What should I expect for Ranger DPS?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mattnaik, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    I think I am doing what I can to max my DPS during burns but am disappointed with my numbers. I am just barely out-DPSing my SK. What type of DPS should I expect from my ranger during a 3 min burn? I'm usually around 50-62k during named fights. I feel like I should be higher but maybe my expectations are too high?

    My current burn sequence is this:
    - Roar of Lion (on my shammy)
    - Bosquestalker Disc
    - Imbued Ferocity
    - First Spire
    - Outriders Accuracy
    - Auspice of Hunter
    - Group Guardian of the Forest
    - Pack Hunt

    I then switch to my spell sequence which is:
    - Called shots (or whatever its called)
    - Focused Arrowrain
    - Wildfire Boon
    - Wildfire Ash
    - Swarm of Glistenwings
    - Scarlet Cheetah
    - Focused Arrowrain
    - Dichotomic Fusilade
    - Hit Forced Rejuvination and do it all over again.

    After that I just play whack-a-mole with the spells as they become available again.

    I'm not sure how much gear makes a difference in my DPS. My Armor is almost all CoTF T1 with a couple TDS group gear pieces and a couple TBM non-visible pieces. Weapons Primary: 1HB that drops off a named in Chardok, cant remember the name off the top of my head.
    Secondary: BiFaak Silence
    Bow is the T1 bow from TBM with lvl 105 augs.

    Any suggestions on how to bump up the DPS? Or is this within the expected DPS range for a ranger?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have around 13.5k AA's with the following maxed:
    Close Combat Mastery, Veteran's Wrath, Scout's Mastery of 1HB, Scouts Master of 1HS, Auspice of the Hunter, Empowered Blades, Guardian of the Forest, Outrider's Accuracy, Group Guardian of the Forest
  2. Raptour_MT Elder

    Few suggestions, switch your spell lineup,
    -called shots-dicho-focused-boon-ash-summers, lose swarm, use blisterbeetle when you get a gift of mana proc.

    Switch from melee to ranged and run pureshot with guardian and Oattack and scarlet.

    Oh, and should have posted this in hybrid forums.
  3. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    Melee to ranged loses the boost from Roar of the Lion on the Shaman. That would almost definitely be a drop in DPS I would think. That's like 10-15k DPS alone.
  4. lancelove Augur

    Do you have max aa?
  5. Jhenna_BB Augur

    The bow is king these days, it really is. I haven't used melee disc once since launch. I made sure I had all the Class Tab bow abilities and the Bow disc extender in Focus tab - a long with Spell Casting Reinforcement the first day of launch. After seeing how effective Bow is raiding in BETA I wanted it to be as effective as possible so I could better master burn sequences so we can do the loot dance.

    Double Attack on the Bow going from 37-50% double attack is so huge. The two RA Rangers that are in the usual well build adps groups are always parsing top 10 - I've been as high as #2 on Queen event. I think it's because one of the Zerkers died that time but I'll take it haha :D

    I do have a question. Why do some of you use Boon and Ash? Why not spam Summer's, it's better damage and can trigger Alliance when applied. Not being critical, I'm always open to trying new line ups.
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  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Do not compare your ranger to an SK in a group. If the SK is tanking, they're getting ripostes and first on aggro boosts.

    If the mob has raid level hps, your ranger should make them look silly.

    Short term tanks can put up good numbers on group mobs.
  7. Rakknar Elder

    50-62k is not even ranger sustain. I've seen much higher in my groups. I have seen rangers hit 300k in a 5 minute burn on a raid. I could hit 190k in 3 minutes back in TBM on Enslaver mission in group gear. So I would say for 3 minutes between 200 and 300k.

    Pureshot, auspice, and scarlett cheetah are the meat of the burn.

    Got a proper multibind? Using shaman epic 2.0, greatest epic in game? Don't forget to use reflexive blade spurs twice. There is actually quite a lot that goes into the proper use of ranger abilities. I know it was posted somewhere.
  8. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    im confused. How is your DPS higher the longer your burn? Unless you're talking total damage? Shouldn't a burn be a consistent amount of damage? If you are talking DPS I must be doing something terribly wrong or Gamparse is lying to me.

