Warrior - Wish list for the next expansion?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Zaltan, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Zaltan Journeyman

    I don't know if the Devs actually read this but i find some of the warrior abilities just kinda useless or don't get any playtime at all.

    Armor of Relentless Runes or Stormstrike Defence come to mind for me. I love my warrior but i have to admit the playstyle is kind of plain. It feels really dated still and id love to see some new stuff in the new expansion to mix it up a little. Maybe instead of stormstrike or armor of relentless runes maybe some defensive options that can only be popped when 2handing or in duelwield stance.

    What do other warriors think? (This is not a i want Warriors to be super op thread, i just wish the class changed a little or felt a little more active)
  2. Szilent Augur

    stuff about existing abilities here https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/warriors-beyond-tbl.258376/page-2#post-3805308

    I included there the sentiment that warriors should disc for defense as actively as ber/mnk/rog disc for offense. Having Dissident be a disc, and having a beefier Warrior's Rampart get promoted into Relentless Runes' spot.

    Besides those, some new things? suppose I'd like a replacement dps disc on timer4 since Mighty Strike is deprecated for many of us (especially during Auspice / Ancestral ADPS durations) & Charge Discipline isn't laser eye beams. The SPA182 Shrouding/Cloaking Speed disc that has so little value for Rogues would be super duper for warriors while continuing in the "tradition" of warrior discs not stacking with ADPS (brutal & heroic blade both supersede Ruchu/Glyph, the speed discs don't stack with Ruaabri/Fury). Probably drop the proc the rogue one has, instead put on 25% spa119. Bit of a gimme since we can have Burning Salads clicked all the time if we want em.

    Would like the next iteration of Weapon Covenant to have a 5 minute cool down instead of 30. Same function, just ... yeah. 30 minute cool down is dumb for 18 sec of a bit boosted procs.

    CotF abilities Determined Reprisal & Wade Into Battle & Phantom Aggressor are due updates on their numbers. VoA Roar of Challenge, too.

    Mostly I'm pretty happy with warrioring.

    Still mad about Warlord's Grasp.
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  3. Zaltan Journeyman

    Just to be clear i think the warrior is in a decent place in terms of balance i just think its a little plain and outdated to play.
    I like that you mentioned a more active playstyle like rogues, it would be cool if we could swap discs about but still feel like they are useful unlike runes when it just doesnt beat courageous defense at all imo.
    At the minute for the most part its run courageous defense and when youre in trouble hit last stand. We cycle through our defensive's like BP > finish the fight > Warlords etc which is fine but unlike sk's who can be tapping all the time or casting terror line to proc rune on them which is really powerful they just feel more involved as a class.
    Id love something similar for warriors, i didnt even think about dps discs are ours are so old but it would to have some that get bonuses when duelwielding. Warrior to me is a master of weapons so it would be cool for some abilities like the dps stuff to make you swap about potentially but give you a defense boost of some sort while its running.
  4. Kaeladar New Member

    I like where the class is overall but I agree it would be nice to have more active stuff, specifically more active stuff that require a brain and makes a difference in combat outcome.

    What makes a difference between warriors is long term disc usage and flash of anger, the really bad players never figure out how to use them, the decent players can't really get it wrong. It makes the class very binary and it doesn't feel like you're doing much.

    Playing a paladin feels more active and you have more ways to play the class correctly and more options to change the outcome of fights.

    Also for all tanks i would like to see more shield stance usage, when i play tank i like to feel like a tank but most content doesn't require a shield. It feels like i'm playing a melee DPS who just has enough AC to live through damage.
    Everyone wears shields except tanks these days, doesn't make too much sense to me :)
  5. German Augur

    - Either shortened reuse of the blades AE hate or increase hate generated by it. And really, it does so little damage, why even have it do what it does?
    - Make Battle Leap persistent as was listed last year in beta as planned. I mean not having to recast it on every zone in. This would make zerkers happy too. Thats quality of life though.
    - I would be fine giving up runes line and increase ramparts effectiveness to last more than one or two rounds of damage going forward.
    - Raise the cap more than just 5 levels on the Unending line - for all classes. I feel It should work on any raid target in the expansion it came out in.
    - Shortening reuse on Rage of Rallos. My primary use is for hate generation off the rip when I know I'll need to fight the procs, taps, harm touches when I start seeing them creep up fast. (See above about Unyielding). I do use in a burn too and it seems ok there but wouldn't break anything shortening it up.
    - Increase considerably the Warlords Resurgence AA values. Is it keeping up with mudflation?
    - Revisit the focus tab in the AA section, see if its stagnated any or where its supposed to be. Then look at other tanks focus tab. I checked just now and others are getting more each expansion. This might be a place to work on some of the above items and give us something to burn some AAs other than glyphs a week or two after launch.
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  6. German Augur

    Our lack in other areas is somewhat compensated for with dual wielding agro weapons, or not taking the 2 hander stance penalty. I actively decide which weapon stance I need based on the situation even during long raid encounters throughout the fight and try to use the one that does the most for me and the raid at a given time. Two hander on Avatar of War might be fun to try if you got enough abilities running, but its also risky and wears the healers out. And I still see and feel a difference when using a shield vs dual on that encounter when I go back to look at the results.
  7. p2aa Augur

    Copy / Paste of what I said in the "warriors beyond TBL" thread of the 19th June 2019, with a few updates on new things we got from ToV.

