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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-timetravelling, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Jrral Guest

    This isn't one that's too rare, it's kind of the opposite: Venekor in Temple of Cazic-Thule. He spawns right in the middle of the three pyramids in the back half of the zone. Two of those pyramids are where the nameds needed for the Screaming Mace HQ spawn, and there's no way to get up those pyramids without coming within Venekor's aggro radius. Since he's an epic x4 it's pretty much impossible to deal with him with a single group while he's got color, but since he's only level 65 nobody's interested in herding a 24-man raid for him so once he spawns he just sits there forever smirking and blocking that HQ (unless you're doing it at a high enough level to grey him and the HQ out). Last night after he'd been parked there for 24 hours our guild got a few 80s together to kill him grey just to get him out of the way.
    Is it possible to put Venekor on a timer so if nobody's killed him after say 8 hours he despawns and frees up access to the side pyramids?
  2. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    xpraetorianx wrote:
    First of all, leveling up is quick these days. Before XP was allowed to be frozen completely, I routinely outleveled both content and gear before I had a chance to make use of either. Now, the only way I can get decent use out of gear and actually see a good portion of the game's content is to level-lock.
    Second of all, the problem with leveling up quickly is that you then end up with the entire game population at max level and looking for something new to do. We all know the designers can't keep up with the demand that high-level players put on them for content; speeding up leveling would only make that worse.

    Powers &8^]
  3. ARCHIVED-Nighrbringer Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    Stiletto is a fairly easy camp, took us less than 90 minutes to get him 3 times when we did the Manastone quest.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nighrbringer Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    I kind of enjoy mentoriing xp as it is. Nightbringer has been perma-mentored since level 46. That means I've gained my last 24 levels while duoing with my wife's lower level toons.
  5. ARCHIVED-Roldor Guest

    Another boss mob for the list...
    Name = Vysra the Ever-Hungry
    Zone = Loping Plains
    Timer = 25 minutes
    Quest = The Ever-Hungry Ahroun
    I spent about 8 hours camping this mob a month or so back. Maybe I got incredibly unlucky but the chance for the named to spawn seems very low.
    - Roldy
  6. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Jrral@Unrest wrote:
    Make it like the promotional video and downtier him to at most a x2 npc. Ideal although it will never happen he should fly away at 10% (not leave a corpse, but leave a chest) and emote something to persuade you to go to the Spirits of the lost zone to fight him (He really should fly away in the spirits of the lost zone as well and only leave a corpse in the KOS zone).
  7. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    timetravelling wrote:
    Broog and the lizard in Sinking sands both epic mobs dont really drop anything to note. Downtier them heroic or just put something else on them. They have always been misleading.
  8. ARCHIVED-Dahktur Guest

    Having just done the Hoo'la hat , the update off the Centurions in Halls of Fate seriously needs to be looked at. I went thru 2 instances, over 3 days, killing EVERY centurion in the place, and getting no update. Got on fourth day, in my third instance, on approx the 5th or 6th one. I dont mind *camping*, or rareness, but when the zone is an instance and you are locked out from it when you leave, AND the mobs do not respawn, this gets beyond frustration. Thank you.
  9. ARCHIVED-Alienor Guest

    The Leucous Maw for the quest Ceremony of the Fanged Necklace of Bloodline Chronicles should be looked at. It seems you have to constantly zone in and out to find an instance where he is up.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    Alienor wrote:
    In my experience, that mob is either up when you zone ir or spawns when you clear a ring of the snakes.
    But in either case it's rediculous trying to find it. I think I spent 20 instances worth of killing all the snakes until I got it to spawn.
  11. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    Gungo wrote:
    Technically, he shouldn't even do that.
    As players, we are unaware of Venekor is actually dead or not, but thats a conversation for the lore board, not here.
  12. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Noaani wrote:
    Except technically he leaves his head as a trophy in that instance. Kinda hard to do that if you are alive. Also kind of hard to do that when its a BODY drop.
    anyway back on topic.
    Princess Cheroon and Huntmaster Viswin in Mistmoore Castle need to have thier Place holders removed. In fact there are many named and ring events in that zone with placeholders that should be converted to the KC/sebilis style of timed spawn.
  13. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    Gungo wrote:
    Both Vhalen and the trophy you are talking about say that we may not have seen the last of him.
    Just sayin.
  14. ARCHIVED-DragonTurtle Guest

