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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Daray, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Not related to range for me, but whether I kill the target or not.
    If my direct target dies from Fusion, I don't get the Fervor increase.
    Verified with two training dummies, one of them immortal.

    Created a community issue: https://dgcissuetracker.com/browse/EQII-894?filter=11926
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    Ethershadow has a multiplier attached to it, Manaburn's multiplier is right as the spell says, it does x number of damage per mana point. It does not factor potency or CB the way that ethershadow does.
  3. Daray Well-Known Member

    Status update: Fiery Blasting #likeaboss .....


    And yes that is a single rotation (well there were a few more lines too)
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    Someone needs to nerf that daray guy, he just fiery blasts the mobs until they get bored and commit suicide.
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    Looks good to me! *Licks a window*
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    He's trying to fix it just seems to be more errors in the programming
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    Fiery Blast, Mana Burn, Wizard Epic 2.0 all need a major rehauling not to mention the mostly obsolete AA abilities that Wizard's have in general, I have a feeling this is all known and is being worked on. I have been playing a Wizard since 2004 and I have seen this class go from the Tier 1 Alpha's to the Tier 2 class that is right now and its been on a steady decline since Destiny of Velious came out hopfully by next XPac we are back on top or at least competing for it. I have a good feeling though.
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    I didnt realise just how much lock/wiz suck now until the only necro in raid got his epic. My lock with 23k potency got her *** kicked by the necro with 16k..same gear yes why shouldnt they top the parse but less geared..it just shouldnt happen!!!!. Its not like its that easy to start from scratch now on another class..,,thanks for the link to the survey :)
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    I'd like to confirm that. I know for a fact I have 21 more pot deity than our beastlord, who also has some inferior gear, and yet his parse is off the charts. I mean by x3+ what i'm doing. We all know BLs are overpowered but the parse imbalance I speak of also applies to other classes that are not supposed to be 'Tier 1' DPS classes...on paper.

    In the most general understanding of a fantasy world. a Wiz is, purely and simply, a T1 dps In practice, they're probably 'tier 3' or more accurately, raid obsolete. Yes there are some exceptions to this but they afe few and far between.

    It needs fixing, finally, please.
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    No one will be fixing anything. The only thing they care of is trying to snatch just a liitle more money from the player base by selling imbalanced ascension abilities to those still willing to buy them and feel better. The game is not dying, it's already dead and beyond redemption. Just stop paying, even subscription. It's just a rip off.
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    You should see what summoners can do now in more or less prolonged fights :D
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    they really should delete some classes.

    would be easier ... 2 shamans, trouby, chanty for mana and brigand for debuff and beastlord for dps :). or Dirges for rez (or necro .. they dps too)
    9 classes left plus 2 tanks (pick the best ones) and off we go
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    Or maybe all the classes do different things.
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    yeah that was the first purpose of all those classes.

    is it still ??
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    Just take a look at the hits/swings of us and compare them to other Dps in the raid, you would be extremely surprised at what you see. On sustained fights other classes are hitting mobs 2000+ more times over 5-6 min fight.
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    Still to complicated
    Summoners for tanking and DPS, 1 super healers class and 1 utility and that should do a trick lol