    - Another good AE aggro line of disc or AA that can be activated, that we could use alongside the XXX Blades line. Base hate 15 k, 30 sec refresh time.

    - + 20 % to the hate of all our best single target aggro abilities (Gut Punch, Blast of Anger, Kragek Roar, Aggravate, Oppressing shout) to allow us to stay competitive with DPS classes that will gain new aggro increase with their abilities in next expansion

    DBG's trend for tanks has been to make them interchangeable in MT in raids. Knights can MT raids bosses very well.
    So as they received some mitigation boost parity over the years, it's fair that we get some self healing boost imo.

    Therefore I propose the following things :
    - New rank of Warlord Resurgence, multiply the HP over time by 8, it goes from 1 000 to 8 000 HP per tick.

    - Another passive heal over time ability similar to warlord's resurgence, with 6 min refresh time, 1 min duration, 10000 HP per tick

    Right now, our AE aggro has stagnated too much, since ToV, we are now the worst of the 3 tank classes on generating AE aggro.
    It doesn't sound right.
    This is critical that we get a new AE aggro disc or AA with a short recast time.
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  8. Krool Journeyman

    Agree with a lot stated above including:

    Removing Runes disc line/storm strike disc line and improving the power of warrior’s rampart (equivalent or higher power than ToV BP click). Increasing power/effectiveness of Roar of Challenge or putting in a new AE aggro line on 30-60 second re-use timer. I also miss the old aggro functionality of warlord’s Grasp.

    In addition. Improvement to Brace for Impact would be nice. Increase the number of counters or the mitigation power of the effect.
  9. Zaltan Journeyman

    I doubt iv played warrior as long as A lot of you guys but in the time i have played (Coming from sk) its noticeable how stagnant the playstyle is like kaeladar mentioned. 1 on 1 aggro is basically effortless, tanking if you even have a slight idea on what your doing is basically super easy and requires hardly any actual choices.
    I was always under the impression knights were better for tanking packs then warriors but even 1 on 1 these days against raid bosses i just dont feel like they are any better or worse. The difference to me is that we are still the same like p2aa mentioned. It would be nice for us to get more tools to handle aoe packs or up the margin that warriors tank raid mobs better the knights more. I could be wrong but in group content i actually think sk's just tank straight up better with the ability to spam terrors to proc there AA rune, so if they are now decent enough for raid bosses where is the "Warrior appeal"?

    Again im not trying to say lets make warriors op as lets face it the class has its problems like the mentioned above AOE aggro options but id like to see warrior evolve a little or at least find some class identity / appeal.
  10. p2aa Augur

    Dissident Shielding and Roaring Shield of the raid BP are fading much too soon on harder raid hitters of this expansion.
    Dissident Shielding is lasting only 20 sec of a total possible of 1 min.
    Roaring Shield (Raid BP effect) is lasting only 30 sec of a total possible of 3 min.

    Increase the total dmg absorbed from both of them so that on next expansion harder raid hitters :
    Dissident is lasting at least 40 sec.
    Roaring Shield (Raid BP effect) is lasting at least 2 min.
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  11. Tucoh Augur

    Agree with this. Warriors are in a good state but some of these # capped abilities haven't scaled well the last few years and are now shifting from major contributions to survivability to modest contributions.
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  12. German Augur

    And unless the description is wrong we didn't have our BP cap raised from TBL. Brought it up during beta and never heard back.
  13. Szilent Augur

    no one did. BPs match from TBL to ToV
  14. German Augur

    Do they only do them on the non level increase expansion or was it a copy/paste oversight? I'd like to think it was an oversight since like you say, none got updated.
  15. Szilent Augur

    neither of those. Just didn't go up this time.
  16. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    Reduce timer on Tempest Blades line to 30 seconds.
    Give us a non-damage AE ability on a separate 30 second timer.
    Upgrade Concordant expanse/precision via new spell or AA line.
  17. Bigstomp Augur

    I'd like to see an adjustment to aggro while using a shield which I believe is not strong enough unless you front load with dual wield.
    I'd like to see our main hate buttons become much stronger. I'm happy to pay more endurance for them.
  18. Cven New Member

    Something to reduce chance of strikethroughs. Reduced the damage we take from a reposte.
  19. Bigstomp Augur

    Obviously I use these abilities, but I am not a fan of them. My aggro should be defined by what buttons I press, not by what buttons other people press.
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  20. Elkar Headhunter Lorekeeper

    I agree completely. However my intention was to throw mud at the wall. I would be surprised to receive any AE agro upgrades and I would really like something to improve my usually fast paced play style.

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