Berserker class issues thread post Velious and GU 61

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Bremer, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Blood Rage:
    It needs to Crit.. Or be effected by potency and heal amount increased to 1500 atleast, mobs are hitting for 30000+.
    Make it a Self Buff, Add Health (1k-2k) and Strength, maybe 25 Haste and DPS, although it does not matter much.
    Replace Attack Speed on Berserk with Multi-Attack.
    Replace DPS Mod on Berserk with Auto-attack Multiplier.
    Add a Flurry Buff to Destructive Rage VI.

    Our EOF Tree needs a complete revamp, it is the worst tree of all fighters.

    Add a buff to Cyclones that doubles the amount of targets our AOEs and AE Autoattack can hit.
    Make Preservation something useful, its worthless, I don't even bother to cast or pick it up, Make it Passive Damage Reduction (10%)
    The AA "berserk" is useless, i'm berserk all the time anyways, please replace with something we need, like a hate transfer like guardians have.
    Gut Roar is strikethroughed, please make it something reasonable, like a 2-3 hit stoneskin.

    Juggernaught needs to be a defensive spell.
  2. ARCHIVED-TumpieBrell Guest

    Xelgad wrote:
    so GU 60 has been announced for mid-May. Do we wait for then to see these changes, or will they be going to test before then? And can we get any of the notes for feedback?

  3. ARCHIVED-Xelgad Guest

    These changes should hit Test with GU60. There should be plenty of time to give feedback on them while they're on the Test Servers.
  4. ARCHIVED-TumpieBrell Guest

    Thank you for the reply.
  5. ARCHIVED-Brildean Guest

    Also executioners fury in the warrior tree has been worthless for so long.. can we get it to just a temp buff if we drop below 50% it last for like 15 seconds. instead of being dispelled when your over 50%. one of the dumbest things ever to have on an aa.
  6. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    or can you change it to something useful, like...

    Just Damage reduction? 15%?
  7. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Ward Of Rage is worthless, a 298 Ward... Make it 2980 or 1980.
  8. ARCHIVED-Boneye Guest

    Maybe I am wrong when I look at the Zerker against the other classes but this is my opinion.
    The crusader classes defining abilities is the fact they can either directly or indirectly heal themselves i.e. with combat arts or direct healing spells.

    The Warrior base classes have always been mitigating and absorbing damage abilities. The guardian has stayed true to this path however, the zerker has now joined the ranks with the crusader types with their own flavor of healing abilities. I'd like to see them revert back to what they are suppose to be the archtype of the Guardian just like the Pally is to the SK and so on and so on. When you look at the Guardian (Warrior class) do you see anything that mirrors the Zerker?

    A special thanks to Bremer for his post it was really refreshing to read such a in depth approach to fixing the class. We all tend to point out whats wrong because it's so easy, I like the idea of pointing out the solution or possible fix.

    I would also like to agree with many of you that Adrenaline was a solid ability that was slightly over powered. However, just reduce it's ability! it was a damage reducing ability which fits in line with the Warrior class type, changing it into a weak healing ability is not what the zerker is about. Also it is very important that we have some semblance of being able to mitigate large incoming attack dmg otherwise it makes it that much more of a difficult choice to choose a zerk in a MT position.
  9. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    I'd Rather it be a 35% Damage Reduction, Reduces all damage done to caster by 450.
  10. ARCHIVED-Foofoocudlypoop Guest

    I just want to be in the running for a MT position or a DPS position.

    As stated above, every class has a stated profession. Guardians are masters of defense, ect. Berserkers are supposed to be duel wielding maniacs that can double as a tank if need be. That's what we are SUPPOSED to be.
    At this point, we are a jack of all trades if you will. We are subject to being a half-***** tank or a half-***** dps class. Give me a title of some sort. I'm useless no matter how much time I spend trying to improve my character.

