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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Lady Araushnee New Member

    I'm happy with this. I would have been happy with the other offer too, but I think in the long run 500SC per month is better with the 10% off on the marketplace. Most of all, I'm happy to see a company listen. I left MMORPGs for seven months because I felt cheated out of money. I came back here recently on a whim. Very glad to see a company listen to the customers.
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  2. TarnaX Active Member

    A new post from Smed, responding to someone who liked the originally-proposed plan better:

    We didn't expect as much backlash as we saw, but that wasn't what changed our minds. In this case it was reading the "why" people were bothered that was persuasive.
    We aren't psychic. Well ok I am but most people aren't. Which means we make decisions we think are right, but sometimes player behavior is different than we expect. In this case we really weren't seeing the downsides or we would have put it up for discussion.
    There are a whole ok of moving parts to our business. Companies like Riot have an advantage we don't have - they started out as f2p. For us bringing our portfolio to f2p involves dealing with pre-existing playerbases. That makes the issue more complicated, we are also on multiple platforms. Again.. More complicated.
    Anyways.. It if a ramble but wanted to respond to this.

  3. Kellden Darkleaf New Member

    Just going to say I like the either/or option for token vs actual SC...not allowed to add anything other than that =/
    Either way I will stay subscribed.
  4. Xeramas New Member

    As always your feedback is welcomed. Please do us a big favor and carefully think about #3. Our goal is to give you more value in the subscription to make it more attractive and making it simpler in the process.
    I really feel like we're making a good decision going this route. It makes things simpler and gives more value to our players.
    I like the 2000SC option but I also agree with the others that want the 500SC. Well since your going to have us claim the 500SC then give us the option to pick the 500SC or 2000SC Item claim. This gives us the best options both ways.
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  5. Harlequin A bard.

    For those people that don't understand what we're talking about on why the 500 SC can be better value--500 free SC right now is a godsend to a decorator who uses the building blocks section on the Marketplace. 500 SC buys 50 (!) dividers, floor pieces, or columns. Alternately, I could buy 10 dividers + 2 big set pieces (or more) when decorating. OR I could buy a couple hats, maybe a weapon or two... half of the appearance outfits....OR I could buy almost all of the appearance outfits if I waited a month. The 500 SC allows for a combination.

    Meanwhile.....if I get the 2000 SC one-shot, I'm pretty much limited to buying mounts or houses (and even then, some mounts don't always start under that 2000 SC limit) if I want to maximize it. I would end up spending the coupon on a 100-200 SC item, therefore getting actually less bang for my buck, so to speak.

    It may not look as good on paper. It may not even be the best for you-- but I'm hoping this at least clears up the logic behind it.

    I'd personally love to see the choice of either-or, but I'd rather have the 500 SC than the 2k voucher. Also, whoever said multi-acct discount? +1. I have 3 accounts and $45/mo is WAAAY too rich for my blood considering the amount I use them for....but I'd be okay with paying, say, $30 if it meant all 3 accts had consistent broker/mail access, masters and SC rewards.
  6. Amix New Member

    So #3 needs ton of work, 500 is to low to even make it worth while, Tokens are just as bad. To do a /claim is not going to help . ie mail box spam for two claims.
    Needs to be auto applied. 2k sounded far better than 500 worthless SC. I buy more than that in a week.
  7. Darkfoz Active Member

    Alright, no backsies.
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  8. Gaelmyst New Member

    I am impressed with SOE's response to their members. It's obvious to me that SOE was following the forums closely.

    Thank you for listening! I will continue to be the EQ2 addict ... ahem, fan ... and keep my gold accounts.
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  9. Wanic Active Member

    [Not an attack/ just a personal opinion]

    Then you should have posted, how else are you going to get your opinion across? Vocal folk or not, you knock out your opinion, and if people start being rude/attackable against your opinion then the report button is there and the friendly neighbourhood mod will swoop in a edit/delete whats needed.

    You're somewhat correct, the past three threads were a mess, and possibly intimidating to an outsider. The thing is from the past couple of days, and three threads, was that there was so much confusion and misinformation flying around, just to gauge our reaction to the changes in the original post. You had your opinion in favour, imagine what could have happened if you posted it?
    So yeah the vocal folk were up and out in the past three threads, because they had concerns as to what it all actually meant, i think i saw it must have been no more than 10(?) in favour posts for the change that didn't go on the attack against those who opposed it, they simply stated they agreed (insert reason) and left the thread. The rest that were in favour decended into off topic madness, and cake filled rants or opinons.

    In regards to those that will never be happy with changes, sure we all have our grudges/vices when it comes to changes, i still want the old starting isles/class quest back *sigh*.:(
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  10. Wanic Active Member

    Gotta' catch all them mounts then huh?
  11. ShyMidnight Active Member

    So it's all settled. Like I said before during the feedback phase, I preferred the fun concept of getting an item valued up to 2000 station cash in each game. Democracy here on the forums dictated that the single installment of 500 station cash remains. At least, if claimed, it's allowed to accumulate.

