Capru's "Dream Weaving" ... when is "later"? 24 hours? Or?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Caethre, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Therendil wrote:
    It was 18 hours when I did it, odd.
  2. ARCHIVED-Filly67 Guest

    Since we are on the topic. Can someone please tell me if we can purchase the fish to feed the baby during the upkeep quests or do we need to actually fish for it. Of course my first attempt is with a toon that has a 7 skill in fishing. LOL. She was my first and I hated the fishing and never went back on her. I have already started the other quest just in case.
  3. ARCHIVED-Filly67 Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Very odd. Zam is showing 24 hours.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Filly67 wrote:
    You can buy them off the broker if you don't want to fish them up yourself, but there isn't a merchant that sells them.
  5. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Filly67 wrote:
    ZAM showed 18 hours yesterday. I'm assuming that Calthine (or someone else) changed it to 24 - but now needs to change it to 23 since we have confirmed clarification. :)
  6. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Filly67 wrote:
    Not at all, someone edted that in after the game launched (which is how wiki is supposed to work, lol). Now it says 23 hours!
  7. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Sweet... that should help with all the confusion LOL
  8. ARCHIVED-Filly67 Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    LOL, thank you for the clarification Calthine.
  9. ARCHIVED-Filly67 Guest

    Nindaene wrote:
    THANK YOU!!! Honestly I had trouble getting to sleep while cursing myself for not getting that fishing up. Ok, I will go fish on one of my other toons and trade them to the "lazy" one.
    *edit* When the servers are back up ofcourse.
  10. ARCHIVED-Caethre Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    (( Thanks for the confirmation Domino! :)
    I ended up waiting 23h15m for Felishanna, and 23h25m for Lorianna/Suzanna (they did it together), but on both occasions I only had approximate start times and the end time was "when I next checked", so seems I didn't miss the minimum wait by much. ))
  11. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    There seems ot be a lot of confusion on this subject, there is the 18 hour wait for doing each of the gryphon tasks, and thenthere is this 23 hour wait to go back to Capru, which is totally different.
    Baby Gryphon tasks = 18 hours
    Capru asking you to come back "later" = 23 hours.
  12. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Bratface wrote:
    I think our biggest confusion was the time to go back to Capru. I don't think anyone was questioning the 18 hr timer on the tasks - but thanks for posting that anyway.
  13. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    An idea for the future...
    Rather than have an unspecified delay, would it be possible to code the quest so that there is an itermediary step (eg "wait to return to Capru") that automatically advances to the next step (eg "Return to Capru")?
    And even better (if possible), can the "time remaining" display in the quest be used for that? This part I'm not so sure of so that may be a code change kind of request (since normally when time runs out the quest goes back to the previous step rather than advancing) but it would certainly add a level of polish to these quests and make them a lot easier for folks to understand.
    For example, the gryphon quests could be coded a similar way -- giving you a master quest that asks you to do one task of caring for your gryphon and after that would have a timed wait step in between each task. Since you can do the tasks in any order it would be a bit more complex but again would make things nicer. As it is now you're told in NPCsay to take care of it (and people know what to do because of how popular it is) but there should be an overarching quest behind that.
  14. ARCHIVED-Filly67 Guest

    Barx@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I would take it one step further and set up a personal reminder system per account. At a glance you could see when research items would be done and are completed, when you have a quest due to be advanced, when your rent would be true. Hubby came up with this and I think that's a great idea. He also thought that some type of character tree would be good to show what you need where. For example, if you are in the Library do you have a quest that needs something there to advance it.
  15. ARCHIVED-Nindaene Guest

    Barx@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I think you'd run into the exact problem that you mentioned - the quest wouldn't advance. Usually the time remaining is used when you have a set amount of time to complete something, but not in conjunction with a wait time.
    I agree that your suggestions would help, specfically if the quest told you to return to Capru after the time was up, but it seems to me that the coding would take some time to implement. :(
  16. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Mmm thinking about it more, the calendar they've recently might be something they can look to tie in with.
  17. ARCHIVED-Therendil Guest

    This 'tomorrow' business get confusing. In Capru's case, he plainly did not mean 'tomorrow' in game terms. In my experience, NPCs almost never mean Norrath time when they say tomorrow.
    I think this concept needs work. Some 'full day' delays are 18 hours and some are 24 hours. It's also confusing that NPCs almost always mean real-life 'tomorrow', when a lot of us are immersed enough in the game to think on a Norrath time scale.
    -= Therendil =-
  18. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    Nindaene wrote:
    Oh? You don't think this is confusion? FYI, Capru was never 18 hours, people were confused as you can plainly see.
    Filly67 wrote:
  19. ARCHIVED-d1anaw Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I'd still like to have something on the quest journal indicating when to return. I've only done one so far, but it was really annoying to keep coming back.
  20. ARCHIVED-Nuhus Guest

    how long is the cooldown if you squash the spiderswould be nice if the click for squash wasnt next to pet

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