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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Terrogaunt, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clarification.I devs can edit, you might want to add this clarification to the OP.

    That said, I'll try to clarify my post above ;p

    Filtering type question: can we check several filtering type at the same time?

    Sorting type: I was thinking about sorting a bag by the typeid value.
    Some people might not want to actually choose which bag is for what (example: I have bag 6 for harvests and bag 4-5 for "all the stuff I keep full time in my bags" which I keep full so as not to have anything dropping in the middle). In this case, I don't really need to have a bag for armor, a bag for potions and such, but I would gladly like to have the weapons in a place, jewels in another, armor pieces in another without having to sort them all by hand within those 2 bags.

    Sorting question: The sorting only occurs when the /sort_bags macro is used and not at all time ok? (I assume it's the case from your opening post but wanted to make sure)
  2. Terrogaunt Developer

    Yep, the filters are checkboxes for that reason!

    The items are already sorting by type as the very base level of sorting, since I have to separate them all by these types to make sure that they go into the properly filtered bags.

    The sorting is not an "always on" thing that reacts to items coming into the inventory. It's just an instant sorting of the bags that happens whenever you use the command.
  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I am hoping this draft of your ideas gets patch soon, I have 10 toons on beta waiting to test this out :rolleyes:
  4. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Thanks Terrogaunt
    I can't wait :)
  5. Eshaac Active Member

    Whoa... Stop the bus.... I just typed /sort_bags item and half me stuff when poof... did it again to see if the come back this time using /sort_bags name and more went poof.. I'm at fearcreep .. eeekkk

  6. Terrogaunt Developer

    Yeah, it looks like something got missed when I integrated it from the internal testing server over to the Test server. I'm looking into it now

    Edit: just zone around and your items should return to you or pop into your overflow.
  7. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    Yeah. sort level poofed all my bag contents. relogged and all but about 2 40 slot bags worth of stuff came back in overflow. Can we get a rollback?
  8. Terrogaunt Developer

    Also, be sure to set your bag options before trying it. I'm not sure if that will make a difference, but it very well might.
  9. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    zoning around isn't bringing back everything. I'm guessing there's a limit on the overflow buffer. Still missing a couple bags worth of items.
  10. Terrogaunt Developer

    I actually can't get that to happen to me. Can you tell me what process you did in order? (Also, any particular items that went into overflow)

    What I did was set all of my bag options, zoned, and then sorted my bags. You shouldn't need to zone, but this pulls down the data to refresh the bag names and such if you renamed them.
  11. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    I did exactly this: open second inventory bag from left.
    right click bag options, looked around, cancelled
    typed /sort_bags level and hit enter.
    everything poofed.
    looked in each bag.
    issued a /camp Ohoh
  12. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    Oh. items that went to overflow:
    Dreadcutter's Stern
    Gossamer Rivulet
    Mercenary: Captain Bloodstain
    Power Potion

    Things I KNOW I'm missing
    Vitality Breach
    Fettering Poison
    The robe cloak that's rewarded from the obol shroud collection quest. (I might not have had this, don't remember if I stuck it in my altar yesterday or not)
  13. Terrogaunt Developer

    Something strange is going on. I found myself crashing when I used the command on a copied character without any options set, but it worked perfectly on a character that had every bag option set.

    Try it again, but make sure that you set options for every bag (just in case)

    Edit: Actually, that stopped the crashing, but the items went into overflow. Getting closer!
  14. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    each bag -> bag options, defaults, bag options, apply.
    /sort_bags level
    Every bag empty now.
    Call to guild hall.
    have overflow.
    Now missing an additional 14 items.
  15. Eshaac Active Member

    I had set 3 of my bag options prior to the sort command I used.

    Ok, just set all 6 bag options, and did the /sort_bags name and again half me stuff went poof as I'm standing at fearcreep.. going to zone to HoT and see what comes back in me overflow.

  16. Terrogaunt Developer

    If anything doesn't come back (visually), it means that it's probably set itself up in a phantom bag/slot. No items actually get deleted off of your character, so it could just take your character getting DB loaded again to reset them. Sorry about that! Trying to track down where the issue is now, since this was not happening before integrating the changes
  17. Eshaac Active Member

    ok.. now trying to use the /sort_bags is getting me crashed to toon select with nothing being changed in my bags

  18. Terrogaunt Developer

    Yeah, that's what I was seeing when I didn't set any of my bag options. I believe it's because of harvest bags and the like causing an infinite loop since it can't accept the item that the filter says it can
  19. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    So what does that mean "your character getting DB loaded again"? Server bounce?
  20. Eshaac Active Member

    I've set all my bag options.. all bags are brewmeister's backpack, 3 mottled leather backpack, bristled leather backpack, Tinkerer's combustion powered backpack. Those are the bags I have on me..