    It's nice that the gold subscription works in all games. :)
  12. Cavandish Member

    I strongly prefer the 500 a month, as i am uninterested in the fluff for the most part.

    What bothered me was that for the items that are truly effective RMT gameplay related items that the subscribers would not be able to purchase by simply saving up SC. Primary example being Heroic characters.

    Felt a bit like a ramp was added to the slippery slope many of us vigorously warned about with the release of LoN and then Station Cash. At least with the currency included with subscription it didn't feel, well, quite so nefarious to us veteran players.

    It is impossible to make everyone happy, but an option to trade the "up to 2000SC" monthly currency that i'll just refer to as a "Coin of Instant Gratification" for 500SC as others have noted would have worked fine. That way us hoarders could hoard enough to keep a server transfer option viable while the folks who absolutely must have that outfit NOW will be able to get that instead.

    Not even to pretend to know the RL financial end of this, but 500 seems the better carrot to dangle on a stick. Which in the end is what makes an MMO go round.
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  13. Simparri Active Member

    If you didn't log in you would have lost the 2000 chit as well.
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  14. TarnaX Active Member

    If SOE can somehow manage to give the option of either a 500sc-claim or up-to-2k-voucher every month, great! But, if they can only manage one or the other then I greatly prefer this revised solution; I think it's better for most parties, SOE and Player Studio authors included.

    This article does a great job of summing up why, but got buried in the other thread so posting again: http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/0...-are-membership-changes-a-benefit-to-eqii-pl/
  15. Pippers Active Member

    500sc is what it has been and seemed to be plenty incentive for most people.

    Please keep in mind we are not talking about 500 sc vs 2000k sc (I would LOVE 2k sc a month)

    The new option was a 2k voucher (read no sc added to your balance ever) that could be used to get one single item from the store up to 2k in value.
    You did not get to roll it month to month, you did not get sc change if you picked a lower cost item, you did not get to use it as credit towards a higher priced item.

    I bring this up because some people make it sound like a 500 sc that rolls vs 2k that does not. It has caused some people I know who haven't been reading to be confused.

    So for those that are unsure how they feel (or even those that do know) I would suggest you look at the marketplace section by section and actually take note of how many items between 500 and 2k sc there are that you would buy. You might find a lot, you might not but I'd suggest you take a good look before you decide.

    Also keep in mind that anything new and "highly" desirable added to the market would likely be priced with that voucher in mind.....I doubt we'd ever see a Meatbeast or Pridewing mount under 2100sc. At least with the current system you can save up knowing when that "new-super-cool" house/mount/ps item pops up you'll have at least some sc cash you can apply to buy it.

    Not saying anyone posting here is confused but I know some people I've spoken to in-game are so thought I'd try to clarify .....or maybe I made it worse :confused:
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  16. Nelie Well-Known Member

    Did not see it listed but since it was sent out in a newsletter, will we still be getting double currency perk as gold? I do not mind either way if it is or isn't. Just curious. Figure someone will ask somewhere on down the line and mention/ask about it.
  17. Belenos Well-Known Member

    My opinion was right there in the thread, in the several posts I posted there. I liked the new change very much. But for some reason, Sony decided to listen to those who want to hoarde the 500 SC each month, (because they don't even spend that much in the marketplace each month?), instead of listening to those who spend the 500 SC, (and a lot of their own cash-bought SC besides), each month. Go figure.

    I am fairly new here on the forums, (SOE subscriber since 2002) but it is the same on every game forum I have ever participated on. Something happens, and it is always followed by the threats to quit subbing, quit the game, etc., etc. If someone is willing to quit for such a little thing, it makes one wonder if the game means anything to them in the first place. I know if they took the perk away entirely, I would not quit subbing, as long as the current restrictions still applied, but then I payed for games for many years when all you got for your money was access and continued development. That is still good enough for me. I'll gladly pay a sub fee, like I have since 2002, but restrictions just make me angry.
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  18. Kellden Darkleaf New Member

    We understand how it works---we just don't agree with your analysis of value---its simple to us and we understand where you are coming from...I found this post to be tad patronizing.
  19. balsbigbrother New Member

    I have a question about rolling all the subs into a single all access payment.

    I have separate subs for EQ2 and Vanguard on this account taken out at different times for 12 month and 6 months respectively. What will happen as I will have essentially paid twice under the new scheme for the same thing. Will I get a rebate on one of the payments or will the costs paid be rolled into one and all access applied for the total cost I paid (less any time already used), something else?

    Thank you for listening and I am glad that you took the community feedback into account with regard to membership changes.
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  20. Pippers Active Member

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