What should I expect for Ranger DPS?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mattnaik, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    Ah yes, forgot they were both on the same timer. now im curious which one would do more DPS. Pureshot or Copsestalkers. I don't have any of the EoK spells yet or AA's for that matter. Which AA's are you specifically talking about? just any ranged AA with EoK in the category?
  2. Tarvas Augur

    If you don't have your archery AAs from EoK I would suggest getting those.

    Spell Casting Reinforcement
    Improved Trueshot
    Improved Called Shots
    Archery Mastery
    Ranged Finesse
    Destructive Fury
    Focused: Summer's Cyclone
    Outrider's Synergy
    Heavy Arrow
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  3. Belexes Augur

    Get your hDex built up as well.

    Might sure you max your Headshot AA for your level in case you are range dps'ing dark blue con mobs. :)

    My ranger is 105 with EoK T1 Bow, Dove's Cry. It isn't aug'd that well either, but with almost all of the EoK archery AAs purchased, I am tearing it up with range DPS. I have about 16.5K AA and +hDex is in the high 600s.

    I am wearing all T1 EoK armor and non-visible stuff other than ears and face. I am missing augmentations on some still.

    I have the Bi'Faak's Silence as well and the Worn Iskar Cleaver as my melee weapons and my archery DPS is much better.
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  4. Thraine Augur

    this number is a bit inflated cause they are in a raid setting, with ADPS and fully buffed, prolly tribute and everything up and running ... in the group game youll never see numbers like this, dont think this is a realistic goal to reach OP
  5. Thraine Augur

    and ^^^ this! heroic dex is the tops for rangers these days. the more Hdex you have the more headshots you'll land (among other benifits), and landing headshots is never a bad thing :)
  6. Andarriel Augur

    Kinda off topic kinda new to this ranger aa stuff. I play a wiz so mostly my ranger just sits but eventually wanna make him more useful for tougher stuff to kill. I'm 105 right now on rng and will get to 110 soon but working on aa's. when a ranger aa like outsider's accuracy and it says melee does that include range attacks as well or does the aa have to be specific that its for range? few aa like that I'm not sure if the bow will count for the effects. Also would like to know a burn sequence on my ranger let says one for melee and one for ranged any insight would be greatly appreciated. also there any good websites on rangers?

  7. Nightops Augur

    The melee numbers are being inflated due to using AA/Disc which have a very short duration, but because your in the guild hall, they will last for the entire duration of your parse.

    I don't play or know about a ranger, but I'm sure the duration for Imbued ferocity and empowered blades is very short (30sec for IF and 42s for EB?). I don't know how the hybrid duration patch a few months ago would effect these AA. From what you said in your parse disclaimer, you are using roar of the lion for your 3min parse with IF which would create a huge imbalance too.

    I've been under the impression that rangers can do 30s of very good melee dps (without copsestalkers) and then need to move back for bow dps. This is likely what your capturing in your parses even though your total parse time is stated at 3:00.

    The other things could be:
    - the settings on your test dummy.
    - old gear without type 5 aug slots.
    - what arrow / quiver are you using?

    With the gear and type 5 augs, your likely missing 600+ to all heroics and 800+ to H dex.
  8. Kamzak Journeyman

    Dont ever touch your melee weapons, if you even consider meleeing, have someone in the room slap you :) Range DPS is king, get your dex up, Dex is king, all other stats are meaningless. (an argument could be made for spell damage though)

    Self and shammy buffs only my ranger parses 62k without burns. Meleeing im easily half that. (I am sitting at 3200 dex though)

    You are right though, you need to get your archery aa's up.
  9. Derka Augur

    Outrider's Accuracy will also increase ranged damage but it wont stack with Guardian of the Forest. Empowered blades is melee only.

    Melee burn you're gonna want to pop everything. guardian of the forest, outriders attack, auspice, third spire, cheetah, scout's mastery of fire/ice, empowered blades, imbued ferocity, epic 2.0 click, BP click. Depending on what type of procs you have in your weapons ie fire or cold you will want to put the corresponding arrow on the mob. Elemental covers both, volatile = fire and glacial = cold. That's a good strong melee burst burn but only as long as imbued lasts then back up to range or continue to use copsestalker's melee disc if you choose but ranged damage is better with all the AAs.

    Ranged burn is gonna be the same thing just no empowered blades or imbued and you'll pop your bow disc at the start. run guardian of the forest til it runs out, then when that fades pop outrider's accuracy and group guardian of the forest. use those spam keys in the links below to rotate through all your spells and make sure you use forceful rejuvenation to get the extra dicho in. If you have the mana to support it run Poison Arrows and you can also DoT the mob. DoTs take a lot of mana however and are best used with a Gift of Mana proc. Also our DoT causes a massive amount of aggro so use at your discretion.

    Okay resources for basic info but it is a little dated :
    http://forums.eqfreelance.net/index.php?topic=3192.0 = good to learn how to use spam buttons just plug in new spells/skills.
    http://forums.eqfreelance.net/index.php?topic=10212.0 = eok updated.

    Whipped this up on lunch break so I probably missed a few things but it will get you started at least.
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  10. Raptour_MT Elder

    As of RoS, according to the AA tool tip Guardian of the Forest, Outrider's Accuracy and Group Guardian of the Forest only increase MELEE damage and no longer all skills. That changes some things.........
  11. Derka Augur

    They should implement that then or change the tool tip. Since launch it still increases your bow damage.
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