[Yelinak] Strix Reborn - Oceanic/Australian timezone guild is recruiting!

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Abhorsan, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    I’ll be sleeping launch time then in the arvo I’ll be killing in eq.
  2. Abhorsan Journeyman

  3. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    killer koalas everywhere.
  4. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    koalas are a native australian animal before paul hogan became an international star he had a television serie called the paul hogan show and in one funny scatch he make koalas look like they would jump on you and tried to injure people but there was no blood and just people throwing the koalas away from themselves.
  5. TheDohn Augur

  6. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    12 days now :)
  7. TheDohn Augur

    90 characters on the roster, with a bunch more still deciding their mains - 8 complete static leveling groups planning to go hard from the start, with more forming as folks join.

    It's a great time to get on board with one of the biggest Oceanic TLP launches, ever!
  8. TheDohn Augur

  9. TheDohn Augur

    Woof- the population BOOM continues. Yelinak is apparently the Oceanic place to be!
  10. TheDohn Augur

  11. TheDohn Augur

    Triple digit raid roster in an Oceanic guild? wat.jpg
  12. TheDohn Augur

    Seven days!
  13. Abhorsan Journeyman

  14. mark Augur

  15. TheDohn Augur

    So is everyone else officially stircrazy, yet?
  16. Tarx New Member

    Crazy enough to bother signing up on the forums.
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  17. Abhorsan Journeyman

  18. Abhorsan Journeyman

  19. Abhorsan Journeyman

  20. TheDohn Augur

    One day to go!