where did everybody go? was that it and over?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ethyre, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. ethyre Augur

    I was traveling for work and didn't play mon,tue,wed.

    I came back and logged in thursday and it was half empty. I played many hours today and it's the same all the time.

    The auction channel has 150-200 people in it instead of 400. CL has 120 people in it instead of 300.

    There is no crowd at the entrance to LGuk, no crowds anywhere.

    Was that the end? Was it just a one month flash-in-the-pan?
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

  3. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Think its a big combination of things. Queue certainly drove a large number of people away and I can't blame them for giving up after a couple weeks of being unable to play on a standard 1st shift schedule. There also just isn't that much to do in classic once your character hits 50 and gets even a little bit of gear aside from rolling alts. Then you also have many states reopening businesses that had been closed so jobs that were on hold are being phased back in along with people just wanting to get out of the house after the long lockdown instead of playing EQ. Also the 30 day subs lapsing, my main acct sub lapsed 2 days ago (I renewed).
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  4. Kronotowin Elder

    Don't worry, the RMT sellers are still there with their top raiding guilds promoting this server for financial gain.
  5. Lumiens Augur

    Mangler was definitely a lot more lively than Aradune a month in.
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Maybe they will come back once those gms are introduced.
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  7. Kronotowin Elder

    Truebox doesn't even matter. The problem with these TLP's is the small group of players that obsess over dominating every server. Daybreak can either cater to the obsessed or log all Krono movements to bring EQ back to equal.

    Imagine playing EQ for 20 years and you play every single TLP to brag about raid progress. Find a way to get rid of those players and support casuals that want to relive the original experience.

    If you don't want to get rid of the obsessed, start a PvP server where they can actually compete.
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  8. Name2 Augur

    I wonder how much is the VM ban wave that I just read about. Would be funny if it spikes back up in a week, would say a lot about who's still playing on TLPs.
  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

    In my experience on tlps, a very small minority usually use a vm so I don't think that has any impact relative to the masses that probably just walked away after a dismal first month of queues, lag, and abysmal communication.
  10. Megazen Elder

    Go back and figure out when people would have subbed to get ready for Aradune....now add 30 days to that..... People subbed, couldn't get in, and quit. Voila, Q problems solved!

    Even when you could get on and play, the experience was horrible. Terrible zoning times, mobs warping in on top of you. The game literally ran better for me in 1999 on a 56k dialup modem.

    TLDR: Horrible customer experience drives a bunch of customers away, film at 11.
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  11. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    This is pretty spot on.

    The queue chased away any casual player with mild interest in the server. My friendship circle came in with 7 players, 4 are gone already with the highest amongst them being 31. The 3 that remain are 50 and have been for weeks, only logging in to do raids.

    The initial server problems have basically created a top end heavy server already. Dedicated players stuck around to make 50 and now only login to raid, casual players all quit.
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  12. Protagonist Tank

    If only absolutely everyone had been saying, repeatedly, that 60% of the people who show up to a TLP launch evaporate within the first month when they realize they don't like playing EQ, no matter how much they like remembering playing EQ.

    If only there were a dozen previous examples of exactly this that everyone pointed to repeatedly every time people kept screaming for a new server.

    That sure would have saved a lot of drama posting, if everyone had done that.
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  13. Pappasalt Augur

    Welcome to every tlp? They'll be back at kunark to train your epic mobs don't worry lol.
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  14. Lacka Journeyman

    Interesting... this morning Rizlona High pop, Mangler High pop, Aradune, Medium pop.

    The biggest factor in my opinion was the horrible Aradune Launch and giant ques that drove people to Rizlona or back to Mangler.

    Summer/Classic/RL certainly doesnt help.
  15. Arrk Augur

    You cannot compare Aradune to other TLP servers... especially Rizlona or Mangler. There is a box limit on Aradune, thus the "population" will always appear lower. Most people only play 1 toon with a subset playing 2.

    On Rizlona,Mangler, and other TLPs you have people running around with 6+ characters. On Mangler, I personnaly ran around with 3+... and knew a lot of people running 6 or more...

    On the Rizlona server, I bet most people are running a minimal of 3, but a larger portion running 6....

    Most likely 3000 people on Aradune is actually 2000 real people... 3000 on Rizlona might be 500 people..

    Also: Mangler has bazaar... a lot of "inactive" players holding up slots.
  16. Tucoh Augur

    Lotta factors, but I gotta imagine the server being terrible for three weeks after launch had a huge impact. I think my sub runs out today. When I cancelled it I decided not to renew until people said the server could handle primetime without queues. I am betting many people aren't that patient and just said to hell with it.

    TLP Classic is a unique experience in EQ, because it's a fresh start without high levels running around lower level areas and any gear mudflation. That experience starts to diminish after a week or so, and by now the experience is largely over where so many lower level characters either have a high level power leveling them, have twink gear or are hunting in an area with a high level character running around.

    It's fine, the game is still fun, but players apparently have to choose dogcrap server performance or waiting for a weeks for the release party to be over to start playing in a different game.
  17. Zansobar Augur

    The VM ban wave does have a lot to do with it. Remember you don't have to be playing EQ in a VM to be banned, many people (especially with the virus and work from home orders) are trying to play EQ on the side while they also handle work calls. If this entails using VM for work on the same computer as you have EQ installed you will get suspended. So yes it will be telling if in a week or so the pop is right back up there. There easily could have been hundreds of accounts suspended for this and those would have been accounts that would be logged in most of the day, hence those accounts have a bigger impact on the appearance of population than someone who only plays a couple hours a night.
  18. Sikkun Augur

    People didn’t attempt to queue for 4-5 hours a day for 30 days and then quit.

    If the queue made you quit, you quit 3.8 weeks ago.
  19. Vixion New Member

    I have been on 4 hours this morning with some friends we had items we where looking camp between the 4 of us so far we have found not one of the 10 camps open the one we waited for because the person there said they where leaving soon was than stolen buy a 50 box team that claimed to be waiting longer they where not in zone when we got there and had not spoken to the person that was holding the camp. So it still is worthless to play as a group of friends to level we had to start just splitting up. classic was not built to have 5000 people on a server and your pick rules suck
  20. sirelothar New Member

    Honeymoon period is over. We'll get a burst of players for kunark and velious, then slowly fizzle out. Welcome to TLP servers.