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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 17, 2020.

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  1. FawnTemplar Augur

    And if we did, you should rightfully say "Prove it."

    Unless you have some actual evidence of unethical behavior you should stop this whole thing now. Even if you do have evidence (which I doubt) then it should go in a PM to Dreamweaver as Prathun said not here on the boards. Especially because you are making claims to someone's co-workers that they are acting in an unethical way which could have real world consequences. Just stop.
  2. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Must have hit a nerve. But what ever gave you the impression that I cared what you think?
  3. Arbitz New Member

    Like shutting up for once?

    MS has had a staff member in the Guild in the past, QFT. If they do anything even remotely abusive with their power they get in heaps of trouble or even fired. Granted, it isn't hard to see why none of them would want to be associated with MS these days, pump the brakes on the embarassmentmobile for a bit
  4. Pano Augur

    Who cares about events tuning? For T1 and T2, it changes nothing. And for T3, even if the event changes, adapt and overcome instead of whine. Again, it all comes down to being able to execute (which is a bar that has been lowered way down in ToV).
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  5. adetia Augur

    I've been around a long time. We've had devs in our guild in the past, at times unknownst to the leadership, sometimes known after the fact, and occasionally(very rarely) i was loosely aware of a perceived connection which i choose to mostly keep under wraps or ignore because its irrelevant to me. To the best of my current knowledge, we don't at the moment, but to be honest, it wouldn't matter to me if we did.

    This subject comes up invariably every few years in some shape or form.

    Of course there are devs in guilds. There always have been, and to be frank, in my opinion, its better that way. Its far better for a dev to understand and hear the things that raiders like, dislike, passionately dislike, wish for, hope for, and long for in this crazy world of ours.

    in my opinion, Its for the better of the game, for the devs and staff as a whole to be spread out through all of Norrath, from experiencing things through a fresh class or new eyes, to someone who raids casually, to a closet nerdaholic that just can't enough and wants all the eq all the time, whether its at work, at home or whatever. i've talked to people who wanted to work at DP before they did, seen people realize that dream, have counseled people who were walking away or have worked in testing, and have had many friends over the years involved at least peripherally with the staff. this game serves all of us, from hardcore raiders, casual players, the brand new person who happened to pick up this old game they read about, the PVP people (sadly! ok i kid, i kid) and those unfortunate souls who happen to enjoy the travesty of TLP (again, just kidding, but my (lack of) fondness for TLP is no big secret) and its important that they understand the challenges and features we all hope for and appreciate and what makes things "unfun" as it were. It helps them do their jobs. It serves us better as customers.

    in my opinion, as a gamer, and nothing more, following my connections with the issue tracker and other avenues, one thing that has always been clear, even when i profoundly disagree with decisions that are made (and in this case i dont!) or when choices are made that i wish had been otherwise or could be otherwise, like having raids unlock next expansion on weekend days.... is that they truly do attempt to merge what they feel the best combination of player interests, team needs and their vision for the game govern those decisions, even when its hard for us to accept. they don't sit around dreaming up ways to make us miserable, in fact, they care very much. if they didn't, they probably wouldn't stick around in some cases for very many years to endure the continual criticism and borderline abuse that is hurled their way on a regular basis.
  6. Szilent Augur

    It was like that because players were super duper bad at playing EQ

    Not a content thing

    just a moment's consideration of the pace of TLP progression exposes that. players with modern sensibilities dance and flex on and romp right through those old raids
  7. Bartleby Journeyman

    Stop that, Devs in EQ may be a lot of things, but they certainly do not deserve that kind of mental anguish wished upon them. Imagine if there were a direct ear for certain people who are oddly absent from this conversation BTW :cool:, to constantly be screaming and crying into. The workers comp alone for the mental anguish caused would bankrupt DP. BTW, Completely off topic Is there a better set of initials for DarkPaw to have chosen than DP at this particular time! AMAZING.
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  8. kizant Augur

    The more devs playing the game the better. I don't understand any other position on this matter. The lack of understanding regarding how players play is the cause of countless problems and nerfs. And it's fairly easy to come up with guidelines to follow to keep things fair.

    Just like in the recent issue with raid lockouts. There was a bug and those are going to happen. What's the best way to address it that doesn't help any one group? Postpone it 1 more month. They made a good decision here if you look at it from that perspective. Any other time would have been playing favorites to someone.
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  9. Beimeith Augur

    Should just make the unlock date random.
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  10. AppleSplatter Journeyman

  11. Marton Augur

  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Random date/time of opening on each server?
  13. yepmetoo Augur

    There have always been devs in guilds. Doesn't mean anyone gets favoritism. Actually, they get a member that can't tell them anything so can't really contribute as much as any other member.