    I do not have my shaman epic 2.0. Its in my to-do list. But since you talked it up so much I may have to move that up.

    I will try out some ranged burns on a dummy and check out my parses. I haven't messed with any ranged since I went all-access on my shammy and saw the huge boost via roar of the lion.
  9. Thraine Augur

    Abandon the melee weapons, Rangers are Ranged dps now a days. the dmg you lose from lion is nothing compared to the dmg we can do with bows now.

    i agree with jhenna 100%, drop boon and ash ... the only nuke you need aside from the arrow nukes is summers. and do your dicho / forceful / dicho sooner

    also use 3rd spire instead of 1st, and use GotF 1st .. when that wears off hit Group GotF
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  10. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    Thanks I'll give that a try!
  11. Rakknar Elder

    Sorry late night phone post.

    My personal group geared ranger's DPS on a mission that lasted 170 seconds (Enlsaver) in TBM was 182,000 damage per second (I looked it up and got the exact). It is relevant to the time you originally posted. Once I had discovered the pureshot burn I never used anything else. It destroyed group content.

    /G Combined: A guardian of Sul in 170s, 108264k @636848sdps --- Ranger 30728k@180754sdps (182905dps in 168s) [28.38%] --- Monk 29736k@174919sdps (177001dps in 168s) [27.47%] --- Monk 29683k@174604sdps (176683dps in 168s) [27.42%] --- Warrior 12627k@74276sdps (74276dps in 170s) [11.66%] --- Bard 5473k@32193sdps (33168dps in 165s) [5.05%] --- Reverse DS 12k@70sdps (220dps in 54s) [0.01%] --- 5k@32sdps (2736dps in 2s) [0.01%]

    I stopped playing my ranger before EoK. I have seen a current ranger hit 300,000 damage per second on a 5-6 minute all out burn in Hate using all the new EoK AAs. I can not speak to the new AAs. Hopefully someone current will help you out.

    My advice for any melee is to first create a multibind key (rangers need 2, one for all out burn and one that doesn't use Dicho so you can utilize gift of mana). You will use the combat disc window with Squall of Blades (focused or other), plus jolting cut kicks, and reflexive bladespurs. Then you will use spell gems 1-4 for anticipated shots, dicho. fullisade, focused arrowrain, and Summers. You will also make ONE hot bar macro and put kick (/doability 1, this is part of action window ctrl-c) on it and things like banestrike (/alt act xxxxxx).

    Link Use Combat ability 1-2, Spell Gems 1,3, 4 and the appropriate hotbar button. This is your every fight mash key. Try to mash just fast enough to make use of gift of mana for dicho and dot. The second mash key is Use Combat ability 1-3, Spell gems 1-4, and hot bar button. This is for burns or when you don't care about mana.

    Making these mash keys and being of appropriate AA level will make your sustain higher than you burn dps you posted. The burn is more complicated. My all out burn uses 3 keys to active with 12 things happening (the meat of the burn is one key).

    Key one /disc Pursehot discipline rk. II, /alt act 1109, /alt act 7019, /alt act 1107.
    Key two /alt act 1462, /alt act 184, /alt act 723, /alt act 462
    Key three /alt act 2235, /alt buy 7019, /pause 4, /useitem 17, /alt act 683

    These are/were very specific.

    Then not every part of every ranger ability stacks. To get fancy, use gina to let you know when auspice is down to then use Ranger epic. When epic faded, circle of power 4. When guardian of the forest faded, use ggotf or outriders accuracy. When master of elements fades use master of fire.

    Finally remember the ABBs of everquest. Always be burning!
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  12. Rakknar Elder

    On the actual burn you mash the burn multi-bind. Once all 3 discs, and first 3 spells gems fire of then use forced rejuvenation and just keep mashing. Don't forget to sneak in the DoT as needed.
  13. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    I decided to try some parses on a practice dummy in my guild hall to see what does what. My goal was to compare ranged vs melee. I left out all spell burns because these can be done from either melee or ranged distance and should remain constant regardless of melee or ranged. Since I was in my guild hall, no buffs dropped so this is straight sustained damage. Each category below was done for 3 minutes, 3 times with an average DPS taken for each.

