Berserker class issues thread post Velious and GU 61

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Bremer, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-khaymanfr Guest

    I was expecting a real fix, this is very disappointing.
    No change at all on the AA tree
  2. ARCHIVED-Darkest Knight Guest

    Adrenaline Still is worthless as a survival tool, Nerf to blood rage is lolwtf ?
    Someone with a red name care to explain how these changes make sense?
    Raidwide MA is neat from the raidwide utility perspective but when it comes to holding onto a mob beating the crap out of us with multi-attacking 30k hits, we have nothing to dampen the blows besides wall of rage @ 10% with its hellacious recast. In fact a dirge has more of a defensive capability to that kind of damage than we do( Veil of Notes). very sad.
    Fix Adrenaline and reverse the change to blood rage. or remove both completely because its near worthless as the changes stand to a raiding Berserker
  3. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    Post your comment and feedback in the in testing feedback section please. That s the only place where SOE red name will look for feedback
  4. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    I have 90 Potency and I think Blood Rage at 90 should be atleast 2k, AT The MOST, for level 90.

    Adrenaline Still does not critically apply...
    Adrenaline Still Sucks, and drains all my power woo!
  5. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

  6. ARCHIVED-aias Guest

    These are some superficial "fixes". Does nothing to address the key points of a tank, mitigating damage and generating threat. Why would we have expected anything more when Xelgad stated that he nerfed Adrenaline so that we would be a flimsy option for MT. You even have better options for OTs than this class.
  7. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    Failathion@Nagafen wrote:
    i didnt want to admit it but yes. We are long overdue a revamp of our EoF aa tree to match the guardian one.
    i just checked my old guardian AA tree and wow that s pretty impressive :/
  8. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    So GU 60 is here. But unfortunately it didn't really help Berserkers with their core problems. Our offensive abilities still pretty weak, because everything they do is buff stuff further beyond the cap and the defensive abilities are still not properly working with Shamans and raid mobs.
    The changes to Destructive Rage and Bloodlust were long overdue. Destructive Rage was useless since GU13 and Bloodlust since SF, finally it's fixed. The rest (AE proc on Open Wounds, potency affecting Blood Rage, Rampage hitting stuff) is good. But in the sum these changes won't noticably change anything.
    I updated the post with the changes. I added CAs in general to the offensive problem (should have been there from the beginning) and removed the utility part, because it was at least in parts adressed. I also enhanced some texts.
    Better luck next GU...
  9. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    giving us more MA was great but it doesnt change the fact that we have terrible hit rate. What s the point of 24.2 more MA if you dont hit the mob this fix was just throw out without any though, now guild will prolly want zerker to be there just for this buff. Our core issue (CA class defining ability etc etc) are still here. We need strikethrou&flurry, CA ungrade via EOF tree and a real way to fully mitigate/neglect spike damage
  10. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Juggernaught is still broken.
  11. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Small update, added - The small damage effect on Open Wounds is not affected by the CA damage enhancement of Juggernaut - Total Madness (SF AA) doesn't increase the heal amount in PvP, only in PvE - The initial damage part of Insolence (Insolent Assault) is not affected by ability mod
  12. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    I don't cast open wounds, waste of time.
  13. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Updated for GU61. I removed VoM, because the improved EoF AA, Perseverance and the increased availability of potency should make the spell work more reliable. Also removed Gut Roar, because it is more less fine now. Added Destructive Rage back, because the new MA curves will make the effects useless again. And many tweaks overall. I also added a small summary with the current problems, that deserve the most attention in my opinion:

    • Design of the the defensive abilities: The defensive effects are mostly direct heals and thus very inefficient, if your healer is a Shaman or in raid content in general
    • Non-pyhsical damage: Berserkers have almost nothing to deal with non-physical damage spikes, only Perfect Counter on a 4 min timer, which is nowhere near enough
    • Adrenaline: In it's current state it's pretty much a failed ability, extreme costs combined with limited usefulness
    • Berserk proc: With the current dimishing returns curve on haste/DPS there's hardly any gain at all from this class defining abilty
    • AOE autoattack: Beserkers have an abdundance of AOE attack effects, that all don't stack while the effect is itemzied more and more, granting a gain to everyone but Berserkers
    • Juggernaut: The ability still has mainly effects that were useful in T7, but are no longer useful since T8 and all that with an inappropriate defensive penalty
    • CA damage: Beserkers used to excel at melee damage and paid for it with weak CAs, now the melee buffs grant almost no gain, while the CAs stayed weak
  14. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    Just taking advantage of the free account reactivation for the week end to say : SOE you really blew it. this class is a joke no one post on these berserker boards nor on the flames boards. some 2 year old thread is still in the front page on flames while every other class boards are active. this fix is nothing a drop in the ocean of the fix needed for the berserker to become usefull again. Thanks for nothing your free weekend is useless i wont pay you anymore. If your forum didnt requiere an active account to post i m sure a lot of people that quit would give you a piece of their mind but i m sure it s your way to pretend there is no problem silence the one you made quit.

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