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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ashlanne, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    @Smed and Co

    Really, really good that you listened to the players. Kudos. ;)

    Now as a UK player, if you resolve this:
    5) European players - we have an idea on how to include you in this but we need to discuss with our partners.We have a pretty good idea on this though. give us a bit of time to suss this out.
    then, I will be more than happy to continue to subscribe on my 3 gold accounts.
    Please keep us Euro players informed on progress.
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  2. Treysar New Member

    Personally they could of solved this with a shopping cart of 1 item up to 2k or multiple items in 1 purchase upto 700SC then everyone would win.
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  3. Treysar New Member

    I hear you on feed back but it was buried in post and I never read that so =p and I like my option 1 2k item or 1 purchase of multiple items upto 700k in a single session
  4. Mystyrys Well-Known Member

    Thank you! [IMG]
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  5. warriorpoetex New Member

    14.99 for all games does nothing for me, as EQ2 is all I am interesting in playing ...

    Can you offer two possible claim items then? Each one removes the other ... or an account setting that cannot be changed to select which offer type you want?

    1 Item Voucher for an item up to 2000sc value -or-
    500sc claim monthly
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  6. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I must admit now the 2k SC thing has been mooted, I'm kind of disappointed! But I get more than what I currently have still so I'm ok.

    I'm also surprised so many people stop playing but keep their subs and so stockpile SC. I know the one time I knew I'd be AWOL over a month I cancelled my sub, then resubscribed when I returned. This was before f2p as well.
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  7. Artemiz Active Member

    It is true you can not please all of the people all of the time. As you requested - thoughts on #3 -

    To this point we received 500sc every month. Now we will receive 500sc every month but we have to claim it.

    The single item up to 2000sc was a good idea but those who purchase small items didnt care for it and I can understand that as well. Is there a reason why an option is not possible whereby you can choose to claim a voucher for a single item up to 2000sc or 500sc which can be "hoarded" ? That seems to be the perfect solution.
  8. Samantha New Member

    I dont know if this has been asked or not, but whats about the people who pay for a 30 days of game time using krono, will they now get the 500 sc and all access or still only 30 days of everquest 2?
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  9. Rolien Active Member

    This change to at least me sounds awesome. still get the 500 SC which rocks who cares if you have to claim it even if I have very little time I'm sure I can find at least 10 minutes to pop on and claim it in a month.
    Always have loved other SoE games such as Everquest, Vanguard, and DCUO but finding time to play all of them at the same time at the cost of 30bucks a month I found hard to justify so a change making it to where I can play all of them for the same price I pay for just EQ2 is awesome.
    10% discount on store items is a nice added bonus. Will this apply to items in the store such as Character slots or just house/appearance? Regardless it's still a nice added bonus.
    I'm going to assume we will still have our current benefits and those will change based on game because of how the games differ.

    And with EQNext landmark and EQNext right around the corner which I'm assuming will also be in the all access I have to say they could see a huge increase in memberships and a possible over all increase in players to different games.

    I will now need to find something new to complain about if this turns out to be fully true.
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  10. Treysar New Member

    They are trying to get rid of the hoarding and actually come up with a system that will work for consoles as well as PC's personally I can care less about consoles but some people do prefer them. That said I still like your Idea as well.
  11. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    As a matter of fact, my annual subscription is NOT considered recurring. Even though I have a CC on file and have it auto-renew, and I've had this same membership for several years, they don't technically consider it "recurring". Don't ask me why, I don't know. I called SOE one time to ask about it, and the rep gave me some answer that made no sense. (Something about it being illegal to have an annual subscription recurring, which makes no sense to me.) Because of this I can't gift items to someone else using SC, and I don't get the 500 SC each month, despite the fact that I pay WAY far in advance. It kind of irritated me, but because All Access is important to me, and because an annual fee is much cheaper than monthly, I stayed with it.

    This is why the new option was more attractive to me, because they said ALL gold accounts (whether recurring or not) would get them. But it sounds like the 500 SC will now be for all gold accounts as well, so I will finally start getting it.
  12. Mrrshaw Member

    I would say stick with this. I actually would´ve preferred the single up to 2000SC item but people went haywire saying it was a bad route to go. And now people are turning it to "cant we get the choice between them?"..... Well, im happy with the 10% discount on marketplace.

    What I wonder, im a 5+ year player of SOE games and im an european at that. I have a account for all my SOE games (The old style, I do not touch PSS7...). What I am wondering - with the new path, i would be an All Access Member on this account. Still - would that mean i need to have a second account just for EQN/EQNL ? (Which doesn´t make any sense at all.)

    Samantha: My guess is that it works like before - if you have an active subscription that you have paid atleast once for with money from a creditcard, then paying each month with Krono (without cancelling your subscription) you would recieve the 500SC atleast. the all access part i cannot answer to.
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  13. Trevynoae Member

    It wasn't any sobbing or crying ... it was the reasoning behind that.

    Smedley made it very clear in his posting that it wasn't the uproar on the boards but the reasoning that came with it. It was about being able to buy "more than just 1 item". While I do see the 2000sc thing being useful to me "for a few months" maybe, I also do see the fact that this will come to an end eventually where I will simply buy low-value items with that voucher. Especially when I would like to save SC for something I think that should be included in our subscription anways I would get annoyed because I could not buy it just because it is "beyond the 2000sc" or "not included".

