Warrior - Wish list for the next expansion?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Zaltan, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. The real Sandaormo Augur

    "fast paced play style" please expound.

    I think Warriors really are in a good place. Agro, DPS and tanking seem to be in line with where you would "think" they should be. Add a little more of each through AA/ Disc no one will complain.

    War Grasp redo would be nice, somewhere between where it was when introduced (pull stuff with you) and where it is now to make it more than an after thought would be nice.
  2. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    I am not speak in a raid setting. Obviously there tanks would be working as a team and warrior AE aggro importance is minimal. I speak specifically about the group setting. Lets be honest the only thing we have that is sufficient and can be reused often is blades. Which has a damage component to it and that can be detrimental at times.

    If you as the warrior are pulling its rarely an issue.
    If you have someone chain pulling it can be. Say you are tanking the first group of mobs and you have used blades to prevent mobs jumping your healer and within 15 seconds another pull is already incoming. Your blades are still down. You could argue cycling mobs to drop single target hate but that's not very efficient.

    Maybe you have a ench/bard and some mobs are locked down but you have another pull or some stragglers incoming, your only real ability to grab those has a damage component to it.

    I agree we are in a good spot tanking, dps, and "single" target aggro.

    I wouldn't mind seeing this. I wasn't in the group of tanks complaining that it was being used to aggro lock mobs because they didn't know how to aggro. I am sure some abused it but I don't have trouble with single target aggro so I saw it as more of a situational tool.
  3. German Augur

    I'd gladly spend AAs in the focus tab to get blade shortened, would like to see something in that tab get some kind of love. The current one for blades is laughable. 25% bonus increase to "doing minor damage" to targets around you. I forget what the base is on that, but its a fraction of our weapons damage. Why not just drop the damage from it and change it to a hastened?

    The only ones we're getting upgrades to since Ring of Scale are the above mentioned blades line, Synergy, and Shield Topple. Mainly to add the new discs from level increases (Well Synergy is more than that). Most are from Empires of Kunark, and I can understand why some stayed there.
  4. Triconix Augur

    Rune line of discs should be merged into the Bracing Defense line of discs. That would give a formerly useless ability some utility. It would also help extending the life cycle of discs such as Dicho and and our BP click. Two birds one stone.

    I would like an additional disc covering SpA 197. The CoA bp and AA is nice, but I want another ability in this line. SpA 168 is essentially passive 100% uptime with the option of increasing it's potency for 3 minutes of every 10:30 minutes. SpA 162 is almost the same between cleric vies, BFI, PDH, Dipl Papers. SpA 451 has the potential to cover the entirety of the 7:30 minutes between Stand cycles. SpA 197 can cover only about 2-2:30 minutes between stand cycles. Being able to have the option to stack another SpA 197 into the mix could indirectly help extend the life of Shield/Dicho as well as mitigate the reliance on Dragon Scales for the top end hitting mobs who tend to shred everything in our arsenal within seconds.

    Increase potency of all our hate abilities. Beef up the "aggro pets" or allow them to not be hit. They often die before their hate initiates on raids making them essentially useless buttons to press.

    Add another AE hate ability - one that doesn't have us rely on a healer actually healing us. That's the most ridiculous mechanic I ever heard of.

    Decrease timer of many of our 20+ minute discs/AA's, including dps. It's pretty annoying how dps classes cycle through abilities way quicker than us. We have pretty much no worthwhile sub 10 minute burn.
  5. LostSoul Journeyman

    From beta server spell file
    61017^Confluent Expanse^0^^50
    61026^Confluent Precision^0^^50

    also guessing this is our new covenant/dissident replacement.
    28693^Worag's Covenant^0^
  6. Szilent Augur

    Worag's Covenant is the level 93 shd "lich" spell for mana…

    Covenants & dissidents are not the same family. Expanse & Precision are what warriors have in the place of alliance/covenant/coalition - our "alliance" is with our healers, not with other warriors.

    New Dissident Shield is called Composite Shield
  7. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    It is something I suppose. I still would rather see an ability without a damage component on a separate timer from blades. Something you actually have to use rather than just it passively proc from heals.
  8. Sanolan New Member

    Warriors are doing great in one area and that is sustained DPS.

    We need help in a lot of the other areas which many won't think that but we do. Bullet point, no long winded explanation of each ability and the lack therin in detail.

    • Burst DPS (DPS under 10 min time frames).
    • AE agro generation (Wade and expanse nerfs).
    • Single target agro is fine if all you need to do is tank one mob every 10 min. (Fast paced group setting we suck at agro, single and ae)
    • In terms of tanking, most of our abilities have stagnated so they no longer last the duration of the disc/buff (Capped Rune type discs etc.).
    I really wish that the Expanse and Precision line was never created. The way it works is in my opinion the worst mechanic to ever be put into the game for the warrior class. Relying on another player to use direct heals on you as one of if not the best means to generate both single and ae agro is the absolute worst idea that has ever been implemented for the warrior class, and it sickens me that they continue to cookie cutter upgrade it instead of letting it die as it should. Our number one role is to keep agro off of everyone else when we are tanking, and having that be determined by our healer is frankly, stupid game design.

    Warlords grasp, Stop asking for it. This was useful for people whos alts are warriors and all they know how to do for generating agro is spamming taunt and hitting easy mode agro lock buttons like grasp. One of my biggest pet peeves are warriors in the raid who don't know how to properly play the class and spam this on every mob they target along with taunt.

    I'll post in more detail on the beta thread whenever I get around/feel like it, but seeing as how any opinions posted there really have no bearing as to what actually gets implemented, the chances are low of giving any input. I learned years ago that most of the players input means jack to the devs on spells/Discs and AA.

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