    Merloc was 100% a member of a top raiding guild, for example. There have been others.

    I haven't seen any evidence that the particular dev being in that guild has helped them any.
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  14. yepmetoo Augur

    If the events unlocking is so hard coded that you can't change it from 30 days, just nuke the system.

    REMOVE the locked and unlocking script entirely for the next patch. Patch Friday night. When servers open Saturday, its FFA time to go.

    Its pretty ridiculous that you claim you absolutely can't do so. Just remove it entirely and move on, it was a bad mechanism in the first place.

    But I bet its used forever and a day because its "easier" than the other methods of flagging/limiting.
  15. Belexes Augur

    You all girl dogged about tomorrow, now you are girl dogging about a month delay. People got a month to do what they need to do to prioritize EQ raids over real life. If you can't make it, you got players on the bench. Use them, that is what they are for.

    If you want more nuggets, drive over to Ron's House. They have 10 piece rooster nuggets that come with a variety of dipping sauces.

    All y'alls acting like spoiled children. Your grandparents would laugh and call you kitty cats if they knew this.

    Mistakes are made, they are doing what they think is best for all who play. It doesn't matter how they fix it, you will never be happy. Man up, things could easily be a lot worse.

    There are real people employed at Darkpaw. They could have easily shut down any maintenance etc., just like other businesses are doing during this pandemic. Some might not have the luxury of working from home to support you kitty cats.

    Be ever thankful they are still patching etc., instead of shutting it down and leaving the game in its current state until this pandemic passes.
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  16. Marike Elder

    Dev Illa says hi.
  17. Redsumm New Member

    Thank you! A far more meaningful and consistent message than the community received before.

    The decision is a good one.

    The "multiple of months" method of unlocking is ... unimportant for present discussion. But if that is the design choice, then it needs to be supported better than it was yesterday.
    1. It should be absolutely certain what date is the correct unlock date that is communicated to the community.
    2. There should absolutely be technical monitoring at the unlock time with community management support immediately available to address unlock failures.
  18. Barraind Augur

    I remember being the first server to open The Nest, during a sony press conference that had, about 15 minutes earlier, talked at some length about how the content "seemed harder" and the questioner was worried no server would have that zone open for weeks or months.

    It was a fun night.

    TLP damage output is nowhere near what live ever was (after damage caps are removed), even using the same gear. It has less to do with people not knowing wtf was going on, and more to do with Charm actually being reliable now, combat formula revamps, passive auto-grant AA's that add %damage to melee, and some spell revamps. Looking back at parses in VP and ToV on live, melee min and max damage on autoattacks is noticeably higher even with motm taken into account. .

    Not to mention, you arent accidentally pulling half of most any indoor zone by sitting too close to a wall, using a rain, or having a pet decide that its time to tour the countryside because its pathing would hit a pebble if it didnt take a 7 mile detour.

    TLP is fun to play once, farm enough krono to fund test copy sets for a few expansions and add fun stuff to the kit, but its a completely different game to doing that content 20 years ago.
  19. Vigilance New Member

    Prathun, live servers are NOT, as much as the developer team wants them to be, time locked progression or TLP. This epic failure to unlock raids as scheduled wasn't fair, fun OR functional.

    Let me explain how frustrating this is. Below you'll appreciate your own post from Jan 13, 2020. Advanced notice of about 2 months for T3 and only 4 days notice for T1, we managed either way.
    The frustration comes from the fact that (collective you) decided to toy with a system that has been around for ages and this is the current outcome. Furious customers. People upset at the lack of communication and quite frankly the lack of actual control over this game.

    There's only a select few on these many pages who are glad handing you for your decision to push it back a month.

    This system has caused mistrust among your player base.
    It has caused a lack of confidence in the developer team to actually manage this game.
    Add to it the overseer fiasco.
    How could you blame people for their responses after waiting 5 hours to hear that a day was wasted? A race cancelled for technical difficulty.

    And the best part? We STILL don't have an answer on when the race will continue, on when T3 will unlock.

    Now add in all those raiders who don't care about the race. The ones who just wanted more content.

    Please do better, we know you can.
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  20. Bigstomp Augur

    I appreciate the insight.

    But really, we've been waiting for these raids for months. Pushing them off an entire other month just so people can plan a day of work is pretty crappy.

    We could all show up at regular raid hours and raid them on our normal raid days instead of waiting a month.

    It's not like the race has any real meaning this year anyway.

    I feel like everyone who beats it on go live day is #1, everyone who beats it on another day is #2, down the line.
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