the adventurer questline - and the servers haven't even been up 24 hours yet.
  7. ARCHIVED-Rohaise Guest

    Yeah, the Adventurer quest griffon is available one day sooner than the Tradeskill griffon because of the intial wait for Dream Weaving.
    I did the crafter questline yesterday first, and got to Dream Weaving where I had to stop for 24 hours. Then I started the adventurer quest, and completed the first of the 5 baby griffon tasks the same day because that questline doesn't have the initial one day wait before getting the baby.
    So, I'll have the adventurer griffon complete on Saturday and the tradeskill griffon done on Sunday because of how it was set up, despite running the tradeskill quest first. Maybe not really fair, but it's not like it will really matter a week or a month or a year from now. :)
    Just hum this song while you wait, and time will go a lot faster, I promise!
    Fly me high through the starry skies
    Maybe to an astral plane
    Cross the highways of fantasy
    Help me to forget today's pain
    Ooh dream weaver
    I believe you can get me through the night
    Ooh dream weaver
    I believe we can reach the morning light...
  8. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Rohaise wrote:
    Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification. That explains why I've seen baby griffs all over the place. I guess I can stop stalking Capru for a few more hours now. :)
  9. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    I think there should be some mechanism to know when we can go back and get it. Maybe a notation in our quest journal?
  10. ARCHIVED-Therendil Guest

    A lot of people claimed that the wait for Capru was 18 hours. I clocked it in beta and it was 24 hours. Not sure about the daily tasks.
    Never stopped to think about it, but yeah, the adventure quest line completes quicker.
    -= Therendil =-
  11. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Okay, after testing this out (further testing to be done), its not 24 hours from the time he tells you to come back - I think its 24 hours from the time you pet the spider. Especially since if you squish the spider, he won't talk to you for another 24 hours.
    I checked my logs and my first toon pet the spider at 8:18pm EST and was told to come back around 9pm last night. I was able to get my griff tonight at 8:13pm. So I'm not sure if it rounds to the hour (8pm) or what it does, but it wasn't 24 hours from the time I was told to come back - that much I know for sure.
    I'm waiting to talk to Capru on another toon and noted my times from last night so I will report back as soon as I verify the timing on that one. Looks like I'm back to stalking Capru for a bit... :)
  12. ARCHIVED-NiamiDenMother Guest

    Aye, it was somewhere under 24 hours for Capru, but over 20 for the first me to get him to talk since launch. You might be onto something as to the pet time, as I didn't keep track of that, only the "come back" time.
    The time between quests for the youngster, however, should be 18, unless it was changed from beta.
  13. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Okay... my 'testing' was partially inconclusive. Here is what I was able to figure out...
    Toon 1:
    • 02/22 @ 7:39pm - Hailed Aggi
    • 02/22 @ 8:18pm - Pet Spider
    • 02/23 @ 7:31pm - Capru still won't talk
    • 02/23 @ 8:12pm - Got Griff
    Toon 2:
    • 02/22 @ 9:52pm - Hailed Aggi
    • 02/22 @ 10:48pm - Pet Spider
    • 02/23 @ 9:07pm - Capru still won't talk
    • 02/23 @ 10:44pm - Got Griff
    It should be noted that there was a 35-45 min window that I was on another toon and came back to find that Capru was ready to chat. I don't know if camping/zoning and coming back had anything to do with it or not.
    Toon 2 got the Griff exactly 24 hrs from the time that she zoned into Thurgadin, but Toon 1 got it nearly 27 hours later - so thats not the trigger.
    Toon 2 got the Griff approximately 23 hours from the time that she pet the spider, but it wasn't available to Toon 1 until after the 23 hour mark - so I don't think that has to do with it either.
    The closest similarity that I can get is Aggi - that it was approximately 24 hours from the time I started the questline with her - but again, not 100% accurate.
    Regardless... Its not 24 hours from the time that Capru tells you to come back. It seems like its closer to just under 23 hours - but I haven't narrowed it down exactly.
    I have another toon to do it on tomorrow. Now that I've narrowed it down to a 45 min window, I'll pay attention to her times and compare it with significant points from earlier today. If I figure it out... I'll post again!
    EDIT: After thinking about it, I don't know how it could go off of Aggi because if you started the questline the day before but didn't finish it and then got up to Capru the next day - the clock would be way off. There has to be something that I'm missing.... /runs back to check logs...
  14. ARCHIVED-joeygopher Guest

    Rohaise wrote:
    this always reminds me of Wayne's World!
  15. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    IIRC he tells you to come back tomorrow - which from his perspective, tomorrow = 72 minutes RL time or whatever a Norrath "day" is, not 24hrs.
    The additional RL day for a tradeskiller to get a mount is somewhat discriminatory, really.
    I did it last night without aid of external website (just happened upon petting the spider and getting a new quest), and thought after I gave him the dreamweaver I'd get the reward.. but here I wait for no apparent reason before I can even start the 5x 18hr cycle.
  16. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    No, that is not correct. It is not a Norrath day as you indicate it could be. Take a look at my post with my times. On no character was I ever able to get it prior to waiting at least 22 hours. Average was about 23 hours RL time. There is a time and there is a trigger, but I'm still trying to nail down what it is.
    Regardless is definitely not a 72 min wait in RL.
  17. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    Nindaene wrote:
    I didn't say it was.
    I said when he was speaking to me and said to come back tomorrow, HIS tomorrow = 72 minutes of my time because he lives in Norrath.
    When doing the dwarven workboot HQ, the lady in Thundermist Village tells you to come back tomorrow.. which = 72 minutes of your life, not 24 hours.
    I was pointing out an inconsistency, not trying to tell you how long in RL time you have to wait to continue this particular quest.
  18. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    Oh I see. Sorry - it wasn't clear to me that that is what you were trying to do... point out an inconsistency. It looked to me like you were trying to say that it was 72 minutes.
  19. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    82800 seconds delay (23 hours) from when Capru tells you to come back. :D (And I'll change it to "later" rather than "tomorrow" if that would be more clear.)
  20. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    WOW! So I was pretty close in my "findings" that it was more like 23 hours instead of the 24 everyone thought it was!
    Thanks for telling us... it saves me the headache of trying to do lots of math that I'm sure I forgot a long time ago!
    As far as the "later" versus "tomorrow" - I would leave it as "tomorrow". If you change it to "later", I would imagine people would spend hours checking back instead of just waiting the assumed 24 hours for "tomorrow", and getting very frustrated in the process wondering what "later" truly meant.
    So yeah... I say leave it as is. :)

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