    Here is what I found based on my current gear/AA level.

    melee only : 9796 dps
    melee w/ Roar of Lion : 17647 dps
    melee w/ Roar of Lion and haste : 19374 dps
    melee w/ Roar of Lion, full shammy/self buffs and copsestalker disc: 44900 dps
    melee same buffs as above, copstalker disc, imbued fercity, empowered blades, outriders accuracy, Auspice of the hunter, guardian of the forest : 77468 dps

    bow only : 4625 dps
    bow with haste : 6526 dps
    bow with haste and pureshot : 12985 dps
    bow with full shammy and self buffs and pureshot : 13524 dps
    bow all buffs, pureshot, outriders accuracy, Auspice of the hunter, guardian of the forest, outriders attack, fire arrow : 30343 dps

    So either I'm doing something terrible wrong, or ranged DPS doesn't come anywhere near melee DPS. Again spell burn rotation will be the same regardless of ranged or melee.

    I'm guessing its an AA thing since I've been focusing on melee AA's mostly. Though my bow mastery is currently 16/19 and ranged finesse is 15/20 so they havent been completely neglected. Any thoughts on why my ranged DPS is so low?

    Side note: Just for fun I threw in my spell burn rotation into my melee burn till I was OOM (which took about 1.5min...ugh) and got 176454 dps so not terrible considering.
  14. Rakknar Elder

    Pureshot is a focus for archery attacks. So you have to use the 3 bow attacks (I don't think of them as spells) in your testing. It looks like your tests were just auto attacks. The lions share of any burn is not in the auto attack damage.

    Iirc a pureshot plus shaman epic plus scarlet cheetah should push out 1.2 million on each dicho attack. With forced rejuvenation you are looking at 8x1.2 million.
  15. Rakknar Elder

    Each dicho has 2 hits to it. Twincasted, force rejuved = 8 hits.
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  16. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    But those can all be done at melee range, while meleeing. Standing at ranged distance is leaving DPS on the table is it not?
  17. sojero Augur

    You are missing the fact that if you are not running pureshot your not hitting those #'s with the spells because the spells count as archery damage which is amplified by the pureshot.

    Pureshot Discipline

    1: Increase Archery Skill Check by 22%
    2: Increase Archery Damage Modifier by 186%

    Dichotomic Fusillade Strike 1
    Classes: RNG/250
    Skill: Archery
    Mana: 100
    Target: Single
    Range: 300'
    Resist: Unresistable
    Reflectable: No
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s, Recast: 6s
    Hate: -13172
    1: Archery Attack for 2192 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
    2: Archery Attack for 2192 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
    Text: Twinned arrows pierce your flesh.

    Anticipated Shots

    1: Archery Attack for 263 with 400% Accuracy Mod
    2: Archery Attack for 263 with 450% Accuracy Mod
    3: Archery Attack for 231 with 500% Accuracy Mod
    4: Archery Attack for 231 with 600% Accuracy Mod

    5: Add effect: Called Shots Effect

    and more spells do this (not a ranger, and dont care to look throught hem all)I also think you are missing some of the AA that would bring your archery up to your melee, then the spells take it out even further.
  18. Mattnaik Lorekeeper

    I'm definitely guessing its an AA thing. I'll have to do more research in that department.

    I understand how pureshot works and what im saying there is no reason you can't burn pureshot while at melee range to gain the benefit of it for the spell burn sequence, then hit copsestalker disc when pureshot is done. you'll gain all the benefits of pureshot for those spells and still be doing sick melee damage at the same time (since a number of skills apply to both melee and ranged). I just dont see doing all that at a distance with autofire on, will ever out-dps doing the exact same rotation at melee range. But again, I don't have max AA so its hard for me to test.
  19. sojero Augur

    I believe the 2 discs are on the same timer is why you cannot do what you speak of. But again not a ranger so dont know, just know they are both on the same timer according to spell data.
  20. Rakknar Elder

    You can not use both. It's either or. They share a timer. The TBM burn was melee range running pureshot disc. If thats what you do your dps will be leaps and bound higher than your first post.

    However, apparently eok burn is at range. I would use whatever version does the most. You definitely would need all the new AA to make it work.

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