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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Daray, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Indy Member

    I understand the balance concerns there, but at least one dev has stated there is no balance in KA, so I'm not holding my breath on that happening.
  2. Rondo9 Active Member

    When I tested left vs right, left side was almost half or right side /shurg. Your casting Glacial Wind on a single target, I never cast that on Single or non-linked mobs and i dont see BoD listed on either?

    Anyway the 2 main problems with Wizards are Fiery Blast needs to be fixed and out Epics need to be reworked before any other band aid fixes happen.
  3. Zelox Active Member

    Like I thought I was addicted to eq2 idk how any of you have the patience to continue playing
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  4. Yards Well-Known Member

    I figured I paid for this heap of ish xpac, I might as well see it to the end. At least then I can see first hand how 1 dev killed a relatively good game.
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  5. Xellium Active Member


    Glacial Wind is more efficient on single target than Magma Chamber, Flames of V, and Ball of Fire,
    I don't see how you could not cast it in a single target fight.
    What are you pressing instead?

    I only cast instant BoD, and only if I have enough time for it to be back up before FB.
    Its such a small hit, especially for single target, delaying it for FB isn't that big a deal.
    Its worse to not have the perfect FB set up.
  6. Yards Well-Known Member

    Well imho your testing was not done balanced. For one you used fb in one parse and not the other and the biggest flaw is you didn't use ascension abilities, and it is well known in this broke game ascension comes first then your secondary class as per caith has designed.
  7. Xellium Active Member

    Well FB is right side spec only so I couldn't cast it while left side speced.
    And I wanted to compare them directly without ascension abilities.
    I just want to know what compliments our real classes now with filler spells.

    If I had more time I would mess around a lot more, but ill just stay left side speced for a week and see how it goes.
  8. Yards Well-Known Member

    How long have you been a wizard that you think fb is only right side? Fb is not a prestige ability, sorry.
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  9. Yards Well-Known Member

    I no longer have confidence in your testing. Your credentials have been revoked.
  10. Xellium Active Member

    Well I have been on and off the game as a wizard since CoE, I missed AoM entirely.
    And your correct, FB is a wizard AA my bad.
    I suppose I need to redo the testing and rethink how to incorporate a good FB rotation for left side.

    I'm not sure why I thought FB was a right side ability.
    I have always speced right side and only tested left side this xpac with the changes.
    Back to the drawing board.
  11. Rondo9 Active Member

    Its near impossible to gauge which side is better while fiery blast is broken, the damage is to inconsistent!! But in my opinion left side well produce MUCH lower fiery blast hits (if working correctly) as you have 3 instant hitting abilities at max increments. With left wide you would most likely only get Fusion, one ascension and prob thunderclap.
  12. Xellium Active Member

    Mow with FB!

    Incineration procs do not count towards FB at all.

    I have to agree, its impossible to gauge the viability of either spec with FB so fubared.
    FB should/could be hitting for tens of billions.
  13. Xellium Active Member

    Assassin is doing 12 times as much damage as Manaburn...

    Ethershadow Assassin (GM) 525k mana, with rising tide and all the bells and whistles running...

    Manaburn 525k mana, with rising tide and all the bells and whistles running...
  14. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    All while everyone says Focused Casting is fine as is... :(
    Twice the reuse, and 1/20th the value even when FB is broken.
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  15. Jasmin New Member

    and if prozhat Fury of the Magelords be burned xp instead of mana?
    Converts most abilities to consume an increased amount of health instead of power.
  16. Zelox Active Member

    am i the only one bothered by no ice comets on xell's parse
  17. Xellium Active Member

    Why would that bother you?
    Ice Comet is far enough down the casting priority that it rarely if ever is used.
  18. Zelox Active Member

    i know that.
  19. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Rift and Distortion are both garbage too, don't feel too bad.
  20. wazul Active Member

    ok for fusion not proc fervor part.
    is a bug with range.
    in my tool tips i have 17.5m and 187m
    if i cast under 17.5 no fervor. i cast at 18m. fervor.