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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. -wycca Augur

    The new TLP polls introduced with the patch - you had 1 for each Lockjaw and Ragefire. Unfortunately both were assigned to Lockjaw.

    So right now Lockjaw is voting for Ragefire, and Ragefire has no poll up.

    This seems like a bug.

    SS from someone below on LJ's options - (no poll on Ragefire at all)

  3. Ebonylight-Xegony Elder

    Am I over looking "Legend of the Storm Break" from market place? I dont see it there.
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  4. Crystilla Augur

    The line in today's live patch notes that talk about consolidation in the "innate/planar" lines seems to have an issue.

    • If you haven't purchased it, you only see innate _____ ranks 1-55.
    • Once you purchase rank 15 of innate ___, that AA disappears entirely and a new AA pops up on the screen (planar ____ ranks 16-55).
    So they aren't all staying under innate ____ as is posted in the patch notes. Was a bug we saw in the past when Elidroth did some prior consolidation.
  5. Quirog Elder

    Prior to today's patch, I might receive a client crash once in a month.. Today the patch I have had a minimum of 9 client crashes when zoning. This same pattern repeats on beta server. I rabn validation on live and beta copies of teh game with it saying all game assets checked out.
  6. daknife56 Journeyman

    I've never had a client crash problem until today after the 10/21 patch. Now I crash about 1 in 3 times I zone. It can happen going from any zone to any other zone. Very annoying.
  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Where I never used to crash before, now I crash every 3rd time zoning or so.
    I get the you crashed dialog, like we used to get from out of memory crashes.
    2 toons in game, very consistent, every 3rd time zoning (they're offset by one zone attempt since one started in GH, one started in lobby)
  8. matou New Member

    same for me , was NEVER crashing before that patch , now I crash 1/4 or so when I zone ( client crash )
  9. Viprador Apprentice

    Consistant crashes during zoning about every 2-3 times I zone. The only thing I've noticed so far since Wednesday patch for the several hours I was on this evening. But yes this is annoying and makes you think twice about going to another zone to play as it takes time logging back in and having to kick your currently logged on/crashed character off.
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    Warrior phantom aggressor. It is better, but not where it was. It needs to bleed more aggro. It used to hover at around 50%, now, it hovers at 80-90 sometimes going up to 120.

    If it peaks over 100 when we're about to try to move a mob, that's an issue. We can work around it, and it is better than it was, but I'd say it's still broken, compared to how it used to work.
  11. ezrun New Member

    crashing about every 4th to 6th zoning event. Never used to crash.
  12. ezrun New Member

    Bound to Brother's island after logging in after patch. Just teleport binded and ended up in Crescent. So at least for me bind is still broken.
  13. murphys New Member

  14. Mintalie Augur

    Elemental Form AAs (for magicians) will not cast if you have the illusion in the song window blocked. Previously this has not been an issue. Originally I thought it was an issue with the AA itself, but then I remembered that I had the illusion blocked. When I removed the illusion from the blocked buffs and then tried to cast the AA, it worked. I was able to then click off the illusion in the song window.
  15. Metrav Journeyman

    Still no bug fix for the missing NPC's in Droga/Frontier Mountains on TLP:

    Missing NPC's include:

    an enslaved iksar
    a goblin penmaster

    These NPC's are CRUCIAL for the completion of Greenmist.

    If they cannot be re-introduced into the game for the appropriate expansion, I recommend a groundspawn placement of the item they where meant to allow you to complete:

    Coarse Iron Needle

    That, or remove this item completely from the combine in the "Stupendous Contraption" in Droga.
  16. lancelove Augur

  17. Bigstomp Augur

    I'd upload my files from C:\Crash but at 21 gigs and counting that would take a while. Not to mention there are no instructions on where to send them to, they just fill up our hard disk in a place we certainly didn't configure in the game to dump stuff in.
  18. SirMarrduke New Member

    Only time I crash is when I'm porting into POK. The weird part is that after the crash it takes out my computer graphics and I have to reboot the computer.
  19. baddog Journeyman

    , WTF I logged on, only have 2 hours to play and now will have to spend the weekend getting things fixed you guys broke
    . my maps are gone , my hot bars empty , spell bar empty on all 3 accounts that's about 20 or more toons I have to redo . thanks for nothing
  20. Triconix Augur

    Two instances where doors that are closed until a progress update never opened:

    1) Grelleth Raid - back door after you win raid to get to chest.
    2) Deep Lies the Snow (Combine Dredge Mission) - the door to get to Al'kabor and the final kill.

    Oh, and still crashing a lot this morning
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