Trouble zoning to Western Wastes CoV

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by wiglez, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Tegila Augur

    My problem was that they hotfixed xp and I had to repatch to get it.
  2. mark Augur

    instal a fresh copy of eq on a sb or external drive,even windows if you can,direct x11,if it works you copy the ui over etc.
  3. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Are you using a modded ui?
  4. wiglez New Member

    Just using the standard UI
  5. wiglez New Member

    something i noticed was i don't have any of the CoV zones on the in game zone finder. not sure if that would mean anything or not.
  6. Svann2 The Magnificent

    No thats not implemented for anyone yet.
    Are you using an old version of windows?
  7. wiglez New Member

    I have windows 10
  8. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Did you check the firewall instructions?
  9. wiglez New Member

    yep i have done all the firewall instructions and still no luck. I just repatched, validated, ran to the old western wastes just to see what would happen. zoned in fine just took a second to zone. Back to guild hall, then to Cobalt scar, made the run to WW zone line and froze again. Maybe i will just have to wait until the next patch and see if it will work then. Here are the logs from my last attempt.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]00260:MaxTextures: 210684k, CurrentTextures: 50358k, HighQualityTextures: 50358k
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]00261:Finished handling memory on zoning.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]00262:Memory: Load: 48, Total Phys: 12270, Avail Phys: 6288, Total Page: 24558, Avail Page: 16479, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2743, FreeBlocks: 2045,134,121,74,60,50,34,31,21,21
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]00263:pools: Temp: 1179648(200252). Persistent: 43024160(42932171). OnDemand: 0(0). Zone: 0(0)
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]00264:MaxTextures: 210684k, CurrentTextures: 24472k, HighQualityTextures: 24472k
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]01494:Verifying world files.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:38 2020]01495:Attempting to load cobaltscartwo.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01496:Loaded cobaltscartwo.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01497:Loading zone specific files.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01498:Loaded bdr.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01499:Loaded NPC with code bdr from bdr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01500:Loading bac_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01501:Loaded NPC with code bac from bac_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01502:Loading fis_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01503:Loaded NPC with code fis from fis_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01504:Loading mim_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01505:Loaded NPC with code mim from mim_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01506:Loaded me2.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01507:Loaded NPC with code me2 from me2.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01508:Loaded ot2.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01509:Loaded NPC with code ot2 from ot2.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01510:Loaded sh2.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01511:Loaded NPC with code sh2 from sh2.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01512:Loaded smn.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01513:Loaded NPC with code smn from smn.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01514:Loaded wa2.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01515:Loaded NPC with code wa2 from wa2.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01516:Loaded pel.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01517:Loaded NPC with code pel from pel.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01518:Loaded we3.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:40 2020]01519:Loaded NPC with code we3 from we3.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01520:Loaded si3.EQG.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01521:Loaded NPC with code si3 from si3.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01522:Loading sea_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01523:Loaded NPC with code sea from sea_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01524:Loading swo_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01525:Loaded NPC with code swo from swo_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01526:Loading fsg_chr
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01527:Loaded NPC with code fsg from fsg_chr.s3d

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01528:Initializing cameras.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01529:Initializing lights.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01530:Initializing visual effects.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01531:Initializing target indicator.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01532:Initializing player path.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01533:performing post-load operations.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]00265:Requested too many buffered indices (35244).

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]00266:CBufferSet::AllocateIndices() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]00267:CRender::CreateBatchDefinitionSimpleModel() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01534:Initializing precipitation system.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01535:World initialized: cobaltscartwo
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01536:Resetting cameras.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01537:Resetting overlays.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01538:Zone initialized.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01539:Creating INI files.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01540:Requesting AA data.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01541:Requesting Skill rank data.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01542:Memory: Load: 49, Total Phys: 12270, Avail Phys: 6243, Total Page: 24558, Avail Page: 16435, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2685, FreeBlocks: 2045,121,94,74,60,50,34,31,21,21
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01543:pools: Temp: 0(0). Persistent: 43024160(42932171). OnDemand: 0(0). Zone: 13630032(13514150)
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01544:MaxTextures: 210684k, CurrentTextures: 33256k, HighQualityTextures: 33256k
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01545:Entering main loop.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:41 2020]01546:DoMainLoop - Just after packet processing()
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:43 2020]00268:Invalid render material type.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:43 2020]00269:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:46 2020]01547:DoMainLoop - Just after actor creation()
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:46 2020]01548:Loading game sounds.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:46 2020]01549:Requesting initialization data.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:46 2020]01550:DoMainLoop: just before first while(!EverQuest.ReceievedWorldObjects).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01551:Zone Connect -- Received MSG_SND_WOBJECTS_RESPONSE
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01552:DoMainLoop: complete after first while(!EverQuest.ReceievedWorldObjects).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01553:DoMainLoop: just before second while(!ReadyEnterWorld).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01554:Zone Connect -- Sending out a MSG_READY_ENTER_WORLD.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01555:Zone Connect -- Received MSG_READY_ENTER_WORLD
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01556:DoMainLoop: completed second while(!ReadyEnterWorld).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01557:Setting up models.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]00270:Invalid render material type.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]00271:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:47 2020]01558:Starting pre-load