    And that also always was one of the reasons they stated (at Fan Faire for example) what this free SC is for: Being able to buy things "for free" as a subscriber.

    I find it almost insulting how you chose your words, to be honest. Everybody is entitled their opinion and most of those disliking the initial idea always came up with suggestions and have been courteous to those liking the idea. The other way around it wasn't that way most of the times. Those disliking the initial idea got called names, told to better check on their priorities in life and so on.

    The more griping I have to read here the more I wish they would get back to the very initial form of the f2p (or get rid of it completely) and make the game available for subscription only, again.

    I would be happy to have a server like we had for EQ back in time with subscription only, no marketplace, improved support, many interactive events, ... oh yes - it was a time on the Legends Server (Stormhammer it was called).

    But to put it blunt for those who now come and say "but I liked it better the other way around": What are you losing now? Yes - 500sc a month if you forget to log in, ...
    What are you gaining? Access to all games (even for a lower fee if you are an AllAccess subscriber at the moment), 10% off marketplace items, ...
    What did you not get? Restrictions on what you can buy with the 2000sc voucher, inability to buy things more expensive than what is covered by the 2000sc voucher, ...

    What I would like to see is them to add a "Recurring SC subscription" that enables you to maybe say "I want to spend $5 per month to buy SC" on a reoccuring basis. They could add discounts if you agree to longer terms. You pay once and get your SC-share each month. That would be cool.
  14. Simparri Active Member

    As far as those willing to open their mouths you sir evidently are in the minority not the majority, otherwise more with your opinion should have posted their wishes as those against it were willing to do so.
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  15. Trevynoae Member

    this simply can not be the full picture.

    I have yearly reoccuring subscriptions on more than just 2 accounts and it all works perfectly well. So it must be an issue with your account which I would bring up to CS attention so they can fix it like they did for other folks I know.
    It even works without CC as I have SOE pull it straight from my bank account (but that is a european thing).

    Meanwhile it also is this way: You have a cancelled account that you add a new subscription to (like a monthly) you get billed for 1 month immediately and get the 500sc the same second. Just tried that two weeks ago (or so).

    And it hasn't anything to do with special offers either. I am on one of the anniversary subscriptions (yearly) and still get the 500SC.

    The only time when the 500sc did not kick in was when an account was on "free" time like after the hack or if it was paid for with sc-cards for up to a year. Only after that time was used up and a new reoccuring sub kicked in I got the 500sc per month.

    Maybe this helps:
    I wouldn't cancel my sub ever because I am on a very affordable rate. So it is cheaper to simply keep it running than to cancel it for a couple of months.
    And for us who play EQ having a continuous subscription also adds to the loyality points we get because the longer we have an active sub the higher the amount.
    And maybe for some it still is "old habit" when veteran rewards were calculated by "paid time".
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  16. Treysar New Member

    Fact is you will always get more people that post when they are dissatisfied with something than people who are happy with the announcement this is just human nature.
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  17. Kilar Active Member

    I too thank you for this. Having 500SC to save/spend as we like (with the only condition that it is claimed monthly) is so much better than the 2000SC voucher (That had to be claimed and if unused lost . Could not be spent on items over the 2000SC, not allowed to add to it from paid SC and wasted if spent on 1 item valued less than 500SC).

    Now I am waiting to see what games us Europeans will be able to access with this All-Access account. As long as it has absolutely nothing to do with PSS1, and has the same bemefits attatched as our American cousins then I will be happy indeed.
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  18. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I do love it when people describe themselves as 'the majority' - where is the evidence that the majority preferred the original deal? Very few spoke in favour of the new plan, so few in fact that SOE felt the need to change it.

    Even in game, and I played all of yesterday, only two people supported the new plan and one then changed their mind once they went and read the brilliant Massively article which summed up the issue brilliantly (anyone have the link?).
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  19. beagley Well-Known Member

    You are assuming that the 280AA bauble wasn't one of the excluded items. I would be willing to bet that this and all other services would have been excluded from the 2K coupon idea. Unfortunately, unless SOE decide to enlighten us, we will never know.

    That said, the way the deal is now proposed with no excluded items, you will be able to to get that 280AA bauble. Yes it might take you 4 months to save for it now but in my book 4 months and getting it is better than never being able to get it because its an excluded item. As I said in one of my (undoubtedly now classified as "whiney") original posts, it wasn't the value that was important - its the freedom to spend it on whatever you want. I'm glad SOE listened and acted.
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  20. Darsch Member

    Just to clarify, instead of 500 LP in dcuo, and a free item upto 2000sc in eq, eq2, and ps2, I now only get 500 sc a month like we always have had? I am getting that for each game or is it just like how it has always been?

    If its just like its always been, then the only benefit I am getting is a 5 dollar discount on the all access pass and a 10% discount in the marketplace, I much preferred being able to get something in each game free every month and my 500 lp in dcuo to having to choose which game to use my 500 monthly stipend in.

    As long as the majority is happy its all good I guess.
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