[Yelinak] Strix Reborn - Oceanic/Australian timezone guild is recruiting!

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  1. Abhorsan Journeyman

    Strix Reborn is an Australian/Oceanic guild on Yelinak server!

    We raid 3 times a week in the AEST time zone (+10), Clearing all content.

    We are currently taking new applications as of 3 August 2022. If you are interested in raiding with us, please note the following class needs:

    Bard: Low
    Cleric: Low
    Druid: Low
    Enchanter: Low
    Magician: Low
    Monk: Low
    Necromancer: Low
    Paladin: Medium
    Ranger: Medium
    Rogue: Low
    Shadowknight: Closed
    Shaman: Low
    Warrior: Low
    Wizard: Low

    (Class list as of 3 Aug 2022.)

    Strix Reborn is formed and run by experienced officers and has a very healthy player base made up of dedicated and helpful players, most of which have played on many earlier TLP servers and in the large Australian prime time guilds. We have a DKP system in place and Discord server for out of game communication.

    Please note that we suit Oceanic/Australian/NZ timezone raiders. We also suit people with a sense of humour and a thick skin!!

    Region: Australia Pacific
    Server: Yelinak
    Raid Days: Monday, Wednesday 19:00 to 22:00 AEST and Sun 18:00 to 22:00 AEST
    Contact: Sabriel or Dankfu

    To Apply, please join our Discord here. Navigate to the "Strix Reborn" text channel and select "Apply" from the drop down menu from the bot.

    Looking forward to seeing you in game!
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  2. pinco Lorekeeper

  3. Starshape Elder

    Not long to go now!
  4. TheDohn Augur

    Nearly a full raid roster already - bringing together all the refugees from the older servers and new faces alike! But there's no restriction on numbers before launch - so it's a good time to get in now.
  5. TheDohn Augur

    Counting the days!
  6. Abhorsan Journeyman

    MMO players spend time worrying about killing the deadly snakes in Ro and the commons in their first week on Yelinak...Meanwhile Oceanic players:

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  7. TheDohn Augur

    Some great people and raid leaders on board - but still room for more old friends or new arrivals. :)
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  8. pinco Lorekeeper

    We have emus ,killer koalas,drop bears,rainbow serpents,deadly pygmies with the strenght of 2 man and the deadliest of all of them the razorback and the poms are invading us and burning in the hot sun shedding skin and spreading cancer all over the place and the red variety of the pom i pity the most.
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  9. TheDohn Augur

    I was halfway through the post and still thought you were listing old guilds folks had come from :p
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  10. mark Augur

    paul hogans killer koalas was so funny and the guy drinking the tinnies while doing exercise.
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  11. TheDohn Augur

    22 days to go!
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  12. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    How many mains in guild ?
  13. TheDohn Augur

    We've got 74 folks, 51 of whom have chosen a main currently. :)
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  14. nostalgia Lorekeeper

  15. Abhorsan Journeyman

  16. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    If those creatures existed in australia we would all be wearing armour and a machine gun and walking around with pitbulls.
  17. TheDohn Augur

    19 days!
  18. nostalgia Lorekeeper

    19 1/2 days got to allow 1/2 day of queing during usa peak time.
  19. TheDohn Augur

    Nah, gotta count The Great Name Reserving Zerg. :D
  20. TheDohn Augur

    Strong, experienced raid leads and membership along with a lot of new faces. It's a great time to be an Australasian timezone player!