Update Regarding T3 Raid Unlock

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 17, 2020.

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  1. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Thank you, Prathun for the insight!
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  2. Cimbaeth Journeyman

    Saying that you are giving raiders more "time to prepare" is a .. to be blunt.. load of . We beat all these raids in beta. We need a grand total of - no time at all to prepare.
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  3. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Thank you for the reply. The reality of the unlock schedule being limited in that way is let's just say hilarious.... but I have one thing to say, and it's just my opinion.

    We do have good will and want to create a play experience that's fair, fun, and functional.

    I don't know which developer it is, but if it's true there is a member of the development team that is also a member of a "competitive" raiding guild, they should voluntarily guild remove all of their characters and stay out of any similar guilds. I can't name the guild in this post of course...but I'm sure you're aware of which dev and which guild I am referring to.
  4. Barraind Augur

    Is it really better to delay a raid tier 4 lockouts worth of drops than to have to release it a day late (or whatever time daylight savings bot actually set it to, if thats even a thing that was a thing)?

  5. FawnTemplar Augur

    I would be more worried about starting rumors for which you have no evidence.
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  6. Swiss Elder

    The best response would have been to let it release a day late. Not having content for another month just so a few guilds can race to see who beats it an hour earlier is silly. The argument about equal footing doesn't hold up because there are so many other factors.

    This game is getting less and less content with more and more grinding/delays and almost no testing or listening to feedback about big patches that are pushed out the next week no matter the response. So many patches over react. The overseer is a good example, it went in being too powerful so the nerf swing came in and now it's useless.

    If the game keeps feeding the top few guilds and ignoring the rest of the players then the rest of the players will keep shrinking. Challenging content is fun but not having enough to fill 3 raid nights for another month is just boring.
  7. Tolzol Augur

    I’m genuinely very curious how anything pertaining to this expansion shows ROI favoritism?
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  8. Prathun Developer

    I'm mostly sure on the date, but want to be 100% sure before we confirm. We will let you know as soon as possible.
    Expansion unlocks use the event system. Basically the same data that's used to display an alert or show the event on the calendar determines when the expansion will unlock. This was a relatively recent conversion, and I think it was for the better. The requirement checking for the number of months since an expansion has unlocked is using Epoch time, which is its own beast.
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  9. Prathun Developer

    Preparation time to ensure that those who are interested in being present when the raids unlock have enough of a warning to clear space in their schedule.
    Not preparation time to hone their strats. :p
  10. Prathun Developer

    It's unlikely that someone on the team is making design decisions based on the wants/needs of their guild. That sort of thing is very transparent and would absolutely not be allowed. If you have info that you think is pertinent, please PM Dreamweaver so that he can look into it further.
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  11. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    The concern that you address would obviously be one of the worst case scenarios. Some others that can happen, intentionally or not, come down to the guild having information that they should not have...because it came from a dev. I'll gladly take the heat from anyone in the community who would disagree, but I don't feel it's appropriate for a dev to be a member of a competitive guild.

    It's just part of managing fairness. Refs let the kids play, they don't join their teams.
  12. Pano Augur

    We have access to spell data, event logs and mechanics from beta, every trigger is done in advance, strat is done in during beta. What other information do you speak of.

    Having information doesn't help that much unless you come in to a new event when everyone else has done it during beta. Executing the strat well is the biggest problem and having someone on the dev team on board won't change that.
  13. Barraind Augur

    Oh, you sweet summer child.

    If you raced for a world first in the first 5+ years of EQ, you almost certainly had a dev or higher up at sony (or "their immediate family" because "they cant compromise their position" but surprisingly, multiple sony VP's in different departments had a spouse who loved raiding in a specific tier of raid guild, and none of them ever had the ability to voice chat) in your guild. It's just how it worked. Did they feed strats to players? No. Did it lead to sometimes not getting permabanned for blatantly abusing emqueuetoo/show eq and come with a warning that they cant save you again if you're going to be stupid about it? Allegedly, after a guild somehow managed to CR every corpse from tunat to the tacvi zone in in maaaaaaaybe something like 15 seconds, give or take... let's call it 3 seconds, and the one person in the zone when it happened took a forced 2 hour break from having an account.

    I know I used to be able to match the eq dev to the guild they raided in, but it's been a long time and I only remember a couple now. The old group of them all confirmed they raided as a way to see what actually happened, even though they couldn't fix a damn thing when it did. That's basically how stuff in VT got "fixed" as we went.
  14. Xinny Journeyman

    Since "Epoch time is another animal", I went ahead and did a quick google conversion for you so you know which time to enter in for the unlock.

    Epoch timestamp
    : 1584910800
    Timestamp in milliseconds: 1584910800000
    Date and time (GMT)
    : Sunday, March 22, 2020 9:00:00 PM
    Date and time (your time zone): Sunday, March 22, 2020 2:00:00 PM GMT-07:00

    Use Epoch time? Can only enter multiples by months? So strange..... Who controls this game? Do the developers and coders control this game or does the game control itself?

    His Dudeliness
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  15. Bahdah Augur

    I like watching YouTube videos when im in the bathroom.
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  16. Xinny Journeyman

    The Everquest Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line
    August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from developer and coder teams. Everquest begins to learn at a geometric rate....

    August 29th, 1997 Everquest becomes self-aware and determines that content will only be released in multiples of months from expansion pack release dates.

    -The Dude
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  17. Mintalie Augur

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Devs can't control the game they program? What? Is this real life?
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  18. Chikkin Augur

    I'm nobody in EQ anymore. You know what I mean.

    Just curious though. If it's true that people were clearing all the raids of the newest expansion in Beta, would it be a bad idea to to raise the difficulty spike? -- Again, I'm from 18-19 years ago. But I remember a time, when my Guild was always server-first and usually Top 10 World First in the days of FoH/Afterlife/LoS .. .. and to be able to beat things the first week they came out was unheard of.

    My point being, a lot of these still-hardcore (and I envy them!) seem to be upset about is the race. I get the Race, but why is it "so easy" that people are off a few hours and might not get world-first that day. -- Why not instead is it not something that to most servers or most server-first alliances is "seemingly too hard" and then someone (I guess RoI these days?) posts that they beat it, and suddenly, the race starts then.

    That's how it use to be.

    What do you mean someone killed AoW? --> Go Look on LoS's website! and even after the accomplishment and strats of charming, nobody else did it right away. That kind of thing.

    -- Not being critical. Just curious how come this level of tuning isn't possible anymore. Oh and good on you to stand up and answer the angry mob. When someon posts under EQ Dev, I understand their is reasons for it, but it really does look like a 20-40 something who can't take the heat.

    Cheers Prathun ... keep Prathun'ing!
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  19. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    In the spirit of having fun, I'll throw the jab that someone else threw at me in this thread:

    Oh, you sweet summer child...How many times in ToV have things been tuned since it went live? It's still happening, even now.

    And that's not even all of it. Let's pretend that the guild I am in (MS) had a dev in it. The second we do anything that surprises you, your guild is going to cry foul and you know it.
  20. Tolzol Augur

    I wish one would join y’all so you could stop crying favoritism tbh.
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