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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Pippers Active Member

    Sorry you feel that way I was not trying to sound that way, hence the last line of the post.

    I'm not trying to sway anyone one way or the other mearly suggesting people look at their playstyle and make the decision based on how it would effect them. Seems simple but some people are having fun suggesting in game that we have "lost" 1500sc a month because of this. I'm simply trying to help new people have clear view no matter which way they decide.
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  2. Kellden Darkleaf New Member

    Thank you for being kind about this and actually understanding what I was trying to say...however it was not just one side that descended into the ranting...either way I appreciate your feedback:)
  3. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Yes, but that specifically states the monthly subscription cost.

    My question about is price differences between all-access and single-sub with multi-month subscriptions. My current cost for all-access is cheaper than $14.99 a month, because I pay annually. It comes to just over $11 a month, which is still a discount off the monthly sub, so could legitimately be marketed as value pricing. It is, however, more than the current cost of an EQII annual sub.

    So some clarification would be helpful - will multi-month subs be priced at single-game multi-month rates (lowest per-month price available) or at all-access prices (still a discount from $14.99 a month, but not as good a discount), or somewhere in between?
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  4. Treysar New Member

    [quote="Please do us a big favor and carefully think about #3. ![/quote]
    I personally like the original option better its more value for my buck and screw the nut jobs that cant see it. so i want all you who voted for this 500 option and screwed me into having to wait 4 months per item to buy me 1500sc per month to cover the items I cant get now =p
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  5. Pippers Active Member

    Suggestion to the higher ups.....
    We now you can do in game polls so maybe next you really actually want to know how your player base feels about potential changes you use that route.
    Pretty sure sending out an in-game and e-mail (as back since in-game mail boxes get bugged) poll would have given you a better picture of what all your players want.
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  6. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Well 4 things to say......
    1. Glad we are keeping the 500 SC :)
    2. So now gold accounts will have All Access pass with new changes thats cool if I ever get time to play the other games.
    Will it include EQN?
    3. Double token will be permanent part of the new setup. That is Great!
    4. 10% discount in our marketplaces for gold members. Show me the money!
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  7. Amix New Member

    Going from paying for 3 Soe game down to one on 2 accounts is what is hurting. 500 is not enough. That's my point.
    2k was better pick.Don't make any changes till you get a full view of changes and effects. Take your time.
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  8. Ibethia New Member

    2K for 1.. yes 1 item per month.. what item did you wanna buy at 1 per month ??? Mounts tops are what 1950? Houses 1350?.. what was so important you needed that item per month for free? The 2k per month voucher was for 1 item at 2k or less value.. I don't see the attraction.. please enlighten me.
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  9. Awkk Well-Known Member

    If we want this, should we sign up for All Access now, or will just being gold on our EQ2 account be enough? I haven't read the whole thread, yet, this has been cutting into what is left of Frostfell. :D
  10. Grazel New Member

    The 2k item was a /claim as well, it didn't accumulate so you couldn't stay away a few months then come back and buy a bunch of items with built up 2k coupons. You had to log in each month to claim the 2k voucher for that month or you lost it. The new change just swapped it from 2k claim it + use it or lose it, back to a 500SC that accumulates, just have to claim it or lose it now.
  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Good move.
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  12. Kellden Darkleaf New Member

    This is questionable, if I didn't need sleep I would have gone through all pages of each thread but in the first 3 pages of the first thread there are no less than 9 references from posters threatening to unsubscribe---technically not the same as "quitting" technically but there was much threatening to unsubscribe.
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  13. Ibethia New Member

    ''''The 2k item was a /claim as well, it didn't accumulate so you couldn't stay away a few months then come back and buy a bunch of items with built up 2k coupons. You had to log in each month to claim the 2k voucher for that month or you lost it. The new change just swapped it from 2k claim it + use it or lose it, back to a 500SC that accumulates, just have to claim it or lose it now. ''"
    Don't forget the important part.. you had to use or lose the 2k /claim on ONE item per month or you lost it.... the 500 we get to continue to do as we please with.. we just have to log in 1 time per month to /claim.
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  14. Pippers Active Member

    No technically it's not the same which is the point. Most of those people (I don't sleep so I did read it all....you didn't miss much) said they would unsub and use the saved $ to buy sc instead. Hardly the same as quitting the game. Nobody here debating the issue wants to quit the game those that do will simply do so and move on.

    My last post so I don't clutter the issue more than I have:

    I prefer the way it stand now but would like to see those that want to chose the 2k voucher get that option. Put a time lock it in for a certain time limit so people can't flip flop and be done with it.

