Capru's "Dream Weaving" ... when is "later"? 24 hours? Or?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Caethre, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Nuhus wrote:
    Sorry but this made me laugh.
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    DominoDev wrote:
    What is the point of the timer? You don't penalize adventurers and make them wait 23 hours to get their gryphon. Why not just remove it. It's enoguh that you are screwing us on the only tradeskill heritage making us not only require all 9 classes but also 40k that takes weeks to get.
  3. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    Nuhus wrote:
    (( The cooldown on "Gather Silk" is 23 hours, like the one on Capru himself, I have now determined. Therefore I would not be surprised if the cooldown for "squash" is 23 hours as well... ))
  4. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    Zsargrieb3 wrote:
    (( This is a good question. I've just been doing the adventurer gryphon quest on my Monk, and she did not have to wait 23 hours to get the pet gryphon. She does still have the 18 hour cooldowns on the pet quests of course.
    But why do tradeskillers have to wait the additional 23 hours over and above the wait for adventurers? I can see no reason for that. I would have expected them to be equivalent "wait" periods.
    I would add a second question to this. Can you have both mounts? Tradeskiller Gryphon and Adventurer Gryphon. ))
    Zsargrieb3 wrote:
    (( This is an over-reaction. There is no "screwing us" going on. If you don't like the quest, the work, the patience you will need to have, and the rest, there is absolutely not one single reason why you have to do the quest.
    To correct your factual errors, actually the 40k faction takes precisely 13 daily faction writs, which take all of 15 minutes to do a day. So technically you can complete it in 1 week and 6 days. Furthermore, there is no requirement for you to have more than the one crafter yourself, but you do need to get the assistence of characters of each of the other eight tradeskills in the process of doing the quest. Rather like the crafting "epic" questline for the Solstice Earring, in fact.
    Really, the Heritage Quest is meant to be a trial, requiring hard effort and patience. Most of us want it to be a trial, so that it feels like an achievement. We don't want a button to press saying "give me my shawl". Domino has given us what most of us actually want. ))
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    Felishanna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    1. Yes you can have both. All 3 if you count the CE bonus mount.
    2. What "hard effort" is there? Absolutely nothing about the TS line is "hard" with exception of maybe the final timed rush combines for the shawl.
    Requiring 13 days (or 9 days if you're religious about going back every 18hrs exactly) isn't hard. There's no challenge to it. It's simply a time sink. It doesn't make the reward any more special or prestigious.
    As I posted earlier, there should be an option of a repeatable 300 faction rush order quest similar to the Far Seas one in Mara. That way, those of you who want the "hard effort and patience" route can come back every day for 13 days before you can continue to the next step of a bloody quest, and those of us who want that pain over and done with can sit there for a few hours and be done with it. Having an option doesn't make it a requirement for anyone to do and instills choice. Right now there is no choice but to wait 9-13 days for no. good. reason. whatsoever.
  6. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    (( You are referring to a response I made to a comment on the factioning for the Heritage Quest, not to the cooldown for the Gryphon Quest. Yes, offtopic for the thread, but I responded to the comment on it.
    There is no cooldown for the factioning, it is a daily faction writ, so works like other daily faction writs. The new faction writ is available at 00.00am PST every day. So you can do one in every (PST) calendar day, not one every 18 hours. ))
    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    (( You are still referring to the Heritage Quest here (though some have said the same of the Gryphon Quest).
    To a certain extent, time sinks are a fundamental part of MMORPG gaming. This is not specific to this quest, or to tradeskilling overall, but to this type of game in general. They have to be there. And frankly, if you don't like them under any circumstances, you won't like a lot of things!
    Catering to the "BUT I WANT IT NOW NOW NOW" crowd is absolutely not what the game should ever be doing.
    I completely support the existing design of the heritage quest. Needing to come back to work on earning the faction required to progress the quest on a daily basis is not "difficult" (nothing is "difficult" as such, this is an online computer game), but it does take a modicum of organization and dedication. It *does* make it more prestigious, at least in my eyes.
    We will have to agree to disagree. ))
    Jaremai@Guk wrote:
    (( I fundamentally disagree with you.
    If there is a "I WANT TO DO IT NOW, GIVE IT ME NOW!" option, then that becomes the only real option, the de facto forced choice for everyone who wants to get it at all. "Just waiting" is not really an option anymore.
    Of course, such a design approach would cater to those who few can and want to sit at a PC for 24 hours straight (or for however long is needed), but it is not a good approach for the rest of the players. When that kind of design approach was taken in the distant past, many players - myself included - complained about it, and that it I am sure partially why we have what we have now.
    So, the design of this quest, along with the design of the equivalent factioning for Sentinel's Fate factions, is exactly what it should be, in my opinion. Part of life is dedication and hard work, that is true. But another part is to learn patience. ))
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    Felishanna@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I will concede the 18hr thing versus midnight PST. I am rarely playing at midnight PST to notice the quests rollover - however, I have seen the feather earlier in the day, so I presumed (bad of me) that the timer was 18hrs. Being a midnight reset fits my criteria. So change my 9-day minimum to 11 days if timed right. Doesn't change anything else about my argument. That I'm referring to the shawl timesink, you're also right since this thread was about the griffon timer.. somewhere in there the factioning was mentioned though, or I'm just on crack today.
    But since we're there, regarding your quoted message above, I will point you again back to Far Seas, where there is a choice of doing:
    a) a daily "group" tradeskill quest
    b) a weekly "solo" tradeskill quest
    c) a repeatable rush order tradeskill quest with no lockout timer
    Kunark Balthezid faction for the earring. You have a choice of doing:
    a) a daily (i think?) harvesting quest
    b) any number of adventure quests if you're 70+
    c) a repeatable rush order tradeskill quest with no lockout timer
    In both cases c) is not the "only real option" just because they exist. I will only do c) when, yeh, I want something now for any number of reasons and I'm willing to make my eyes bleed to do get it. That's rewarding effort. There's significantly less effort involved in doing 1 thing a day that gives more faction, but the tradeoff is one requiring patience.
    So yeh, we'll have to disagree. I am a fan of choice and not force.
    Back on topic about Capru though, I am very glad the wording was changed to "later" instead of "tomorrow", but I am still not happy that the 23hr delay is there to begin with. It no longer impacts me though, so my unhappiness about that will fade just as will the faction timesink will fade in time.. just as this game will fade in time.
    Sorry to ramble, and sorry for the temporary derailment.

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