Berserker class issues thread post Velious and GU 61

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Bremer, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tekadeo Guest

    Another thing I think should get looked into is the cast time on Stunning Roar. It's a roar. No need to wind up for this, or have any animation. Most Zerkers barely ever use this spell as it is mostly because of the cast time.
  2. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    I hope the changes include some improvements to the Berserker CAs (taunt components on Jeering Onslaught, Weapon Counter, Rampage or something similar). The part should have been more than a passing mention. The Velious raid gear is very biased towards spell/CA damage, because there's potency on everything, but hardly any multiattack or other melee stuff. This disfavors Berserkers with their melee dependency. More powerful CAs, in line what other classes have, would help fixing this problem.
  3. ARCHIVED-Davish_Darkwolf Guest


    This class needs some SERIOUS loving and you did a great job with this post
  4. ARCHIVED-mlijntje Guest

    Bremer, I love your post, it is great.
    The points you make are right on the mark, they address exactly what work needs to be done on the class. It is quite rare to see such sensible and insightful player input, not asking for ridiculous changes and with good knowledge of the mechanics. I am used to players are just calling out to give them stuff to make them overpowered.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zegon Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    Right, the biggest problems I'm seeing for berserkers right now is berserker combat arts (and fighters in general, although this is most evident with berserkers) are low damage and cast-time abilities. As such, they lack a lot of the punch the other classes get, and gain by far the least from the focus effects that affect a specific ability (like +10-20% damage to an ability) and potency affects them the least. With the inaccuracy problems that you have when attacking a mob from the front, this makes tank hate a problem in general thanks to even auto-attack missing far more often than it used to.
    Add in that the focus effects berserkers get for their abilities are weaker than white adornments (+5 DPS mod is less than a white legendary DPS mod adornment, the +C/P/S on the berserk proc is less than a white legendary adornment, 15% extra mitigation from Wall of Rage equates to about +220 mitigation, and so on) and the proliferation of caps on abilities, and there's a lot of things that were good with the class initially that just do not work anymore. It's evident of neglect that berserkers were able to get by on one ability (Adrenaline), but that got hammered hard with the nerf bat, so now the problems are magnified.
    Almost, but not quite as bad, as problems that have plagued other classes earlier in EQ2's existance.
  6. ARCHIVED-TigerLotus Guest

    You are right, the Berserkers relayed on their DPS to hold aggro. And the CA where already very weak. So the highest amount of damage came from autoattack. Many of the AA to improve CA damage are practically useless.. increasing the damage of a weak CA by 15% or 25% doesn't make it a strong ability.
    The Guardian in comparison is not dependend on his CA for aggro, he has plenty of possibilities like improved hategaim (3times in aa) and hate-decrease, more taunts and reactive aggro-spells. So the guardian can create much aggro with low dps.
    The Berserker does not have this much utilities to generate aggro without dps. But the new DoV equipment is not supporting the autoattack-dps for tanks. The benefit of potency and critbonus for the weak CA is low.
  7. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    just bite the bullet and combine the 3 fighters already by combining the 2 subclasses into a single class. would make changes easier and quicker without all the whining about balance.

    edit: this coming from a 6 year dedicated zerk veteran.
  8. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Bremer wrote:
  9. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    The SF change to VoM definitely made it better, 15 min recast for a 10 % heal and other classes getting 3 min recast, 100 % heal and 2 triggers was a joke. But with Velious the damage mobs deal relative to your total HP has greatly increased, but not the heal amount. So VoM has rather become less powerful. When I take a hard hit (pretty easy without many stoneskin, ward, damage immunity and HP buffs) I don't need a HoT over 8 seconds, I need a heal right now before the next hit comes and kills me. The heal still has a random luck component (Berserk), so I don't think woulnd't be overpowered, if it actually healed for more. just for one tick. Wall of Force definitely got better with Velious, because the raid mobs hit so hard. But still nothing in heroic/PvP/BG content hits hard enough to trigger the effect. The crit part of Juggernaut may sound helpful. But if you can't cap crit chance by gear you are screwed, because you lose way too much DPS. And I think it's entirely possible to reach the necessary crit for HM encounter with HM gear and some adornments. I'd rather rely on that than on a short time buff every 3 minutes.
  10. ARCHIVED-das2000uk Guest