    Definately agree with the need to remove Princess Cherista's ph. Her ph a Mistmoore Princess keeps spawning over and over instead of Cherista.
  15. ARCHIVED-timetravelling Guest

    DragonTurtle wrote:
    Castle Mistmoore placeholders should already be gone on Test, and the drop rate of the exp03 set items for the Huntmaster and Princess Cherista have risen significantly.
  16. ARCHIVED-Guy De Alsace Guest

    Dont know if its been mentioned before but a couple of Thundermaw Drakes dotted about with the other drakes would be nice for the catalogue quest in Tenebrous Tangle.
    However I think SOE have done pretty well in stopping the unfun camping thing.
    Just wish they could do the same for faction. Especially in RoK. I think its the new de-rigeur method of timesinking players as opposed to rare spawns now.
  17. ARCHIVED-Aralys Guest

    I'm a big DoF fan, and big on getting named AA hits for all my chars. I run all my alts through the peacock quests, sinking sands, pof, etc getting every name. This takes a very .... long .... time since some of the names have an extremely low chance to spawn. I've run 9 characters through "wrapping it all up," so I've spent a lot of time killing mobs in this expansion.
    There are a few problems with the DoF names:
    1. Some just have too low a chance to spawn. Bonesaw the caiman, the Broodmatriach scorpion, Noxious lacerator, etc. The Strategist, Warclaw, and other names in Silent City as well are far too rare. In PoF, Cinderpelt, the Magi and fighter named Giants, the named Cyclops down near the SS boundar, are all too rare. By Low chance, I mean I can kill all their placeholders 20 times in a row without seeing the named. That is a lot of waiting.
    The spawn rate of named in Living Tombs on the other hand, is fine. LT spawn rate is similar to all the other dungeons in the game, you see names within 2-4 placeholder kills.
    2. Some names' chances to spawn are severely hurt by the completely useless" distressed merchant" event. For example, the named Gnolls down in the gnoll tear, you kill the placeholders to hopefully start a ring event. However, fully half the time, there is a distressed merchant there.... so even if the event "works," you get nothing but a gratified merchant, no chance at a name for that round. This makes the rarity of the names far far more rare, because you aren't just fighting the placeholder %, you're fighting to get past the non-named events. This affects several named spawns around the Twin Tears.
    3. The hitpoints on the x2 and x4 events in deep Silent City are a bit much. Let's be honest, you don't see full x2 raids, or even full groups down here anymore - it's usually a person boxing, or a handful of people trying to get some AA - or an extremely masochistic person like myself trying to get the eyes the old fashioned way. It isn't a problem to kill the events and deal with the placeholders / non successful ring events, but the quantity of HP for these ring events is pretty extreme for the true audience. If the HP were balanced more for 2-4 mentored 80s, it would be more fun for AA-seekers or quest completion nuts. For comparison, I can complete Fountain of Life entirely with just me, another guildmate, and a mentor target (74) in less time than it takes to complete 3 ring events outside in Silent City.
  18. ARCHIVED-Tri-Ace Guest

