TLP Server Ruleset Suggestion

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by WinterchillTLP, Feb 15, 2022.

  1. Boogatti Lorekeeper

    New server is probably pvp free trade from what I hear on the irc
  2. PriestofDiscord Journeyman

    Noone knows anything at this stage... and unless they suddenly started hating money all of a sudden, I can't see any possibility that PvP will be in the next TLP ruleset.
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  3. error Augur

    PvP might be fun for a short duration event server, but I can't see it drawing in a sustained population.
  4. Boogatti Lorekeeper

    Thanks for your input, new member :D
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    He's not wrong though.
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  6. Haak Augur

    Honestly, I think the thing that would kill a PvP server would be instances and pick zones. PvP is a lot less relevant when it isn't used as tool to deal with contested mobs. At that point, it's just grief for grief's sake, which most people would hate.

    That being said, EQ PvP is such a unique experience that I wish we'd get the chance to revisit it again. Specifically the Tallon/Sullon Zek rulesets.
  7. Abundant Elder

    Massive bonus loot wasn't even supposed to be part of the server though..
  8. Kahna Augur

    Yes it was. They designed it that way on purpose, it is not a bug. They just didn't advertise that fact, doesn't mean it wasn't supposed to be part of the server.
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  9. jeskola pheerie

    What rules am I missing? (besides the batshit crazy ones)


    Level-locked - all expansions open
    Level-locked at last expansion of each level
    TSS Start
    Kill-to-unlock (Combine style)
    All classes at start
    All race/class combos at start
    Super slow unlocks (6 months or longer per)


    Truebox (2 box limit)
    Free Trade loot
    Random loot
    Voting unlocks
    Dedicated GM
    Fast Unlocks (Selo)
    Normal unlocks (Mangler, Aradune, etc)
    Slow Unlocks (Ragefire/Lockjaw)
    Heroic start
    Level 51/50 AA start
  10. GugokSkulkraker Journeyman

    Can we add a Kunark start to the list jeskola? I'd love to see it to get some new areas to level up in rather than Guk.
  11. WinterchillTLP New Member

    I started this thread, with the idea of a Kunark start actually. its all in the very first post - It just devolved into RMT talks, trolls that don't want other people to have fun and for some reason, its hard stuck on the free trade aspect - For no real reason. But i did know when i posted my suggestion, that it would turn into a debate and general whining. These forums hold maybe 2% of any TLP population, but boy oh boy, can they make it sound like they know and decide it all. The people who actually pay to run these kinds of servers, are steering well clear from this place - Sadly.