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:50 2020]01559:Setting up character.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:50 2020]01560:Activating music.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:50 2020]01561:Initialization complete.
    Entering main loop.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:50 2020]01562:Memory: Load: 50, Total Phys: 12270, Avail Phys: 6070, Total Page: 24558, Avail Page: 16265, Total Virtual: 4095, Avail Virtual: 2644, FreeBlocks: 2045,121,79,74,60,50,34,31,21,21
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:50 2020]01563:MaxTextures: 210684k, CurrentTextures: 112793k, HighQualityTextures: 112793k
    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:52 2020]00272:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:28:53 2020]00273:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:22 2020]00274:Invalid render material type.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:22 2020]00275:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:22 2020]00276:Invalid render material type.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:22 2020]00277:CRender::CreateBatchWithoutColor() failed.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:27 2020]00278:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:29:37 2020]00279:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:20 2020]00280:D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx() failed to create texture for particle system.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01564:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01565:Stopping world display.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01566:Attempt to send message 13125 on a void connection.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01567:Beginning EnterZone block.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01568:Calling WorldAuthenticate. Countdown is 4

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01569:Networking: using port [52803].
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01570:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01571:WorldAuthenticate: Initiating Login.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01572:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x6f2b (28459).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01573:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x24ab (9387).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01574:WorldRPServer message: server name cazic

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01575:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x3894 (14484).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01576:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x1d5a (7514).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01577:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x1308 (4872).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01578:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x76ad (30381).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01579:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0xe544 (58692).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01580:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x4af5 (19189).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01581:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x123b (4667).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01582:WorldAuthenticate. I got a message of type 0x652 (1618).
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01583:WorldAuthenticate. Access granted.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:32 2020]01584:Check 1x. 0x96e43d1a

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:33 2020]01585:Waiting to connect to zone... Character Jigglz

    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:35 2020]01586:Zone Connect -- 0 -- Received MSG_ZONE_ADDRESS
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:35 2020]01587:Zone addr [] received...
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:36 2020]01588:ZONING
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:36 2020]01589:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:36 2020]01590:Networking: using port [52804].
    [Mon Dec 14 13:30:36 2020]01591:Networking: Connection Established [1]
    [Mon Dec 14 13:31:36 2020]01592:Could not connect to [client:DisconnectReasonConnectFail,server:DisconnectReasonNone]. Negotiation count: 595.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:31:36 2020]01593:Networking: Connection Closed [0] with 0 pending bytes.
    [Mon Dec 14 13:31:36 2020]01594:Failed to connect to zoneserver (, port 2049), result = 1, for MSG_ZONE_ADDRESS.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:32:52 2020]00193:Lost D3D device. Waiting for reset.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:32:54 2020]00194:Trilinear Mipmapping available.

    [Mon Dec 14 13:32:54 2020]00195:Vertex Shader Version: 3.0

    [Mon Dec 14 13:32:54 2020]00196:pixel Shader Version: 3.0
  10. Febb Augur

    telnet 2049
    Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 2049: Connect failed

    It doesn't appear that port is open.
  11. Fanra

    Check with your ISP to see if they are blocking that port. You can test it by using another internet if possible. Go somewhere and use their Wi-Fi if necessary.
  12. Febb Augur

    I can zone into WW just fine, however I wasn't able to telnet into the port it used for me so I guess that won't work to troubleshoot.
  13. wiglez New Member

    I talked with my ISP and they said that port 2049 is blocked, but it is used for scammers and file sharing and they are hesitant to un-block it. The gal i talked with was going to check with some people and call me back in the morning. So i am unsure what to do now, risk my computer security or play the game.
  14. Svann2 The Magnificent

    maybe you got a virus!
  15. Tegila Augur

    What isp is blocking it?
  16. wiglez New Member

    I just scanned my PC and no viruses were found. McAfee Livesafe is what i have. The ISP i have is ATC Net.
  17. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    I found your problem - you live in Eastern Idaho. Move somewhere else (anywhere else) to improve your internet and your life in general.
  18. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Kind of ridiculous that they would block that port imo.
    Consider changing providers if they wont help.
    Looks like there are several to choose from in Idaho.
  19. wiglez New Member

    Lol, I kind of like it here Jeskola, terrible internet and all. :) The gal i talked to is supposed to call me back today so i will see what she has to say. I appreciate all the help you guys have given me, trying to figure this out.
  20. Metanis Bad Company

    I find it kind of funny that EQ would use a port officially assigned for use with NFS. (Network File System used by old Unix networks!)

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