    The real people who seem to have lost out on the issue are those with all access already since they stood to gain across all games and that seems limited to just sc now.
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  15. Simparri Active Member

    The single biggest sticking point for most people was that the 2k chit would cover only one single item. Just about the only things that cost 1k+ SC are mounts, prestige homes & services & everybody knows that services would certainly be excluded. How many mounts & homes does the individual character need/want/possibly use? They could have added more for Gold accounts in Loyalty Tokens & added LT prices on marketplace items.

    I think the presented setup will satisfy the majority of players but one person made a good point, for those who are spending time in locations where they cannot log into the game itself allowing them to log in via the web site to do their /claim to get that bonus would be helpful. I know a number of players in the military who are often spending extended time overseas as well as more than a few who regularly spend time in various hospitals that usually do not allow patients to do things like play computer games. Adding a multiple account discount is something a number of players would take advantage of, link them via email address/CC number.

    One thing I'm Positive SOE needs to do is to hire a Public Relations professional who is also a gamer. This whole thing was a public relations Nightmare from the get-go, dumping that blanket statement with no explanations at the beginning of a weekend just added fuel to the fire. If SOE Does have a Public Relations department either they were not informed, or listened to, or they fell asleep at the switch. Having the only information being released on a single Different games website, Planetside, did not do SOE any favors with their EQ2 customers at all. Just how difficult would it have been for Smed (or his PA/secretary/etc)to copy/paste his statement here? That was another item that irritated the EQ2 players, making it seem as though EQ2 was of lesser importance.
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  16. sompet_eq2 Member

    Thank you!

    * as long as European players will be included
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  17. Treysar New Member

    280 aa potions are 2K per month, mounts, housing, yes I see the attraction I will have to wait 3 to 4 months for each of these now where i could have 3 or 4 items in this time hmm. How much would you lose over time buying a few lesser items? Its economics bet you would make out by the 1 item per month also. They are still gonna make you claim the 500, will you forget to 1 or 2 months while trying to save up? 500 aint a lot of value per month.
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  18. Trevynoae Member

    That was me ;) and not without purpose because I am one of those who unfortunately have to spend time in hospitals every now and then without much headsup. I could easily use my cellphone to do that /claim but not log in the game itself. And service-folks are in similar situation, I think.

    I thought about something similar lately - but maybe this is a good time to throw it in ...
    Honestly - I would be happy to pay $5 per month for being able to log in 2 characters from the same account.
    Or maybe have sort of an "unlock" like 2000sc to log in 2 characters at the same time or a bundle worth 3000sc for 3 simultaneous characters.
    I think that is something that would please some folks.
    Yes I know that with the game being free2play this isn't really needed anymore - but I somehow think it is more convenient. Of course - you would also have to buy expansions just once. So maybe make it 2000sc per year for multi-login?
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  19. Jojo Member

    It's interesting how all the members who (no doubt silently) approved the previous plan regarding the station cash are now coming out of the woodwork to complain now SOE have changed their mind about that proposal. lol

    To those who had approved the proposed change, you had a chance to voice your opinion in the original thread, which you didn't. 90% of the posts were from people who were against the "use it or lose it" one-item voucher idea, and Sony took note - which to their credit is commendable of them (and probably sensible! lol).

    Personally I'm glad SOE reassessed this idea and indeed listened to the opinions of its loyal customer base. I'm fairly new to EQ2 and only went gold last month after deciding the 500 SC per month was a nice perk which pretty much swayed my decision to upgrade, and paid a full year's membership. When I read the other day SOE were planning to switch to the one item idea, I felt pretty misled and disappointed that my shopping abilities would soon appear to be vastly limited. I then went about spending my 500 SC in the marketplace because I thought the cash would disappear come February, and managed to buy several cool items for the home - plants, pets, all nice stuff which I would consider more value and useful than just the one fancy fluff mount. The prestige home I was planning to save up for later or input a bit of extra cash. But importantly as a builder I was going to make a lot of use of the building items and bundles with my SC, and it was never clear whether bundles were going to be included in this new change.

    Anyway thanks for listening SOE, from what I understand I think this is a good compromise.
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  20. Pumarah Member

    In response to those asking about the annual payments (which I also do) and 'recurring payments' I would think that annual payments would and should also qualify. After all we are paying this annually, and once the second annual payment occurs, that is legitimately and legally a recurring payment. If I read the announcement right, (And I admit I may have missed a detail) they stated simply 'recurring payments' and NOT 'recurring monthly payments'. So whether we renew monthly, annually, or any other multi month option, so long as it's recurring, we qualify. Me, I prefer the annual myself, don't have to pay as often, and it also shows indirectly, I am commited to the game for the long term.
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