    SOE, don't be wishy-washy about what kind of character I'm supposed to be. I'm tired of being a last resort addition in a group/raid. Give me an opportunity for greatness.
  11. ARCHIVED-aias Guest

    Boneye wrote:
    I agree with you. However, I won't go as far as stating that old adrenaline was overpowered. When it's the only tool you have to counter damage spikes and to make up for the deficiences of our buffs and aas, then no it's not "OP". I just don't have much hope for them making this class MT viable after what X posted regarding his reasons for nerfing adrenaline in the first place.
  12. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Pandarus@Kithicor wrote:
    because he felt like it, IMO.
  13. ARCHIVED-Boneye Guest

    Perhaps you are correct, but I at least love the fact they are making some positive changes here. There are so many of our abilities and CA's that have needed a revamp so I'm crossing my fingers these changes are SOLID...
  14. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    GU 60 zerker fix (if there are any) will decide if i keep playing (read paying) or not. If the fix are not up to expectation aka : fixing AE auto attack to have a reason to go above 100%, fixing our class defining ca/buff (rampage's hitrate and removing the number of trigger, juggernauth, openwounds, adrenaline back to SF with crit taunt, zerker proc etc) increasing the dmg from the CA, fixing the berserker AA tree to make it seem like spending aa are affecting our character.
  15. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Foofoocudlypup@Blackburrow wrote:
    i got tired of reading my character the same way, which is why i don't miss playing so much anymore. unfortunately tanks aren't really supposed to be a true DPS class so zerks really have no purpose any longer. if this class does get a buff then it will be short lived since we have been average for many years running. at least with crusaders they sucked and semi deserved something. guards were boring to play outside of MT position, zerks could solo, tank, whatever ok but never really excelled at anything in particular and i doubt really ever will. eventually i just stopped caring to be the best at some aspect of the game and now mainly just enjoy the one thing that the class has always been good at, soloing.
    i begged for changes to many abilities for quite some time, what do you need open wounds for after you get the mythical? agility spec? why have a mythical if not to just save a few AAs for a little more DPS? hell, guards were just shy of us in DPS so why did we have the class at all with poorer defensive abilities shy of one or 2 which were marginally better but not overall.
    eventually i actually started thinking hard about why have 4 plate tanks, it really makes no sense to me anymore and i started to accept the idea of just merging them into 2 plate tank classes to cure the aggravation and get real changes made. but then i thought about how long that might take and then accepted that even that probably would never happen.
    the #1 issue with tanks is we are all too comparatively competetive, always wanting to have the best abilities/dps/whatever. it really will never end but trimming the fat would definitely help.
    if you think zerks are in poor shape, think about the leather tanks... now they have it real bad.
  16. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Lygerr@Mistmoore wrote:
    Leather Tanks are AMAZING atm.
  17. ARCHIVED-Zegon Guest

    Quick heads-up, some/all of the changes Xelgad was referring to in this thread are now up on test. As this is for discussing live content and not test content, I'll leave it at post, comment, and feedback on it in the test server forums and through the test server /feedback and /bug commands.
  18. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    • Lost Adrenaline no longer prevents Berserk and no longer cause interrupts.
    • Adrenal Flow can now be modified by potency. (yeah but they lowered the heal amount by 120%, so its actualy less then before the fix.)
    • Rampaging Blow now has a higher chance to hit, cannot be parried, dodged, blocked or riposted. (it still takes along time to cast..)
    • Bloodlust now also increases agility. (so..?)
    • Destructive Rage now grants Multi-Attack Chance instead of DPS. The value has been slightly reduced. (awsome!)
    • Open Wounds now also triggers additional damage to targets within 5 meters of the berserker every few seconds. (worthless)

    Wow.. nice fixes... I'm going guardian... berserk and everything is still worthless, i'm so pissed atm its not funny..

    is this seriously ALL we got?!
    No AA fixes...ward of rage is is juggernaught...
    Our EOF tree sucks...

    OK.. so we got a useless AOE .. and 25% MA..... WOOT!
    OH, and adrenaline flow heals LESS now... it heals for 340 after potency...
    I actually think we got nerfed more then fixed...

    everything is broken..
  19. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    I havent had the time to log in test yet due to reinstally test right now.
    So, decent changes on the paper here but will have to see how this works and if indeed adrenal flow has been reduced it s pretty much a slap in the face.
    What i want to see to make us tanks again are fix to wall of force to be usefull against magic damage and reducing the 30% threshold, i d also like to see ward of rage be more potent (2 3k ward disabled when mentoring), many of our AA are obsolete with the change made this expac.
    I would also like to see adrenaline taunt proc crit again, 5 to 8k taunt arent even worth mentionning when raid dps are above 2.5million
    I d like to see some change to juggernaught or it s AA to enhance it further just fyi a single piece of item grants more crit bonus than 5aa spent into it.
    Could you add stamina aswell as agility to Bloodlust in order for berserker to get the HP buff they have been missing compared to other tanks.
    I will comment more once i ll have been able to test deeply (2hours left on Test re-installation)
  20. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    they don't really care about our class... IMO.

    I can tell when they didn't change berserk at all.

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