    Brilliant post Brem and with a dev on board whos on our side and wants to make changes asap life as a zerker could once again be good.
  11. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    I think you may be confusing VoM with UW slightly. VoM only has a 4 min recast (2 min with AA's) as well as being able to upgrade the healing % with AA's. Does it heal like other tanks DS' But I believe this is relative to our self-healing ability as well when you add in all the other factors. Like I said, just from my personal experience in using it since SF/DoV, it works fine.
    You keep refering to a "cap" as far as crit goes. Did they not remove the caps on both Crit and MA as well as other stats? In all honesty, I can't see going above 300% crit atm myself. But, with SOE, you never know what they may do with end-game encounters. It is debateable whether or not the Crit chance on juggernaut is still relative. But, until I see that it is again useles for another expansion, then I would prefer to leave it for the "just-in-case".
  12. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    No. I'm talking about VoM. Before SF it had it had a 30 min recast (not 15) , so the recast reduction to 5 min made it definitely better, but still nothing to rely on. And I know that crit chance is uncapped. But You can't get better than 100 % actual crit chance. When you crit 100 % any more crit is worthless. I don't think the crit chance should be removed from Juggernaut, but there should be something on the spell that actually matters when you are at 100 % crit. And it shouldn't have penalties.
  13. ARCHIVED-Spite Guest

    My gear got worse and my class issues remain un-addressed by more that lip-service.
  14. ARCHIVED-Brdiael Guest

    From playing a scout class for raids after hanging up my zerker. i find there is a huge misconception of tanking. a scout can just as easily tank now, will have less mit but can get very big hp and avoidance wise.

    when a tank dies in raids i immediately grab aggro if no tank get get it. because i got the hp and avoidance to soak up a few hits for another tank to grab aggro.

    now i noticed one peculiar thing, every tank class has one defining ability that makes them unique, pally's heal/dps outburts, sk's death march guardians unmatched aggro control.
    Zerkers will have.... berserk and a heal proc useless in raids and only useful for solo. the ward is also useless in non solo.

    I think thats what makes things harder. we share the new aa's with the guardian, we became mute. i love my berserker, but i find i use berserk ability to use adrenaline only. juggernaut useless now. the points described are perfect.
    What is missing is still a real defining ability. and tanking survivability if you were to put us with our counter brother the guardian.guardians are master of defense.
    we dual wield. let us have something special for it, or the 2h which i currently like using as single mobs 2h does seem to have a better dps outburst. guardians the master of the 1h and shield. sks's are great for 2h.Berserkers are masters of offense.
    bruisers have 3 stances. def/off/ def with off
    this may seem whiny i get it but it needs to be made clear that our content is outdated. in SF zerkers rocked raiding because of our innate AE, our capable outburst for big mobs in multi encounters, dov is purely single. i find only one line in our warrior tree useful and thats the slayer one. with the caps lifted we have harder time and getting up to bar is not a easy feat. ive seen most berserkers betray.
  15. ARCHIVED-aias Guest

    Roehl@Blackburrow wrote:
    VoM works fine you say? You serious? I think alot of us who play the berserker class have gotten accustomed to playing with the illogical restraints they put on this class and deem it "normal" after all these years. It's like being abused your whole life and you just accept it as normal.
  16. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    i haven't really gotten a chance to even look at DoV, but is it once again all single target BS? this is getting old.
  17. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Pandarus@Kithicor wrote:
    Actually, yes I am. Since the change to it in SF, along with the AA enhancements. VoM has become a very effective DS for us. Do I agree with most that it could use some help....sure. Maybe somehow just remove the berserk requirement is all it would need. But to say that it is totally ineffectual as a DS is just wrong. With proper rotation between VoM and UW, Zerkers in a sense have 3 DS's usuable within a 2.5 min cycle. And if your dying more than that ... well ... either your doing something wrong, or you need better healers.
  18. ARCHIVED-Thetmes Guest

    Just thought since the majority of Zerks I know DW how about giving us some extra Parry or Block Chance on our Off Hand no mit though. Give us a real DW spec I guess would be the answer.
  19. ARCHIVED-aias Guest

    Roehl@Butcherblock wrote:
    I'm always recruiting healers, so send them my way. I'm not sure what you can do wrong or right with VoM. I'm not sure that you even see the point of what I'm saying. I've reread what I posted and I can't see why you claim I said it was ineffectual.
    VoM does it exactly as it says. It's effective when the stars are aligned your way, if berserk is proccing when VoM is triggered, if berserk is proccing to get the better heal, and if the mob forgets to hit you during the VoM heal. We are constrained by a proc!
  20. ARCHIVED-TigerLotus Guest

    Another thing:
    I would like to know from the developers when the improvements of the Berserker can be seen on the test servers. I think it would be really good if they do not show up there at such short notice that there is no time for feedback.

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