TLP Server Ruleset Suggestion

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by WinterchillTLP, Feb 15, 2022.

  1. WinterchillTLP New Member

    Has the new servers rulesets been announced yet? I sure haven't seen that.
    Considering they haven't, who are YOU to decide that Truebox IS the only way they will be launched? My suggestion challenges the way Truebox is currently, as I and many others, do not agree that it should be like that and it could be improved. You do not have to agree and your take on it is entirely allowed to be different - But stick to what my suggestion actually tries to address, not cherry pick one section out of it and THEN misinterpret it. Not very helpful.
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You mean the single server that has the rules that have not be repeated any any other server?
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  3. brickz Augur

    I think if there was no motm and a 3 box limit, the optimal way to play would be for everyone to have 2 naked mages following their main around to split raids and blow them up with pet dps. That does not sound like a fun server to be on.
  4. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    So I want true box gone. I run TWO accounts, one on my desktop, one on my laptop. I'll soon be downsizing to just my laptop. I still want to run one additional account. I am prepared to stop paying for that account if I must, I don't utilize krono to sub my accounts, so hey, I'll have $15 to throw at the marketplace instead. It is readily apparent to anybody that has been paying attention, that the people that are willing to cheat and violate a true box rule, not only will, but have been. These are the same people that will use the software-that-shall-not-be-named, even though it's banned. So just like many laws in many developed countries, it just doesn't work.

    So end it. It's really only stopping people like me, that would run one, maybe two additional accounts on the same computer, from throwing money at them. Yeah, $30 doesn't sound like it would mean much to a multi-million dollar corporation, but multiply that by thousands of players... That could hire another dev to do stuff like itemization for TLPs, or bug squashing, or who knows what else.
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  5. Rcbauer Augur

    Yes not yet.

    If they are smart and have another true box server with limits I hope they treat it like they did the last week instead of how they have the 2 months before that when the bot crews ran rampant due to lack of accountability.
  6. Rcbauer Augur

    Or they can banhammer the cheaters.

    Nobody will miss them. Who has to cheat at a 20 year old game?
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  7. WinterchillTLP New Member

    We have been yelling for cheaters to be banned for years and years on TLPs, but it has never happened. Since absolutely nothing indicates that DBG can or will remove cheaters, this can't count as a valid solution.
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  8. jeskola pheerie

    if you're only 3 boxing, no need to leave the mages naked, sheesh.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I don’t see them ever doing that ruleset again as they did not seem to be able to police it as well as they would have liked and they have not done the 2 box/unlimited box server rulesets since that time.
  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Boxing multiple accounts on a single computer or multiple computers has never been cheating outside of a single server which you seem obsessed with while others don’t like it as much because it was hard to enforce the rules.
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  11. Rcbauer Augur

    There's only one True Box server?
  12. Rcbauer Augur

    If they go back to non-True Box, it'll be magefire all over again.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There is only one server that limits how many you can log in at once the other servers you can log as many in as you want just one instance per machine. On those you can 6/12/18 box if you have 6/12/18 machines to play on.
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  14. Rcbauer Augur

    So that's a 'Correct, Aradune isn't the only True Box server'.
  15. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    No one ever said it was the only true box server all we have been saying is it is the only server with a limit of how many characters you can have logged in at a single time. You seem to be focused on a single server instead of looking at suggestions for a new server which is what this thread is about.
  16. itiswhatitis Lorekeeper

    One truebox, one non truebox. Same rules as mishief. That's fair, it will satisfy both communities here.
  17. JumjumJunky New Member

    I'd love to see a server that only allows you to get to level 10, and then every Wednesday you can gain one more level. Expansion unlocks could be gated only by defeating a quorum of content from the previous expansion (no voting, it just unlocks).

    For example, if you can beat nagafen and vox with a bunch of level 40's, grats it's Kunark release next wednesday. Beat trak/VS/ and the OW dragons the next week with your level 41s? Grats it's Velious release the next wednesday.

    I think something like this would be really entertaining.
  18. Ravin New Member

    Except it wouldn't, those calling for no true box want to "play" (automate) among the lesser single toon players.
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  19. WinterchillTLP New Member

    This is not what this entire suggestion is about - It's nothing to do with "automation" of any kind. We've established that, the people who automate their gameplay are cheaters and cheaters do not care about any form of ruleset, as they will bypass it regardless. This suggestion was for legit players, that will actually Alt+Tab between toons - One button press for one action type of players, up to a max of 2-3 characters per computer, to cut down on wasting electricity for no valid reason. Part of the suggestion also included a possible IP lock, to further enforce this limitation of account numbers. If i misunderstood what you meant by your post, i apologize. But that's how it read to me
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  20. Rcbauer Augur

    It happened on Aradune last week. Lots of 6 box crews on a vacation it seems.