Update Bugs 01/16/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in today's patch. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Wulerdar Gnome Slayer

    the gold days left says i have 49708 days left current sub is from the market sale
  3. Starlanae Lorekeeper

    Same number here as well as many others.
  4. TheQxx Augur

    - Increased the duration of the new Thorny Shield spell to 30 minutes.

    Looks like this did not go through; still using the same [very] short duration for the buff. :(
  5. Greymantle Augur

    Question? Did the change for ranger's AA third spire go in? No mention of it in the notes.
  6. Kanayo New Member

    parcels and krono's don't appear to mix. after buying one to have parcel'd to me, it appeared directly on me. and after picking it up from the parcel master i became bugged and unable to create a stack of them.
  7. Rorce Augur

    Can't buy Kronos from other players. Tried trading them plat for Krono, after about 10-15 seconds my plat re-appears on my character and I get a message about Krono transfer being unsuccessful. Tried purchasing one through trader mode, same exact thing happened. We both tried logging out, re running patcher, and trying again but still no luck. I've talked to others having this problem as well.
  8. yaddab Augur

    Minor, I know, but may be symptomatic of something else. Character is showing bald at character select screen.
  9. Zorasis Lorekeeper

    Loyality points have been reset to 0 aswell as the velocity.
    Station cash amount not showing either.

    This is on the AB server, several people are reporting this in guild chat
  10. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    On the positive side, Neither my Welcome Screen nor Inventory WIndow show a problem with Loyaty Points.

    On the amazing side (for me, no one else) - Apparently fixing the Drakkin Hair issue has had the wonderful side effect of fixing Erudite HF zoning issues. My hat stays on my head now when I zone. Yay!

    adden: Zoned three times, xp'd for 4 mins, zoned back to GL and launched LoN in game...expecting crash per usual. Took a long time (30-45 seconds) for any feedback, but happily, LoN launched with no C++ crash! First time EVAH. Kudos on the memory management...still trying to break it tho ;-p
  11. Songsa Augur

    People saying that RaF xp bonus not working since patch, intended?
  12. Greymantle Augur

    Loyality points have been reset to 0 as well as the velocity. On the Rathe.
  13. Daktarr Journeyman

    My new wizard hat keeps poofing every time I zone. I have to re-equip my helm to get it to show again. This happens after using an illusion too, but does it with all helms.
  14. Shriek New Member

    Krono trading isn't working. Tried selling them in the Bazaar /trader mode, parcel, and even regular trading. The initial trade works in all these methods, but then plat/krono are returned to thier original owners and a message appears roughly 15 seconds later. "Your krono trade with "persons name" was unsuccessful. The items and money that you included in the trade have been returned to you. Please try again later."
  15. Obiziana Augur

    RAF bonus not working on my characters.
  16. Jilarak Elder

    loyalty points zero and loyal velocity is zero
  17. Yamakasi New Member

    when you take krono from there spot and put them back in you can no longer take them :
    the krono was not successfully transfered from your krono slot , please try again later .
  18. Malbro Augur

    Collectables in Evantil are still spawning inside the geometry at the top of the tree.
  19. Explicit Augur

    Phalanx of Fury is not showing a message when cast/proc'd. Only way to tell it's being cast is digging through parse data and looking at the rare occurrences where it is Twincast. Can we please get a message to confirm that it's indeed being cast?

    This happened the exact same way with Strike of Ire when it was added to Imp. Shield Specialist.
  20. Gherig Augur

    Same issue, tried on 2 seperate sellars on FV both times it failed to deliver the Krono item, did not take my money.

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