where did everybody go? was that it and over?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ethyre, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Arrk Augur

    And Mangler.... Offline traders still take up a active account spot... thus always show High
  2. Gio1999 Augur

    I find these posts funny because it's like people never learn. Can we stop with everyone writing posts like they are writing headlines for the National Enquirer?

    Mid to end of classic is going to have a lot of people raid logging... it's drastic. Like Tues 8pm there's multiple instances of lava storm and 3 instances of Hate....but the guild goes from 50 to 60 down to 15 on a non raid night.

    Why? Because there's not much to do in classic. You could farm I guess or level alts, but the camps all suck. Also the gear just isn't as flavorful outside of Sky.
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    We're talking first third expo... of the new premier server. This isn't late classic and if its middle then those people probably start measuring at the tailbone.
  4. Eskey85 New Member

    Honestly we’ve seen a huge influx of aradune players on rizlona in the last two weeks. The server felt dead 2 weeks ago but seems to be growing pretty well now. Most of the people I’ve personally spoken to all say they left aradune because of toxicity and are surprised how chilll all of the 6 boxers are on rizlona. The vast majority tend to try to get along with other people rather than fight with each other. It’s starting to feel like old school eq where everyone knows the names of the bad apples.

    To my knowledge as of this post we’re the only guild to down eye and we’ve only bothered to do it 3 times since we gained access. I’ve never even seen two guilds dps race. Everyone is super chill and I think a lot of the people who thought they wanted that old school community feel from not having boxers are starting to realize they really just want somewhere to relax and have fun without drama...
  5. Mashef Augur

    This is why no one ever wants a TLP to start at classic, but we keep getting TLPs starting at classic. It's a snooze. They need to wake up and open up with classic/kunar or the trilogy. AT worst they could make classic 30 days and launch another 60 days of Kunark and get the drudgery out of the way since classic/kunark are abysmal.
  6. thisistheend New Member

    stop trying to poach players to your dead server.

  7. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Server is definitely not dead, thanks for your input though!
  8. Lacka Journeyman

    I agree with this, I was a bit worried at launch that the Population of Rizlona wasn't going to make it. But for the past 2-3 weeks it has really filled in nicely - feels well populated but not ridiculous. I have run into maybe 1 or 2 boxers that are jerks but almost everyone has been respectful and easy to get along with.
  9. Phased Sullon Zek Lorekeeper

    If it had been a PvP server then there would always be something to do.
  10. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

    Queues, RMT, unchecked player harassment, and botting drives away most of the potential EQ playerbase. Only the most addicted neckbeards remain.

    Imagine if someone competent was running things. Then we might actually retain some players and grow the game.
  11. Kiaro Augur

    Aradune population lower than Riz - news at 11.