    Captain Krivek in Palace of the Awakened could use an adjustment. Spawned 3 times in the last 7 days.
  19. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I mentioned this in the Achievements thread, but the whole Epic x4 section of Silent City needs to be revamped in light of the achievement requiring killing the contested epic x4 mob outside of the Fountain of Life.
    My list of recommendations:
    * Reduce the zone difficulty to a uniform Heroic difficulty (with perhaps some of the bosses in that region Epic x2; hard mobs in their own right, but Epic x2 is within the realm of possibility for single groups).
    * Reduce the respawn time to 30 minutes or less on the nameds, to be more consistent with the Heroic section of the zone (as well as consistent with Living Tombs).
    * Placeholders are fine for all but "Arazul, Hand of the Godking". He's the mob for the Silent City achievement, and he also shares his spawn with "Laith the Ravager" and "Izur the Aegis". Although they all drop the Uzu Eye for "The Eyes of Anashti Sul" quest, only Arazul is for the Achievement.
    The section isn't terribly difficult; I can solo it at level 80 on my Conjuror pretty easily (even the Epic x4 nameds), and I could probably solo it at 70 or 75 automentored. But it's completely out of whack according to the current game design.
  20. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    I ran into a named fire beetle today as I betrayed my L10 Assassin: Charapace.
    I'd never killed it before with this toon. There was no star next to its name to indicate AA.
    The beetle is L12.
    I'm not sure, it's been a long while since I've seen Gustfeather, but I think it also doesn't have AA attributed to it. I recall killing it with my Swash when of a level and there was no AA. And I think also Underwyrm.
    All of these are in Commonlands and all are over L10.
    I did run into The Boneyard Watcher, the named 'goyle in the Graveyard, one I had never seen befofe. It had a star.
    I've not seen Seepscale in some time, but when I did kill it, I had no AA.
    I can't remember the name of the named giant spider in CL, but it also has no AA and is over L10.
    There's a named ghoul in the cemetary where Drammar Quickblade stands (what IS he used for anyway?), has capital letters and no AA.
    I've not seen the named rock lion in some time, Sunfang or something like that. Used to be able to spawn it by killing the lionesses and cubs around a large rock near the DLW entrance.
    The named black wolf, another that I've not seen in some time.
    Reetusk and Captain Garglass are regular spawns. Tho they've yet to drop anything better than treasured.
    The named female ghost, Aneska or something like that, is a fast spawn and always around. But again, either doesn't drop any loot, or wood/treasured.
    The named orcs in the spirit valley (heroic ghostly root horrors) which are for a questline from WFP gates have no AA at all.
    This is all off the top of my head as I ran betrayal last night.
    Another I remember from Antonica, the named root horror by the druid rings...Thornbark or something like that. Hardly spawns. Same for Stoneclaw (?) the named darkclaw crab.
    I've seen Grolven and the Fanglord on a regular basis.
    I'm not sure if the named Dark Coven witch from the old ring event gives AA. I've not tried to spawn her in some time.
    The Klicnik Queen is always up. The King is the extremely rare spawn. I've never seen it in my years of play (since launch) and have yet to get it to spawn. I know some have stumbled across it, tho.
    The fae ambassadors are always up in Oakmyst. Grubdigger is a bit hard to make spawn, but it can be done. I know all three give AA.
    I've only seen these mobs once, but in Peatbog, there's a named elemental in the back where the large monitors are, there's Sicklejaw, and a named beetle. The queen faerie, Esmeralda (?) can be spawned with some work. The named frog, I've only even seen spawn once. I know that there's a quest for the Sunwolf, but when I ran that quest looooong ago, it was broken and never spawned. I don't know if that quest starter is still in game, I've not seen it since quests were removed from the burbs and city. Itchhide can be spawned. Lurkblister, I don't know if it can be spawned but I've not seen it in some time.
    In The Caves, The Devoured and Slaverjaw spawn on a regular basis. I've seen the named gnoll that stands on the large dragon skull on the 2nd level, as well as the one in the area that leads to Adamantor, but admittedly not recently. Now Adamantor, he's a real pain to spawn. I've tried in my time playing, and just once seen him. The named white spider in the first level I've yet to see lately.
    That's it...apologies of some of these are repeats. I wanted to get all this down before I forgot.

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